WCOOP 2016: Michel 'FreeLancerZZ' Dattani wins 6-Max Prog-KO and denies ministerborg a Triple COOP in Event #75 ($700 NL 6-Max, Prog KO)

Simon 'ministerborg' Ravnsbaek from Denmark won a SCOOP event back in 2012 and shipped a TCOOP in 2014, but he was searching for a WCOOP win to lock up a rare Triple COOP. If the "every other year" pattern rang true for ministerborg, then he was due for a WCOOP win this year. With 8 to go in WCOOP Event #75 $700 NL Prog-KO, short-stacked ministerborg came from behind to stave off elimination and stay alive. ministerborg chipped up enough to make the final table with a decent stack. Alas, Simon 'ministerborg' Ravnsbaek's quest to win a Triple COOP fell short when ministerborg got picked off in third place.

Ravnsbaek's elimination set up a heads-up battle between Russia's leonidus1988 and Michel 'FreeLancerZZ' Dattani from the Czech Republic. After playing heads-up for nearly an hour, the two were almost even in chips and decided to chop up the remaining prize money and play out for the $10,000 that was left on the table for the champ. When the proverbial dust settled Michel 'FreeLancerZZ' Dattani rallied from behind to defeat leonidus1988 to win Event #75.


2016 WCOOP Event #75 $700 NL 6-Max Progressive KO attracted 1,360 runners. This $1 million guarantee barely missed, which meant we encountered a slight overlay. That's why there's an uneven regular prize pool and bounty pool. The total prize pool was $1,000,000 with $452,200 set aside for bounties and $547,800 for the regular prize pool. First place originally paid out $84,894.80.

With 18 to go on the final three tables, ministerborg seized the lead with 1.6M, which was double the average stack. With 10 to go, Denmark's ministerborg opened up a wide margin after closing in on 3M when the average stack was 1.3M and almost half of the field was under 1M. ministerborg's big stack came under assault from all directions and the Danish player slipped to the back of the pack with barely 1M. With 9 to go, leonidas1988 challenged €urop€an for the top spot with 2.3M each. With 8 to go, €urop€an chipped up to over 4M.

On the final table bubble with seven to go, €urop€an passed 5M while a pair of shorties struggled with 740K each. Short-stacked AerodynAmiKK from Denmark bombed it all-in for 626K with A♦T♥ and fellow Dane, ministerborg, called with K♠9♠. The board ran out 8♣7♠4♥2♥9♦ and the nine of the river secured the pot for ministerborg. AerodynAmiKK bubbled off the final table in seventh place and the final 6-max table was set.


WCOOP Event #75 - Final Table Chip Counts:
Seat 1: ministerborg (2,105,865)
Seat 2: BrightStripe (2,008,752)
Seat 3: leonidus1988 (1,800,648)
Seat 4: Tagomaga (1,545,973)
Seat 5: €urop€an (5,212,484)
Seat 6: FreeLancerZZ (926,278)

The final table commenced during Level 41 with blinds at 20K/40K and a 5K ante. €urop€an from Finland led with 5.2M and the closest was ministerborg in second with 2.1M. FreeLancerZZ was the short stack and the only one at the final table under 1M.

This final table featured a pair of COOP champions: Simon 'ministerborg' Ravnsbaek and €urop€an. Incidentally, leonidas1988 was a runner-up in a event at the 2015 WCOOP, but chopped it heads-up. Also of note... Michel 'FreeLancerZZ' Dattani once won the Super Tuesday in 2014.

Denmark's ministerborg won a 2014 TCOOP and 2012 SCOOP, but seeking a WCOOP win to lock up a Triple COOP. ministerborg came close to winning a Sunday Million, but had to settle for a runner-up finish.

Only 11 days ago, €urop€an chopped then won WCOOP Event #35. Finland's €urop€an won the Sunday Million in 2014, also binked a SCOOP last year, and a took down a WCOOP this year. At this rate, €urop€an will ship a TCOOP in early 2017 to complete a Triple COOP and a Stars Slam.

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AIN'T HIGH FALUTIN': €urop€an eliminated in 6th place

From first to worst. Roughly five minutes into the final table, €urop€an lost a 4.8M pot and coughed up the chip lead. leonidus1988 doubled up with J♣J♠ against €urop€an's J♦9♣. €urop€an turned two pair, but leonidus1988 turned a set. Couple of orbits later, €urop€an leaked more chips when ministerborg won a 2.1M pot with A♣Q♥ versus €urop€an's K♣Q♠. Two hands later, €urop€an would get whacked.

The all-of-a-sudden-short-stacked €urop€an open-shoved for 853,875 with 7♦7♠ and BrightStripe accepted the challenge with A♣Q♣. Coinflip. The board ran out Q♥9♦4♦6♠6♥ and BrightStripe flopped a Queen to win the pot with Queens up. Finland's €urop€an became the first player to exit at the final table. Sixth place paid out $10,131.67. €urop€an also earned $12,493.32 in bounties.

BrightStripe won a bounty worth $6,246.66 for busting €urop€an and their own bounty increased to $9,395.

I WANNA RACE BIGFOOT TRUCKS: BrightStripe eliminated in 5th place

BrightStripe dropped a 4M pot with 2♣2♥ against FreeLancerZZ's T♣T♥. It was all-in preflop, but BrightStripe flopped a set of deuces to take the lead. Alas, FreeLancerZZ turned a set of tens to win the pot and double up. On the very next hand, BrightStripe was all-in for 423,405 with 7♦7♥ against FreeLancerZZ's K♣Q♠. The board ran out Q♥5♣3♣T♣6♠ and FreeLancerZZ flopped a Queen to drag the pot with a pair of Queens. Pocket sevens did not hold up for BrightStripe, who headed to the virtual rail in fifth place. BrightStripe took home $15,499.56, plus an additional $9,395.00 in bounties.

Meanwhile, FreeLancerZZ won $4,697.50 for picking off BrightStripe and his own bounty jumped to $15,921.89.

With four to go... FreeLancerZZ seized the lead with 4.6M followed by leonidus1988's 3.8M, ministerborg's 2.9M, and Tagomaga's 2.1M.

SHANE'S DENTIST: Tagomaga eliminated in 4th place

FreeLancerZZ limped to 80,000, leonidus1988 raised to 400,000, Tagomaga shoved for 1,118,998, FreeLancerZZ bailed, leonidus1988 called. Heads-up. Tagomaga led with A♥J♠ against leonidus1988's A♠2♦. However, the board ran out T♦8♥6♦Q♦4♦ and leonidus1988 rivered a four flush to win the pot. Tagomaga was knocked out in fourth place, which paid out $23,711.46.

leonidus1988 picked up a bounty worth $1075.43 for busting Tagomaga and their own bounty was bumped up to $16,956.05.

With three left in the hunt... leonidus1988 chipped up to 9M, followed by FreeLancerZZ's 2.4M and ministerborg's 2.1M.


Simon 'ministerborg' Ravnsbaek - third place

TOOK OUT THE TRASH AND NEVER CAME BACK: ministerborg eliminated in 3rd place

Short-stacked ministerborg open-shoved for 837,416 with 6♠5♠ and FreeLancerZZ called with J♠T♦. The board finished up K♥9♦6♦J♥Q♣ and FreeLancerZZ won the pot with a King-high straight. ministerborg busted in third place, which paid out $36,274.22. ministerborg also collected $8,974.81 in bounties. With a third-place finish, ministerborg fell short of his attempt at winning a rare Triple COOP.

FreeLancerZZ earned a bounty worth $4487.41 for knocking out ministerborg and their own bounty jumped to $20,409.29.

HEADS-UP: FreeLancerZZ (Czech Republic) vs. leonidus1988 (Russia)
Seat 3: leonidus1988 (9,806,926)
Seat 6: FreeLancerZZ (3,793,074)

With two to go, leonidus1988 was closing in on 10M.


The final two paused the action to discuss a deal. leonidus1988 led 9.2M to 4.4M. They had to leave $10,000 on the table for first place. The numbers were floated: leonidus1988 with $68,613.20 and FreeLancerZZ with $61,774.56. Both players wanted roughly $2K more each. They were far apart in terms of negotiating, so play resumed without a deal in place.


leonidus1988 had a chance to knock out FreeLancerZZ, but FreeLancerZZ doubled up with A♥7♠ against K♦6♦ to win a 3M pot and stave off elimination. Three hands later, FreeLancerZZ came from behind with 3♥3♠ and a set of treys to pick off leonidus1988's T♠T♦. That pot was worth over 6.1M and it propelled FreeLancerZZ back into contention. FreeLancerZZ won another pot with 1.2M and all of a sudden, leonidus1988's lead was down to 50K or 6.82M to 6.77M.

With almost dead-even stacks, the two discussed a second deal. They decided on a 50/50 split or $65,193.88 each with $10,000 on the table for the winner. Both players agreed on a chop and a deal was in place. Action resumed.

GONNA BE A NEW WORLD: leonidus1988 eliminated in 2nd place;FreeLancerZZ wins Event #75!

FreeLancerZZ seized the lead after dragging a 8.4M pot with A♥J♥ against leonidus1988's A♠9♥. FreeLancerZZ chipped up 8.7M to 4.9M. At that point, it was only a matter of time before FreeLancerZZ landed the knockout blow.

Going into the final hand, FreeLancerZZ led 10.7M to 2.85M. FreeLancerZZ min-raised to 320K. leonidus1988 bombed it all-in for 2,833,699 with A♠J♦. FreeLancerZZ woke up with pocket cowboys and snap-called with K♣K♦. The board ran out 4♥3♠2♠2♥4♣ and pocket Kings held up for FreeLancerZZ. leonidus1988 was dunzo in second place. FreeLancerZZ picked up a final bounty worth $8,478.03 for busting leonidus1988.

For a runner-up finish, Russia's leonidus1988 took home $65,193.88, plus an additional $16,958.05 in bounties.

Congrats to FreeLancerZZ, who shipped WCOOP Event #75. First place paid out $75,193.88, plus an additional $28,887.31 in bounties.


WCOOP-75 ($700 NL [6-Max, Progressive KO (50%)]) results
Total entries: 1,360
Prize pool: $1,000,000 (Regular pool: $547,800; Bounty pool: $452,200.00)
Places paid: 167

1. Michel 'FreeLancerZZ' Dattani (Czech Republic) $75,193.88* + $28,887.31 in bounties
2. leonidus1988 (Russia) $65,193.88* + $16,958.05 in bounties
3. Simon 'ministerborg' Ravnsbaek (Denmark) $36,274.22 + $8,974.81 in bounties
4. Tagomaga (Malta) $23,711.46 + $2,150.85 in bounties
5. BrightStripe (Austria) $15,499.56 + $9,395.00 in bounties
6. €urop€an (Finland) $10,131.67 + $12,493.32 in bounties

* = Denotes a deal between the final two

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