WCOOP 2016: Main Event set to bring Championship to a close

WCOOP 2016 is not quite over yet. There were wins for ISILDRooN, Noogaii, mighty28 and NegroVente1, as well as a near miss for Phil Galfond. There was also the matter of the Player of the Series contest, which is now a race for top ten places. There are no more events to get started but the final three for the year will conclude today, including the WCOOP 2016 Main Event.



The headlines from day

First of all we need to clear something up between ourselves. Is this the last day of WCOOP or is tomorrow the last day? We realise this should have been something we confirmed earlier in the championship, but they'll be an update on WCOOP today (you're currently reading it) and then another tomorrow recapping the Main Event tomorrow. The Main Event finishes today though. So yeah... let's call today the last day and tomorrow the Epilogue.


Before we even mention the Man Event though there is the small matter of the remaining WCOOP events that took place yesterday.

As Pauly McGuire reported Event #82 wrapped up in about seven hours and was won by NegroVente1, who collected $156,000 for his efforts after a three-way deal with second placed alexandrapau and Barrii.

Kristin Bihr's reporting of Event #77 is a great way to spend a few minutes, except if your name happens to be Phil "MrSweets28" Galfond. In it the details of his latest 'COOP near miss are listed, with Galfond missing out on a first title to "mighty28" in the Sunday Warm Up special edition. Mighty28 earned more than $264,000 for the win.

Perhaps one day we'll come to know what SSSMBRFC2/C stands for. For now it's the name of the winner of Event #72, who picked up more than $153,000 for first place after a four way deal. Jason Kirk has the full story.

That leaves Event 76, won by ISILDRooN of Sweden who earned $34,000 for the win. Read Al Rash's recap of the event here.

Box scores from Day 23

WCOOP 2016: Event #72, $109 No-Limit Hold'em (6-Max, High-Roller) results
Entries: 18,624
Prize pool: $1,862,400
Places paid: 1,954

1. SSSMBRFC2/C (Canada) $153,551.90*
2. PolecatRider (Germany) $165,079.71*
3. xenomorph101 (Poland) $114,870.50*
4. king_tsan (Greece) $105,258.50*
5. delfina_47 (Argentina) $55,216.43
6. ArdiVa (Estonia) $39,700.96
7. xerox206 (New Zealand) $28,545.19
8. Harrison "gibler321" Gimbel (Canada) $20,524.20
9. 1$ickDisea$E (Mexico) $14,758.21
* denotes results of a four-way deal

WCOOP-76 ($320 PL Omaha, Mix-Max, 6-Max) results
Entries: 637
Prize pool: $200,000
Places paid: 83

1. ISILDRooN (Sweden) $34,397.90
2. kinglune (Hong Kong) $23,158.44
3. SeepdUp2 (Bulgaria) $15,591.44
4. Ashley Jones (Belgium) $10,496.96
5. tarantaleo (Bulgaria) $7,067.10
6. Lystig (Norway) $4,757.94

WCOOP-77 ($215 NL Hold'em [8-Max, Sunday Warm-Up SE]) results
Entries: 9,666 (6,200 entries, 3,466 re-entries)
Prize pool: $1,933,200.00
Places paid: 1,191

1. mighty28 (Denmark) $264,885.15
2. Phil "MrSweets28" Galfond (Canada) $183,317.23
3. Hitvil (Belarus) $126,870.11
4. Patrick "pads1161" Leonard (Hungary) $87,804.20
5. paleta25 (United Kingdom) $60,767.43
6. RescueGrp (Denmark) $42,055.79
7. SwalzB (Germany) $29,105.87
8. vick23789 (Canada) $20,143.55

WCOOP-82 ($1,050 NL Hold'em [Wrap-Up]) results
Entries: 1,239 (956 entries; 283 re-entries)
Prize pool: $1,239,00
Places paid: 143

1. NegroVente1 (Canada) $156,290.44*
2. alexandrapau (Canada) $143,523.83*
3. Barrii (Belgium) $139,841.56*
4. kisulik777 (Russia) $76,267.38
5. Emil "Emilohlsson" Ohlsson (Sweden) $55,903.80
6. hneves182 (Brazil) $40,977.32
7. Marcelo "CHELitw" Garcia Gonzalez (Argentina) $30,036.20
8. Baby Federer (U.K.) $22,016.53
9. XxKira89xX (Malta) $16,238.09
* Denotes three-way deal

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Current leader board standings

By our reckoning, and we'll admit it's not unlike us to be wrong, we make Fabrizio "SixthSenSe19" Gonzalez the 2016 WCOOP Player of the Series, even with three events left to conclude. Such was his lead going into yesterday it would have taken some super human performances from the chasing pack to trip up the heir apparent.

That leaves Connor "blanconegro" Drinan in second place, which was as memorable a performance. Drinan was in top spot on Day 1 and never really left the top five over the three week Championship. Full credit to him and everyone who finished in the top ten, although we won't know those names officially until the early hours of tomorrow.

leader board - 27 September 2016.jpgWCOOP leader board September 27, 2016

Don't forget you can check out the leader board in full on the WCOOP homepage.

Coming up on Tuesday

There are no more events left to start but there are three left to finish, including the WCOOP 2016 Main Event.

Concluding today

WCOOP-81: $320 PL 5-Card Omaha [6-Max]
There are 30 players left in this event, competing for a first prize of $58,000. Markbjj of Hungary leads with Team Pro Felipe "Mojave" Ramos still in the running, albeit with the shortest stack when play resumes at 14:00 ET. The final table is expected to start at around 14:26 ET.

WCOOP-80: $700 NL Hold'em [1R1A]
Last year this event was won by Christian "eisenhower1" Jeppsson, who could still technically make a repeat performance, although he returns as the shortest of 70 stacks being played when this event resumes at 10:00 ET. At the other end of the chip counts is current leader Deividas K of Lithuania. There's more than $100,000 for first place, as well as leader board points up for grabs. IT's likely this event will determine the order of finish in that contest. The final table is set to start at 16:11 ET.

WCOOP 2016 Main Event

WCOOP-78: $5,000 NL Hold'em Main Event
Let's get the numbers out of the way first. When the doors closed on the Main Event some 1,772 players had bought in, who then combined for 319 more re-entries. That meant there was a combined 2,091 entries of which 224 would finish in the money.

That cleared the $10 million guarantee to make first place worth $1,517,541, and second place more than $1.1 million. Day 2 then would end when just nine players remained. We now know those nine players, and here's how they'll line up when the final table begins at 14:00 ET.

0409479United Kingdom10356526
R_Scientist [2]United Kingdom9903682

You can't help but think they'll be the usual drama that accompanies every WCOOP Main Event final table, and the full story however than pans out will be on the blog shortly after a winner is declared.

You can find details of each of these events on the WCOOP homepage as well as details on how to play and/or win your seat to every WCOOP Main Event.

So that was the official round up from the last day of WCOOP 2016. Join us tomorrow for the Epilogue.

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