WCOOP 2016: Dosenpfand delivers the knockout blow, Sebastian "Pauli elTopo" Pauli earns top dollar in Event #17 ($320 Stud Hi/Lo)

HostSebastiP (Administrator): Perfect, we have a deal. Congratulations!
ViCiuSMaXiMu: gg
Pauli elTopo: btw, host sebastiP? is that real?
Dosenpfand: now i def agree, if the host is chipleader
Pauli elTopo: pretty close to my real name if you're wondering

Pauli elTopo wasn't kidding. Behind this screen name was another SebastiP, this one a German who has the distinction of being the 100th champion crowned on the European Poker Tour. Sebastian Pauli won the EPT11 London for £499,700 two years ago and hoped today to add a WCOOP title to his growing list of accomplishments. Although he brought the chip lead into today's final table and more or less maintained it until a four-handed deal was struck, Pauli saw his fortunes turn three-handed and departed with the bronze medal, leaving SCOOP champion DTFobos to battle it out with Dosenpfand. After a thirty-minute heads-up match where the lead changed constantly, Dosenpfand pulled through and captured his first WCOOP title, along with a $12,494 bankroll infusion.

The smaller of the two stud hi/lo events on the 2016 WCOOP calendar drew 297 players, the $89,100.00 prize pool easily surpassing the $75k guarantee. 34 places were paid with $17,007.22 set aside for the champion.

Day 1 concluded after 23 levels of play. 19 players advanced to Day 2 and it took less than two hours to reach the final table bubble. Betting limits were 20,000/40,000 when Pauli elTopo brought it in with the 3♣ and Fresh_oO_D raised to 20,000 with the 5♦ up. Pauli elTopo called. Fresh_oO_D made the high board and led out on fourth street. Pauli elTopo called. Fresh_oO_D did the same on fifth, Pauli elTopo raised, and Fresh_oO_D called off his remaining 4,471.

Pauli elTopo (2♣5♣) 3♣J♦7♠A♣ (2♠)
Fresh_oO_D (3♦7♣) 5♦K♠J♠8♦ (Q♣)

Pauli elTopo turned over four to a seven-low, while Fresh_oO_D revealed king-high. However, Pauli elTopo caught an ace on sixth street to make his low and paired deuces on the river, while Fresh_oO_D blanked on both streets. Pauli elTopo scooped the pot and moved into the chip lead while Fresh_oO_D departed in ninth place.


Final table chip counts

Seat 1: MarkBang (120,525 in chips)
Seat 2: jasonpavlich (387,624 in chips)
Seat 3: ViCiuSMaXiMu (312,653 in chips)
Seat 4: Dosenpfand (396,656 in chips)
Seat 5: Belledejour1 (199,523 in chips)
Seat 6: DTFobos (683,145 in chips)
Seat 7: Barburas17 (146,686 in chips)
Seat 8: Pauli elTopo (723,188 in chips)

Pauli elTopo solidified his chip lead when he took down a 621,000 pot from Belledejour1 and Dosenpfand. None of the three players made a low, but the trip sixes Pauli elTopo hit on fourth street were good to scoop the pot and move him up to 1.13 million. Minutes later, jasonpavlich engaged in a third street raising war with Pauli elTopo and bet the rest of his chips with the Q♦ up.

jasonpavlich (6♥Q♣) Q♦2♣K♦K♠ (2♠)
Pauli elTopo (7♦8♣) 4♥9♦A♠9♥ (A♥)

Jasonpavlich turned up a pair of queens and made kings and queens by sixth street, but Pauli elTopo hit running cards to make aces up on the river. Jasonpavlich was dunzo in eighth place.

Two hands later, Belledejour1 had the bring-in with the 4♠, Barburas17 completed to 24,000 with the 6♥ and SCOOP champion Mark "MarkBang" Bango reraised all-in for 33,725 with the 6♦ up. Both Belledejour1 and Barburas17 called. On fourth street, Belledejour1 led out for 24,000 and Barburas17 called all-in for 9,904.

Belledejour1 (8♦2♦) 4♠3♥7♦A♥ (6♠)
Barburas17 (2♠5♦) 6♥T♣K♣7♣ (J♦)
MarkBang (A♣7♥) 6♦J♥3♦9♥ (8♠)

Belledejour1 scooped the entire side pot with ace-high and a 6-4-3-2-A low, as well as the low half of the main pot. MarkBang claimed the high half of the main pot with ace-jack high, and Barburas17 went out in seventh place.

MarkBang was left with only 43,000 in chips and about an orbit later, got them in the middle on fourth street vs. Dosenpfand.

MarkBang (9♠8♣) 4♣6♦6♣T♦ (3♠)
Dosenpfand (A♠2♣) 8♥K♦J♥5♦ (J♣)

MarkBang made a pair of sixes on fifth street, but Dosenpfand rivered a pair of jacks to send him home in sixth place.

Belledejour1 lost a lot of ground when he called Pauli elTopo on fourth, fifth, and sixth streets, only to fold the river. Down to 132,689, Belledejour1 called ViCiuSMaXiMu's third street raise on the next hand, then check-called another 24,000 on fourth street. On fifth, Belledejour1 check-raised all-in and ViCiuSMaXiMu called.

Belledejour1 (A♥4♠) 5♠9♦7♦K♠ (7♥)
ViCiuSMaXiMu (4♣3♥) 3♦8♣5♦4♥ (7♠)

ViCiuSMaXiMu made fours and threes on sixth street and rivered an 8-7 low to scoop the pot and eliminate Belledejour1 in fifth place.

Following Belledejour1's elimination, the final four agreed to pause the action and discuss a deal. Here's how they stacked up at the time:

Pauli elTopo - 1,274,155
ViCiuSMaXiMu - 671,342
Dosenpfand - 638,958
DTFobos - 385,545

Our pal SebastiP, the final table host, ran ICM numbers for the players and Dosenpfand, ViCiuSMaXiMu, and DTFobos quickly agreed to the proposed shares. Despite his rather large chip lead, Pauli elTopo agreed as well, and with an additional $1,782 still at stake for the winner, action resumed.

After the deal was struck, DTFobos took down a 995,000-chip pot from Pauli elTopo when the queens and threes he made on fourth street filled up on the river. He moved into the chip lead and soon topped 1.4 million in chips after making trip fours on sixth street against ViCiuSMaXiMu. Pauli elTopo continued to slide, dropping two pots in a row to ViCiuSMaXiMu to fall to only 143,000 in chips. However, Pauli elTopo doubled up two hands later after getting the rest of his chips in the middle on third street vs. Dosenpfand. Dosenpfand's buried jacks were snapped off when Pauli elTopo made fives and deuces on fifth street and he moved back up to 287,000.

ViCiuSMaXiMu took a hit when he bet his flush draw (and later, a wheel draw to boot) on fourth, fifth, and sixth streets, only to come up empty on the river. DTFobos took down the 512,000 pot with aces and fives, leaving ViCiuSMaXiMu with only 234,000 in chips. Four hands later, Pauli elTopo brought it in for 12,000 with the 2♥, ViCiuSMaXiMu called, and Dosenpfand raised to 40,000 with the 5♥. Both Pauli elTopo and ViCiuSMaXiMu called. Dosenpfand checked to Pauli elTopo on fourth street, and he bet 40,000. ViCiuSMaXiMu called and Dosenpfand folded. On fifth street Pauli elTopo led out for 80,000 and ViCiuSMaXiMu called. Then on sixth, Pauli elTopo bet another 80,000 and ViCiuSMaXiMu called off his remaining 41,884.

Pauli elTopo (5♠7♥) 2♥6♥2♣9♥ (T♥)
ViCiuSMaXiMu (4♦3♣) 7♠3♠8♥J♣ (9♣)

ViCiuSMaXiMu's low draw failed to materialize and he ended up with only a pair of threes for high. Pauli elTopo, however, rivered a ten-high flush, good to scoop and end ViCiuSMaXiMu's run in fourth place.

Although Pauli elTopo rebounded to 532,000 in chips after that hand, he never entirely recovered. With the limits still at 40,000/80,000, Pauli elTopo raised to 80,000 on third street vs. Dosenpfand and got the rest of his chips in on fourth.

Pauli elTopo (J♠5♣) 5♠4♠3♦9♣ (A♦)
Dosenpfand (J♦8♥) 7♦J♥Q♥8♠ (8♦)

Dosenpfand was in the lead on fourth with a pair of jacks, improved to jacks and eights on sixth, and made eights full on the river. Pauli elTopo never improved beyond his pair of fives, and the onetime chip leader exited in third place.

Sebastian_Pauli elTopo_Pauli_WCOOP.jpgSebastian "Pauli elTopo" Pauli at EPT11 Malta

Heads-up chip counts

Seat 4: Dosenpfand (1,286,235 in chips)
Seat 6: DTFobos (1,683,765 in chips)

DTFobos led by about 400,000 to start heads-up play, but the lead swung back and forth constantly over the course of the next half hour. With the limits up to 60,000/120,000 and a slight lead over Dosenpfand, DTFobos raised to 60,000 with the 5♠ up and Dosenpfand reraised to 120,000 with the 4♣. DTFobos three-bet, Donkpfand capped, and DTFobos called. DTFobos check-called Donsenpfand's bets all the way to the river.

DTFobos (X-X) 5♠Q♥9♥A♣ (X)
Dosenpfand (3♣7♣) 4♣9♠2♥5♣ (J♣)

Dosenpfand made a 7-5-4-3-2 low on sixth street and rivered a jack-high flush to take down the 1,344,000 pot. He moved up to 2 million while DTFobos was left with 993,000.

Dosenpfand picked up another substantial pot when he caught a deuce-to-six straight on the river to scoop. Up to 2.62 million, he brought it in with the 5♠ and DTFobos raised to 60,000 with the 6♦. Again, the betting was capped at 240,000 apiece going into fourth street. DTFobos led out, Dosenpfand raised, and DTFobos called all-in.

Dosenpfand (T♥T♦) 5♠2♠7♣K♦ ([Ac)])
DTFobbs (4♦8♦) 6♦8♠J♠2♦ (T♠)

Dosenpfand's pair of tens held up against DTFobbs's pair of eights, neither player made a low, and Dosenpfand locked up his first WCOOP win!

Congratulations to Germany's Dosenpfand on joining the ranks of WCOOP champions! He banked $12,494.00 for the win, while runner-up DTFobos earned $9,381.60. However, thanks to the four-handed deal, it was third-place finisher Sebastian "Pauli elTopo" Pauli who took home the lion's share of the prize pool at $12,584.67.

WCOOP-17 ($320 Stud Hi/Lo) results
Total entries: 297
Prize pool: $89,100.00
Places paid: 34

1. Dosenpfand (Germany) $12,494.00*
2. DTFobos (Russia) $9,381.60*
3. Sebastian "Pauli elTopo" Pauli (Germany) $12,584.67*
4. ViCiuSMaXiMu (United Kingdom) $10,848.60*
5. Belledejour1 (Chile) $4,909.52
6. Mark "MarkBang" Bango (Hungary) $3,598.66
7. Barburas (South Africa) $2,637.81
8. jasonpavlich (Mexico) $1,933.50

*denotes a four-way deal

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