WCOOP 2016: maggess88 bullies theNERDguy to win second WCOOP with victory in Event #73 ($700 PLO Heads-Up)

Yuri 'theNERDguy' Martins was the runner-up at the 2014 WCOP Main Event that was won by Fedor 'CrownUpGuy' Holz. That victory by Holz was the beginning of an unfathomable hot streak that's still ongoing despite his early retirement. Although Martins did not embark on anything close to resembling Holz's scorched Earth run of insanity, he managed to win the LAPT Main Event in Sao Paulo and ship a WCOOP last year. Martins has nearly $6 million in combined live and online winnings, including a $708K score for a second place finish at the 2014 WCOOP Main Event.

At the 2016 WCOOP Event #73, Martins got himself heads-up for a second WCOOP title. Only one other player stood in his way of running the table and binking the Heads-up PLO title. Martins' opponent was no slouch either -- maggess88 was a two-time COOP champ with victories in 2016 TCOOP and WCOOP in 2015. Going into the finals, the Netherlands' maggess88 picked off three-time WCOOP champion Ti0373 in the semifinals to secure a spot against Martins in the finals.

Although theNERDguy jumped out to an early lead, maggess88 rallied quickly to pull back even. Over the next couple of levels, maggess88 would slowly pull away to the victory. Yuri 'theNERDguy' Martins got close to winning another WCOOP, but he had to settle on a runner-up finish. Meanwhile, maggess88 went on to win Event #73 for the heads-up PLO title, which also marked a second-career WCOOP and third-career COOP crown.


Second place for theNERDguy

2016 WCOOP Event #73 $700 PLO Heads-Up attracted 211 entries. Only the top 32 places got a cut of the $140,315 prize pool. First place would get $37,885.11. The first day of action saw the money bubble burst during the last round of the day. When that was complete, only the top 16 players advanced to Day 2 and the Sweet 16. Among the notables who made the cut included Triple COOP winner Fabrizo 'SixthSeSen16' Gonzalez, Yuri 'theNERDguy' Martins, and Rory 'mafews' Mathews.

theNERDguy vs. 147maker
allucan3at vs. johan_369963
schocer vs. maggess88
lena900 vs. azn_baller3
le kork vs. Mafews
blkcrow vs. QuantumX90
Kaggis vs. ImluckNuts
SixthSeSe19 vs. Ti0373

Only 16 players advanced to the second day of action. Three quickie bustouts within first thirty minutes. Lena900 was the first to bust when azn_baller3 won the first match in the first level. SixthSeSe19 busted in 15th place after Ti0373 took him out at the end of the second level. schocer went out during Level 3 when maggess88 picked him off in 14th. Kaggis busted in unlucky 13th place during the fourth level at the hands of ImluckNuts. During Level 5, QuantumX90 was dunzo in 12th place and blkcrow advanced to the Elite 8. During Level 6, johan_369963 got liquidated in 11th place and le kork went out in 10th. That meanrs, allucan3at and Mafews both advanced to the quarterfinals.

The final Sweet 16 match came down to theNerdGuy vs. 147maker. That match reached the end of a second hour and it was nearly even. Stil. After 129 minutes of heads-up and in the middle of Level 9, theNERDguy finally broke through and put away 147maker in ninth place with a Queen-high flush against an eight-high straight. The quarterfinals were set.

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theNerdGuy vs. allucan3at
Mafews vs. blkcrow
maggess88 vs. azn_baller3
ImluckNuts vs. Ti0373

SEETHER: ImluckNuts eliminated in 8th place

During level three, was saw the first of three bustouts that all occurred close to each other. Ti0373 played this like a sprint and jumped out to a huge lead almost 18K to 2K. ImluckNuts got it all-in with K♠J♠J♣T♠ against Ti0373's A♦K♣J♥4♦. Ti0373 flopped two pair to win the pot and ImluckNuts never improved. Ti0373 became the first player to advance to the Final Four. ImluckNuts busted in eighth place, which paid out $4,911.02.

GET BACK: allucan3at eliminated in 7th place

theNerdGuy played the longest match of the Sweet 16, but played the second quickest of the Elite 8. allucan3at went busto in a boat over boat stitch. The board read T♣4♠5♦5♥K♦. theNERDguy's J♠T♦T♠9♠ edged out allucan3at's Q♥T♥8♦5♠. theNERDguy won with tens full of fives versus fives full of tens. theNERDguy moved onto the semi-finals, whereas allucan3at was knocked out in seventh place which paid out $4,911.02.

SPIDERMAN '79: azn_baller3 eliminated in 6th place

Still at the onset of Level 3, we saw a third quickie bustout. All in on the flop of Q♥6♣2♥. azn_baller3 fired out 680, maggess88 bumped it up to 3,072, azn_baller3 shoved for 3,519, and maggess88 called.

azn_baller3: A♦A♠9♥8♥
maggess88: A♥T♠3♥2♦

azn_baller3 held Aces and a flush draw. The turn was the 3♣ and the river was the 3♦. maggess88 won the pot with a full boat courtesy of the running treys. Aces were snapped off and azn_baller3 was picked off in sixth place, which paid out $4,911.02. maggess88 advanced to the Final Four.

FORSYTHIA: blkcrow eliminated in 5th place

Mafews vs. blkcrow was the longest match of the Elite 8. blkcrow was trying to win a second WCOOP this year. Alas, blkcrow would have to settle on fifth place. At the end of Level 4, the final match of the quarterfinals was complete. All-in on the flop of 8♦5♥3♣. blkcrow flopped a set with T♣8♣8♥5♠ against Mafews' A♥K♠K♣4♥. However, the turn was the K♥ and the river was the 9♥. Mafews regained the lead on the turn was a set of Kings, but caught running hearts to backdoor a flush on the river. Canada's blkcrow bowed out in fifth place, which pais out $4,911.02


maggess88 (Netherlands) vs. Ti0373 (Russia)
theNERDguy (Australia) vs. Mafews (U.K.)

NUMBER ONE BLIND: Mafews eliminated in 4th place

During Level 4, Mafews got whacked. Mafews held a stack slightly under 8K. He got it all-in on a flop of T♥9♠8♥ and shoved for 5,246 with a straight and a flush draw holding K♠Q♥J♠4♥. The turn was the T♦ and the river was the K♥. Both players rivered a flush, but theNERDguy won with an Ace-high flush holding A♥A♦J♣3♥. For a fourth-place finish, Rory 'Mafews' Mathews took home $11,225.20. Meanwhile, Yuri 'theNERDguy' Martins won the first semi-final match and advanced to the finals.

TWINSTAR: Ti0373 eliminated in 3rd place

Big match. Pair of finishers. Ti0373 won 3 WCOOPs, whereas maggess88 won a TCOOP and WCOOP. This match lasted over two hours. During the first hour, maggess88 had a chance to knocked out Ti0373, but Ti0373 dragged a clutch 9K to stave off elimination in a boat-over-boat situation. Just before they reached a second hour of play, Ti0373 seized the lead for a short period of time before maggess88 launched a successful counteroffensive to get back ahead. Once action passed the two-hour mark, Ti0373 was in deep trouble after getting smallballed. Going into the final hand, maggess88 chipped up to nearly 19K. Down to a last 1,085, Ti0373 was all-in preflop with A♠Q♦7♥3♣ against maggess88's Q♠8♥3♠2♠. The board ran out 8♣T♠2♦J♥4♣ and Ti0373 never improved. maggess88 won the pot with two pair -- eights and deuces. maggess88 advanced to the finals and three-time WCOOP champ Ti0373 bubbled off the final table third place, which paid out $11,225.20.


Yuri 'theNERDguy' Martins (Australia) vs. maggess88 (Netherlands)

Like all other matches, starting stacks were 10K. Blinds started out at 8-minute intervals for the first three levels and increased to 10, 12, then 15. Both players had previously won a WCOOP, so whomever who this event would pick up their second career WCOOP.

VICTROLA: theNERDguy eliminated in 2nd place; maggess88 wins Event #73!

The final match lasted less than an hour and completed before the end of Level 4. theNERDguy struck first blood with a 3.3K on the 8th hand of their match, but theNERDguy would peak on the 20th hand after chipping up to nearly 14K and seizing an early 2-1 edge. By the end of the first level, maggess88 regained lost ground and took a slight lead. The third level of play was dominated by maggess88. Early into the level, theNERDguy lost a decisive 7K pot against maggess88's King-high flush. At the start of Level 4, maggess opened up a 3-1 advantage and chipped up 15K to 5K. Midway through the level, maggess88 dragged a pot with trip Jacks against top two pair. That would mark the beginning of the end.

Going into the final hand, theNERDguy was down to 2,004. maggess88 opened to 300 and theNERDguy called. The flop was A♥T♥7♥. theNERDguy checked, maggess88 bet 200, and theNERDguy called. The turn was the 3♣. theNERDguy check-called a 325 bet from maggess88. The river was where things got weird. The 3♥ spiked on the river. theNERDguy checked, maggess88 bet 1,200, and theNERDguy called all-in for 1,179. At showdown...

maggess88: K♥J♥6♦3♦
theNERDguy: A♣T♠9♠4♠

maggess88 flopped a flush against theNERDguy's Aces up and top two. theNERDguy could not boat up on the turn or river and was dunzo in second. For a runner-up finish, Yuri 'theNERDguy' Martins took home $21,047.25.

Congrats to maggess88 from the Netherlands. First-place in Event #73 paid out $37,885.11. This marks a second WCOOP for maggess88 and also marks a third-overall COOP victory.


WCOOP-73 ($700 PL Omaha [Heads-Up]) results
Total entries: 211
Prize pool: $140,315
Places paid: 32

1. maggess88 (Netherlands) $37,885.11
2. Yuri 'theNERDguy' Martins (Australia) $21,047.25
3. Ti0373 (Russia) $11,225.20
4. Rory 'Mafews' Mathews (U.K.) $11,225.20

Visit the WCOOP home page for stats, history, remaining schedule, and find out who is leading for Player of the Series.

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Pauly McGuire is the author of Lost Vegas and a freelance contributor to PokerStars.

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