WCOOP 2016: nafnaf_funny earns 2nd WCOOP win in Event #11 ($320 FL Omaha H/L)

Winning one WCOOP title takes skill, patience, and at least a little bit of luck somewhere along the way. Winning a WCOOP title in consecutive years requires all of those things plus the ability to turn up with your A-game consistently when the best players in the world all show up for a chance at online poker's biggest prizes. Russia's nafnaf_funny demonstrated that first set of abilities last fall, topping this year's Event #5 champ, Connor "blanconegro" Drinan, heads-up for the win in WCOOP 2015 Event #30. Today nafnaf_funny took it a step further, excelling in Event #11 to lay claim to a WCOOP title for the second straight year.


Things got started yesterday at 4:00 p.m. ET, and when late registration was closed a total of 416 players had chipped in $320 apiece to the prize pool, building it to a total of $124,800. A min-cash in 48th place was good for $796.08, while the winner was scheduled to receive more than $22,000. They played until the end of the 4,000/8,000 level, when just 32 players still had chips, before pausing for the night.

Day 2 kicked off at 4:00 p.m. ET with those 32 players back at the tables, including Team PokerStars Pro's own Andre Akkari. He sat in 14th place with 140,960 chips, good for just over 14 big bets. After an hour of play on Day 2, Akkari was in 12th with 195,704 chips, though out of 20 players instead of 32. One more hour of play brought the tournament to within two spots of its final table, with just 10 players remaining at the second break and Akkari holding steady in seventh place with 189K in chips. But when the 20K/40K stakes began less than 10 minutes later, Akkari was holding just 46K.


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Akkari got all-in before the flop in a three-way pot with nafnaf_funny and xiaohuiwan, holding A♠ J♥ 6♥ 5♠. He managed to make two pair with his low cards on the 7♦ 5♦ 2♦ 6♠ Q♠ board. But xiaohuiwan's A♦ 4♠ 3♦ 2♥ had flopped the nut flush and scooped with a 6-5-3-2-A low. That was good for 379K, and Akkari departed in 10th place. Moments later, Bertmobile's A♣ A♥ 6♣ 3♥ dodged a flush draw to top Christopher "Ceegeee87" George's A♦ Q♦ T♣ 6♦ and send him out in ninth, setting up this final table lineup:

Seat 1: nafnaf_funny (715,967 in chips)
Seat 2: Bertmobile (826,801 in chips)
Seat 3: DaCus3 (713,745 in chips)
Seat 4: recusant_89 (162,872 in chips)
Seat 5: xiaohuiwan (79,852 in chips)
Seat 6: zzwwzzwwzz (244,668 in chips)
Seat 7: homasapiens (875,449 in chips)
Seat 8: ViTaMin_F22 (540,646 in chips)

WCOOP 2016-11 ft.jpg

China's xiaohuiwan came to the table short-stacked and after seeing a single flop was left with 29K. That all went in from the big blind on the seventh hand behind A♦ T♦ 8♥ 6♠, defending against DaCus3's button raise with A♣ K♥ J♣ 3♣, annd ziaohuiwan left in eighth when the 4♣ 9♥ J♥ J♠ 5♦ board gave DaCus3 three jacks.

After a quiet start to the final, losing a single five-big-bet pot left zzwwzzwwzz facing elimination with 74K in chips. The past Sunday Warm-Up, TCOOP, and SCOOP finalist caught a flush on the river to earn a split pot with recusant_89. The next hand delivered a scoop for 209K after getting three bets in before the flop with A♣ T♥ 6♣ 5♦ and calling Bertmobile's blind bet on the T♦ 3♣ Q♠ flop, and zzwwzzwwzz was back out of the fire again.

recusant_89 and ViTaMin_F22 both stayed alive by splitting pots in the next orbit, but recusant_89's next attempt didn't go as well. The 2013 TCOOP Stud champ and 2016 SCOOP Razz runner-up opened in early position with A♦ Q♠ 3♣ 2♦ and had a single caller, Bertmobile, in the big blind with K♥ J♠ T♥ 9♣. Bertmobile check-called the J♣ K♠ J♦ flop and only check-raised when recusant_89 was committed with a Broadway straight on the T♣ turn. The 9♥ river was meaningless, and recusant_89 was out in seventh.

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zzwwzzwwzz staved off elimination twice more before finally grabbing a full pot with a check-raise to 72K on a K♣ T♣ K♠ after homasapiens led for 24K and ViTaMin_F22 raised to 48K. Both players folded, and zzwwzzwwzz took the 276K in the pot to stack up to 335K - no longer the smallest stack, but still only ahead of it by less than a half a big bet. zzwwzzwwzz used the cushion to play conservatively with the stakes now at 28K/56K, leaving the other short stacks to go on the offensive.

DaCus3 got three bets in before the K♣ 7♣ 8♣ flop and another one after it before calling one more on the river, only to muck when Bertmobile showed J♣ 5♥ 3♥ 3♣ for the flopped flush. Down to 70K, DaCus3 committed those chips three hands later in the big blind, calling nafnaf_funny's button raise, as Bertmobile had in the small blind, and leading on the flop. Those two players split the pot between themselves on the river, and DaCus3 mucked, exiting in sixth.

The short stacks continued to scrap for their survival. homasapiens and ViTaMin_F22 split pots to stay alive, but zzwwzzwwzz managed to crack nafnaf_funny's A♠ A♣ 5♥ 3♣ with a heart on the river to scoop 461K and not only stay alive but move into third place with as many chips as both of the shorter stacks combined. homasapiens doubled through nafnaf_funny on the next hand, but ViTaMin_F22 didn't have the same good fortune on the hand that followed. The WCOOP 2015 Badugi Championship finalist and MicroMillions PLO winner made it three bets before the flop and was all-in by the turn of a board that eventually read 5♣ 8♣ 6♣ 8♦ 8♥, facing off against both homasapiens and Bertmobile. The former took the high pot with A♦ A♥ K♣ Q♥ for eights full of aces, while the latter took the low with 8-6-5-4-A, and ViTaMin_F22 bowed out in fifth.

homasapiens, already a 2016 finalist in SCOOP and TCOOP, would have to settle for being a WCOOP finalist instead of a champion, at least for now. The player from Poland got two-thirds of a 191K-chip stack in via four bets before the 5♥ 4♥ K♥ flop, and the rest of it afterward with A♦ K♠ 8♥ 4♣. Catching two pair there was good for the high half of the pot until the 3♥ landed on the river, giving nafnaf_funny's A♥ T♦ 9♠ 2♦ a wheel straight for the scoop and eliminating homasapiens in fourth.

WCOOP 2016-11 ft three-handed.jpg

Bertmobile had the advantage as three-handed play began, holding 2.39M chips to nafnaf_funny's 1.52M and zzwwzzwwzz's 244K. But after zzwwzzwwzz ran off three straight wins on the verge of elimination, the three settled into a routine that saw all of them active but Bertmobile's stack trending ever so slowly downward. By the time nafnaf_funny had pulled into a tie with Bertmobile, the three agreed to look over a potential deal. They quickly agreed to ICM numbers, and within eight minutes they were back in play once again.

With the deal locked in Bertmobile, who had opened Day 2 with the chip lead, went for broke, typing "as you can see I have a party to get to" into the chat box. His stack steadily dwindled but the board delivered a set of eights for a scoop when he was on the verge of elimination once, and then gave him half of the low pot on the last hand before the third and final break of the day to keep him alive with 137K. He finally bowed out in third when nafnaf_funny made a wheel with 6♥ 5♠ 4♦ 2♣ to scoop the pot.

After beginning the final table with just six big bets, zzwwzzwwzz was now heads-up with a WCOOP title on the line. The tenacity that had kept the player from China alive through tough times would shine through over the course of a 55-hand match as zzwwzzwwzz steadily worked up into the chip lead. Then nafnaf_funny struck back, rivering a club to make a flush in an 800K-chip pot to retake the lead, 2.4M to zzwwzzwwzz's 1.7M.

Ten minutes later zzwwzzwwzz made a final stand, re-raising to 180K before the flop and putting another 183K in after it came Q♣ 8♣ 4♥ to move all in. zzwwzzwwzz's A♣ 9♦ 6♦ 3♣ was a slim favorite at that point against nafnaf_funny's 8♥ 7♥ 4♦ 2♣, thanks to flush and low draws, but nafnaf_funny's pair of eights won out when the K♦ turn and Q♠ river left those draws unfulfilled. nafnaf_funny earned the pot and the title, bringing this tournament to its conclusion.

Congratulations to nafnaf_funny for earning an Omaha win at WCOOP for the second straight year!

WCOOP 2016: Event #11, $320 FL Omaha Hi/Lo
Entrants: 416
Prize pool: $124,800
Places paid: 48

1. nafnaf_funny (Russia) $19,545.82*
2. zzwwzzwwzz (China) $15,156.39*
3. Bertmobile (United Kingdom) $16,935.01*
4. homasapiens (Poland) $9,140.65
5. ViTaMin_F22 (China) $6,761.96
6. DaCus3 (Germany) $5,002.28
7. recusant_89 (Russia) $3,700.51
8. xiaohuiwan (China) $2,737.53
* - denotes results of a three-handed deal

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