WCOOP 2016: Joel "jbrown8777" Brown wins a second Progressive KO WCOOP title in Event #24 ($530 NL Hold'em [Progressive KO (25%)])

Although it wasn't an exact repeat, it certainly had a sense of deja vu. One year ago, Joel "jbrown8777" Brown won his first WCOOP title in a $700 buy-in 6-max Progressive Super KO event. The victory was good for over $142k and Brown's tournament earnings on PokerStars now top $3.5 million, including a win in the prestigious Super Tuesday. Tonight, Brown found success in the format again. He made the final table in the middle of the pack, but ended up the short stack during five-handed play. However, he doubled through LIKE A G6 to move up to safer ground. Brown took the chip lead when he eliminated sticker3h in fourth place, only to pick up pocket aces against Markku "markovitsus" Koplimaa's pocket jacks three hands later. Heads-up play was over as soon as it began as jbrown8777 took only three hands to put away LIKE A G6 and captured his second Progressive Super KO WCOOP title.

Before we proceed any further... a word about the Progressive KO. And the "25%" involved. Here's the deal-- $375 of each player's $530 buy-in goes into the main prize pool. The other $125 (25% of the buy-in) represents each player's starting bounty. Each time a player is knocked out, 50% of their current bounty is awarded to the player who eliminated them, and the remaining 50% is added to that player's own bounty.

Tonight's affair drew 1,718 runners, resulting in a, $859,000 total prize pool ($644,250 regular, $214,750 bounty). 206 places were paid with $97,819.34 set aside for the champion.

Day 1 ran for 25 levels and concluded with 83 players remaining. Among them was nosebleed-stakes cash gamer Viktor "Isildur1" Blom, who survived to the final ten. Then, with the blinds up to 20,000/40,000, TISSO1709 open-shoved for 423,032 from the button and Isildur1 snap-called with Q♦Q♠ in the big blind. TISSO1709 rolled over K♥2♥, but caught a heaven-sent K♣7♣2♣ flop to snap off Isildur1's queens with two pair. TISSO1709's kings and deuces held up through the 3♥ turn and the 9♠ river, and Isildur1 hit the rail.

However... on the other table jbrown8777 had opened for 92,400 and StaceOP moved all-in for 481,523. Jbrown8777 called, his A♥Q♣ dominating StaceOP's A♣8♦. Jbrown8777's hand held up on the J♦5♦5♣3♦9♣ board and StaceOP, who had slightly more chips to start the hand, became the official ninth-place finisher, while Isildur1 earned final table bubble boy honors.


Final table chip counts

Seat 1: iamlucky (1,291,121 in chips)
Seat 2: Kruemmel111 (718,057 in chips)
Seat 3: jbrown8777 (2,149,426 in chips)
Seat 4: Gambler4444 (1,437,011 in chips)
Seat 5: sticker3h (1,184,763 in chips)
Seat 6: TISSO1709 (765,321 in chips)
Seat 7: markovitsus (3,825,398 in chips)
Seat 9: LlKE A G6 (5,808,903 in chips)

LIKE A G6 brought the chip lead to the final table, but he was knocked back a bit when he doubled up Gamber4444, his A♣K♠ falling to pocket tens. Gambler4444 moved up to 2.95 million, but Kruemmel111 was never able to get off the short stack. Although he picked up Q♣Q♦ and three-bet shoved preflop for 600,407, he ran them straight into sticker3h's A♥A♦ and went out in eighth place.

Iamlucky fell to 732,000 and with the blinds up to 25,000/50,000 he open-shoved from under-the-gun with K♣Q♥ and jbrown8777 reshoved for 1.06 million right behind him. Jbrown8777's J♣J♠ held up on the A♠9♠8♦2♠7♥ board and he collected his first final table bounty, while iamlucky departed in seventh place. Some quick trivia about iamlucky? He took third place in the 2004 WCOOP Main Event for $189,675... back when WCOOP had only 12 events, and the PokerStars Blog didn't even exist.

Later in the same level, the action folded to TISSO1709 in the small blind and he moved in for 748,967 with Q♠7♠. Unfortunately for him, morkovitsus woke up with A♦K♥ in the big blind. TISSO1709 got no help on the T♣T♦3♠J♣2♦ board and saw his run come to an end in sixth place.

Jbrown8777 had fallen on the short stack when a key turn card brightened his outlook. The blinds were 30,000/60,000 when LIKE A G6 opened for 180,000 from the small blind. Jbrown8777 called from the big and they saw a J♥4♦2♥ flop. LIKE A G6 led out for 131,175 and jbrown8777 called. The turn came the 4♠ and LIKE A G6 fired another 314,925. Again, jcrown8777 smooth-called. When the K♠ appeared on the river, LIKE A G6 moved in for 3.61 million and jbrown877 called off his remaining 1.13 million with 4♣8♦ for trips. LIKE A G6's K♦T♥ was no good and jbrown8777 doubled to 3.56 million.

LIKE A G6 fell to 2.48 million, but regained his lost ground when he doubled through the formidable Gambler4444. Holding J♣J♥, the SCOOP and Sunday Million champ three-bet to 418,222 on the button and initial raiser LIKE A G6 moved in for 2.42 million. Gambler4444 called, his jacks up against A♥Q♥. Gambler4444 made a set of jacks when the flop came down Q♣J♦8♦ and filled up when the Q♦ turned. However, LIKE A G6 rivered the A♠ to make queens full and doubled to 5 million.

Gambler4444 fell to 1.43 million after that hand and with the blinds up to 40,000/80,000, he three-bet shoved preflop with 9♠9♦. Sticker3h cold four-bet shoved behind him and initial raiser jbrown8777 flashed the T♥ as he folded. Sticker3h turned over K♥K♣ and the cowboys held up on the J♣6♣2♥A♥J♥ board, sending Gambler4444 to the rail in fifth place.

Four-handed play slogged on for half an hour, with markovitsus picking up several substantial pots to move into the chip lead with 7.1 million. Sticker3h didn't fare as well and went to war with jbrown8777 on a T♦8♦6♣ flop. Jbrown8777 checked, initial raiser sticker3h bet 233,500 and jbrown8777 came in for a raise to 552,610. Sticker3h shoved for 1.63 million and jbrown8777 called. Jbrown8777 turned over Q♦9♣ for a double-gutshot straight draw and an overcard, while sticker3h revealed A♥8♠ for second pair. The 3♦ turn was a safe card for sticker3h, but jbrown8777 rivered the 9♥ to make a pair of nines and ended sticker3h's run in fourth place.

When three-handed play commenced, jbrown8777 was the chip leader with 7.43 million, markovitsus was right behind him with 7.1 million, and LIKE A G6 was the short stack with 2.65 million. Only three hands passed before markovitsus picked up J♥J♠ and opened for 272,000. Jbrown8777 three-bet to 1.32 million, markovitsus shoved and jbrown8777 snap-called, revealing A♠A♥. 80% of the chips in play were in the middle as the board ran out K♠7♠5♦9♣T♠. Jbrown8777's aces held up an he raked in the massive pot, as markovitsus was suddenly eliminated in third place.

Heads-up chip counts

Seat 3: jbrown8777 (14,465,365 in chips)
Seat 9: LlKE A G6 (2,714,635 in chips)

On the second hand of heads-up play, LIKE A G6 three-bet shoved with 4♦4♥ and doubled up against jbrown8777's A♠Q♥. He moved up to 5.27 million in chips winning that coinflip, but wouldn't survive another one. On the very next deal, LIKE A G6 opened 3♥3♠ for a min-raise to 240,000, jbrown8777 three-bet to 780,000, LIKE A G6 shoved and jbrown8777 called with A♣J♠. Jbrown8777 picked up a gutshot straight draw on the K♠T♥9♠ flop, and although the T♣ was no help, the Q♣ river made him Broadway and locked up the win.

Congratulations to Joel "jbrown8777" Brown on his second WCOOP title! He earned $97,819.34 from the main prize pool along with $14,218.80 in bounties for a grand total of $112,038.14. Kudos are also due to runner-up LIKE A G6, who took home $74,796.90, $3,810.48 of that in bounties.


WCOOP-24 ($530 NL Hold'em [Progressive KO (25%)]) results
Total entries: 1,718
Prize pool: $859,000.00
Places paid: 206

1. Joel "jbrown8777" Brown (Canada) $97,819.34 (+ $14,218.80 in bounties) = $112,038.14
2. LIKE A G6 (Czech Republic) $70,986.42 (+ $3,810.48 in bounties) = $74,796.90
3. Markku "markovitsus" Koplimaa (Estonia) $51,514.80 (+$6,862.94 in bounties) = $58,377.74
4. sticker3h (Russia) $37,384.28 (+ $3,310.49 in bounties) = $40,694.77
5. Gambler4444 (Austria) $27,129.75 (+ $1,808.57 in bounties) = $28,938.32
6. TISSO1709 (Austria) $19,688.02 (+ $1,781.22 in bounties) = $21,469.24
7. iamlucky (United Kingdom) $14,287.59 (+ $3,171.84 in bounties) = $17,459.43
8. Kruemmel111 (Germany) $10,368.49 (+ $3,265.57 in bounties) = $13,634.06
9. StaceOP (Russia) $7,524.38 (+ $1,484.36 in bounties) = $9,008.74

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Kristin Bihr
@PokerStars in WCOOP