WCOOP 2016: Maxim737 maximizes profit with Event #34 victory ($215 PLO 6-Max, Prog. KO)

Pot-limit Omaha is often called the "action game" thanks to all of those enticing draws. Making the game six-handed only adds more fuel to the fire, then roll it out as a progressive-knockout tournament and you've got unending excitement.

No need to "cut to the chase" here. It's all a chase!

Such was the game offered to those taking part in Event #34 of the 2016 World Championship of Online Poker, a $215 buy-in, two-day tournament that attracted 1,266 action-seekers. In the end it was the appropriately-named Maxim737 taking the majority of both the regular and bounty prize pools, earning $19,828.03 for a first-place finish plus another $5,666.32 for collecting a bunch of bounties along the way.


That field of 1,266 meant a $253,200 prize pool, besting the event's $200K guarantee. Half the prize pool -- $126,600 -- was divided among the top 155 finishers, while the other $126,600 went for knockout bounties, with many players ultimately taking more from the bounty prize pool than the regular one.

After one full day of play they were down to 31 players, with PAW717 the massive chip leader having stacked up 1,765,426 when the nearest challenger -- moloflee5 -- had but 680,878.

Also in the top 10 overnight were Luis "Turko_man" Rodriguez (in fourth position) and Connor "blanconegro" Drinan (in sixth), with Team PokerStars Pro Online member Lex Veldhuis additionally still part of the mix with a below average stack (in 20th of 31).

After an hour of play on Day 2 they were down to 26, with Veldhuis still hanging on as one of the shortest stacks. Soon after, though, Veldhuis fell in 26th place after losing his last chips in a hand versus p86ba. He picked up $809.97 for the finish, plus $2,506.24 worth of bounties for his effort.


Lex Veldhuis, Team PokerStars Pro Online

Not long after that -- after Luis "Turko_man" Rodriguez went out in 25th -- PAW717 had slipped all of the way down and out in 24th, also earning $809.97 plus another $1,955.45 in bounties.

They were nearing the day's two-and-a-half-hour mark when just 12 players remained, with Connor "blanconegro" Drinan among the fallen in 16th. Meanwhile p86ba was the new leader and well in front with a little over 2.8 million, more than 1 million ahead of the chase pack.

Wazmis next went out in 12th for $1,016.47 plus a little more than that in bounties. El-ninyo1976 (11th) and Turtza (10th) followed, earning $1,275.59 each plus what they scored for knockouts (with El-ninyo1976 taking $2,200 for the latter). Then it was fish_san (ninth) and after slipping in the counts p86ba (eighth) being sent railward, earning $1,600.78 each plus the extra, with p86ba's bounties totaling more than $4K.

Hand-for-hand play continued from there, with MrBlond finally falling in seventh, collecting $2,366.29 from the regular prize pool and another $972.65 in bounties.

With *$lim* having fattened up a stack to more than 3.73 million to claim the chip lead, the six-handed final table was underway.


Seat 1: Desmoplakin (Czech Republic) -- 994,149 
Seat 2: Maxim737 (Germany) -- 2,463,925 
Seat 3: *$lim* (Sweden) -- 3,733,796  
Seat 4: deuces85 (Canada) -- 1,204,991 
Seat 5: MuckCallOK (Austria) -- 3,097,589 
Seat 6: gangst3rn1 (Germany) -- 1,165,550

Much as had happened repeatedly before the final table, the player with the chip lead slipped down in the counts once again, and with the blinds up to 40,000/80,000 it was *$lim* suddenly all-in and at risk.

The hand began with MuckCallOK opening for the minimum for 160,000 from early position, then Maxim737 called from the small blind. Down to 327,523 to start the hand, *$lim* reraise-shoved after having posted the big blind. MuckCallOK then responded with a reraise over that, forcing a fold from Maxim727.

MuckCallOK showed A♥J♦6♣4♠ while *$lim* had Q♠9♦8♦3♣. The board came 7♦7♣Q♥7♠2♠, meaning trip sevens for both with better kickers for MuckCallOK, and *$lim* was sunk in sixth.

A while after that the blinds were up to 50,000/100,000 when MuckCallOK potted for 350,000 from UTG and all four opponents called -- gangst3rn1 (cutoff), Desmoplakin (button), Maxim737 (small blind), and deuces85 who only had 46,183 left and was all-in after having posted the big blind.

After the Q♣7♣Q♥ flop it checked to gangst3rn1 who bet, and everyone else stepped aside. gangst3rn1 then showed A♠Q♠J♦T♣, having made trip queens, while deuces85 had but J♣9♠7♠4♥, and after the 9♦ turn and 4♠ river gangst3rn1's hand remained best and deuces85 was finished in fifth.

They moved onward into the next level where the blinds were 60,000/120,000. Then a hand arose that saw Maxim737 open for 267,600 from under the gun, MuckCallOK three-bet to 982,800 from the button, the blinds fold, and Maxim737 call.

The flop came 9♣9♥8♥. Maxim737 checked, and MuckCallOK fired 920,000 into the middle. Maxim737 then check-raised all-in and MuckCallOK called with the 2,221,119 left behind.

Maxim737 had K♥K♠6♣2♥ for kings and nines plus a flush draw while MuckCallOK had A♠A♠T♠9♠ for trip nines. The turn was the 6♥, giving Maxim737 the flush, and after the 2♠ completed the board another bounty had been collected as MuckCallOK had fallen in fourth.

The final three made it to the six-hour break, with more all-ins and drama resulting in Maxim737 enjoying a big lead with more than 8.2 million while both gangst3rn1 and Desmoplakin sat with about 2.2 million apiece.

About 15 minutes later the blinds had bumped up again to 80,000/160,000, and a hand came up that saw Maxim737 make it 480,000 to go from the small blind, gangst3rn1 call from the BB, and the pair watch the flop come 5♦7♥T♥. Maxim737 led for 960,000, gangst3rn1 shoved all-in for 1,539,348, and Maxim737 called.

gangst3rn1 had J♦9♠8♥5♠ for a big wrap draw and a pair of fives while Maxim737 had 9♣8♦7♠6♠ for a lesser wrap and sevens. But the 4♥ turn and 5♥ river meant Maxim737 had made an eight-high straight while gangst3rn1 had missed (only making trip fives), and gangst3rn1 had been thwarted in third.

That pot gave Maxim737 something approaching a 3-to-1 chip lead to start heads-up play with 9,288,452 to Desmoplakin's 3,371,548. Desmoplakin battled gamely for a while, but soon had been chipped down under 1.3 million and before long was all-in and at risk.

In the tournament's final hand, the blinds were 100,000/200,000 when Maxim737 made it 600,000 to go from the button. Desmoplakin raised to 1 million even, leaving 266,740 behind, and when Maxim737 reraised back, Desmoplakin committed those last chips.

Desmoplakin: A♣K♥T♦4♣
Maxim737: K♣Q♣J♠7♣

The PokerStars all-in equity calculator showed Desmoplakin to be a slight favorite -- 53.7% -- with five community cards to come. But the Q♥T♥A♦ flop gave Maxim737 a Broadway straight and cut Desmoplakin's equity in half. The turn was the 5♦ and river the 5♥, and it was all over -- Desmoplakin had to settle for second, while Maxim737 was the winner.

Congratulations to Maxim737 for outracing a big field and tough final table to chase down a WCOOP title and a nearly $20K first prize, plus another $5,666.32 in knockout bounties -- the biggest haul of anyone from the bounty prize pool. 

WCOOP-34 ($215 PL Omaha, 6-max., Progressive KO) results
Total Entries: 1,266
Prize pool: $253,200 (half regular prize pool, half bounties)
Places paid: 155

1. Maxim737 (Germany) $19,828.03 (plus $5,666.32 in bounties)
2. Desmoplakin (Czech Republic) $12,960.63 (plus $1,931.24 in bounties)
3. gangst3rn1 (Germany) $8,472.00 (plus $1,931.24 in bounties)
4. MuckCallOK (Austria) $5,537.92 (plus $1,931.24 in bounties)
5. deuces85 (Canada) $3,620.00 (plus $1,931.24 in bounties)
6. *$lim* (Sweden)  $2,366.29 (plus $1,931.24 in bounties)

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