WCOOP 2016: NegroVente1 binks a quickie with Wrap-Up Event #82 ($1,050 NL)

The finale! One last quickie. After 22 exhilarating days of nonstop WCOOP action, we've finally reached the last event on the 2016 WCOOP docket. Welcome to the Wrap-Up, or Event #82 of 82. It also celebrated the last chance to win a WCOOP title for a mere price tag of $1,050. The closing affair, a rare single day event, wrapped up in less than seven hours.


The final table for the Wrap-Up included a trio of COOP winners -- alexandrapau (2011 SCOOP), hneves182 (2016 TCOOP), and Baby Federer (2015 SCOOP) -- but no one had actually broken through to the WCOOP winner's circle. The rapid-fire final table had a turbo-charged atmosphere and it got down to a heads-up battle between a pair of players from Canada -- alexandrapau and NegroVente1. They politely sparred for a mere ten hands, but NegroVente1 drew first blood and quickly went in for the kill shot. alexandrapau was denied a second COOP title when NegroVente1 marched triumphantly into the winner's circle to snatch up the final WCOOP title up for grabs.

Fabrizo 'SixthSeSen16' Gonzalez had a fantastic 2016 WCOOP with four final tables and at least 24 cashes going into the final day. He was also a lock for 2016 Player of the Series. Fitting that he embarked on a deep run in the final event and nearly missed a fifth final table appearance, but he busted in 16th place.

2016 WCOOP Event #82 $1,050 NL Wrap-Up attracted 956 runners and 283 additional entries for a total of 1,239 entries. The prize pool was worth $1,239,000, which smashed the $500K Guarantee. The top 143 places paid out with $193,657.34 initially set aside for the champ. The final WCOOP event was a re-entry rumpus (up to three times) yet with accelerating blinds that started out at five minutes for the first 12 levels, then increased a minute every ten levels. These WCOOPs have grown so huge that they morphed into multi-day affairs. This particular event was one of the few single-day tournaments this year.


Jason Mercier out in 44th place

Team PokerStars Pro Jason Mercier secured himself a cash and went semi-deep, but he busted in 44th place after losing a flip with 4♠4♥ against Setherson2's A♠K♠. Setherson2 flopped trip Kings and that's all she wrote for Mercier.

With two tables to go, Andrey 'Kroko-dill' Zaichenko and Fabrizo 'SixthSeSen16' Gonzalez were lurking near the back of the pack as short stacks. Alas, both would bust before the final table was set. Fabrizo Gonzalez, who has a virtual lock for Player of the Series, missed a final table when he busted in 16th place. He made a final stand and attempted to double up with K♣Q♦ but lost to Barrrii's A♦Q♣. The legendary Kroko-dill bowed out in 15th place when his A♥Q♦ lost to Baby Federer's A♣K♠.

Action went hand-for-hand on the final table bubble and Belgium's Barrii rocketed into the lead to over 8.3M. FoxyLisa bubbled off the final table in tenth place after failing to double up with Q♣7♠ against alexandrapau's K♣K♠.


Event #82 - Final Table Chip Counts:
Seat 1: Baby Federer (1,706,841)
Seat 2: hneves182 (2,184,136)
Seat 3: kisulik777 (1,538,046)
Seat 4: alexandrapau (5,300,083)
Seat 5: CHELitw (2,847,406)
Seat 6: Emilohlsson (2,551,454)
Seat 7: NegroVente1 (4,625,088)
Seat 8: Barrrii (8,354,665)
Seat 9: XxKira89xX (1,867,281)

The final table commenced during Level 46 with blinds at 100K/200K and a 25K ante. Barrrii was the front runner with 8.3M and Russia's kisulik777 was the short stack with 1.5M. The blinds were rapidly escalating. This was not formally a turbo-event, but the quickened blinds created an accelerated atmosphere similar to a frantic turbo event.

This final table included a trio of COOP champs. hneves182 won a TCOOP earlier this year. Baby Federer won the Heads-Up High Roller at the 2015 SCOOP. Lastly, alexandrapau won a SCOOP back in 2011.

Also of note... Marcelo 'CHELitw' Garcia Gonzalez won the Super Tuesday. Plus, Emil "Emilohlsson" Ohlsson made a couple of SCOOP final tables, but never won a WCOOP. Just the other day, Ohlsson took third in a WCOOP event...but he was seeking his first-ever win.

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WELCOME TO THE WORKING WEEK: XxKira89xX eliminated in 9th place

Fireworks occurred almost immediate at the final table. NegroVente1 open-shoved for 5,260,088 and XxKira89xX called all-in for 2,171,516. XxKira89xX led with 6♣6♠ against NegroVente1's A♥Q♥. The race was on. The board ran out J♠5♦5♠K♥A♣. XxKira89xX was ahead until the river when NegroVente1 spiked an Ace to win the pot with Aces up. XxKira89xX busted in ninth place, which paid out $16,138.09

MIRACLE MAN: Baby Federer eliminated in 8th place

The brisk pace of the final table continued when Emilohlsson open-shoved for 2,366,454 with K♦Q♦ and Baby Federer called all-in for 1,041,841 with 2♣2♠. Another flip. The board ran out K♠Q♥5♣A♠6♣ and Emilohlsson flopped two pair, which held up. Baby Federer busted in eighth place, which paid out $22,016.53. With seven to go, NegroVente1 was the new leader with 10M.

BLAME IT ON CAIN: CHELitw eliminated in 7th place

Seven-handed didn't last very long. CHELitw open-shoved for 1,507,406 with A♠K♠ and Barrrii called with Q♥J♣. The board ran out A♥K♦Q♦9♣T♣. CHELitw flopped top two pair but Barrrii rivered a Broadway straight to win the pot and rundown Big Slick. Argentina's Marcelo 'CHELitw' Garcia Gonzalez busted in seventh place and he took home $30,036.20.

With six to go, NegroVente1 led with 9.8M and Barrrii was right behind with 9.6M.

ALISON: hneves182 eliminated in 6th place

Six-handed hit a lull, considering how fast the blinds were shooting up. After several all-ins across the board where no one busted, we finally saw a knockout. NegroVente1 open shoved for 6,157,984 and hneves182 called all-in for 5,243,180. hneves182 led with A♠J♦ against NegroVente1's K♥Q♦. The board finished up J♣T♣7♣9♥8♦. Straight over straight. Both players made a straight, but NegroVente1 won the pot with a King-high straight versus hneves182's Jack-high straight. Brazil's hneves182 busted in sixth place and took home $40,977.32.

SNEAKY FEELINGS: Emilohlsson eliminated in 5th place

The Swede didn't waste any time to pick a spot to double up. Emilohlsson open-shoved for 1,261,924 with A♦2♣ and Barrrii called with A♠J♥. The board finished out Q♦5♠5♥8♥6♣. Neither player improved, but Barrrii won the pot with a Ace-Jack kicker. Sweden's Emilohlsson busted in fifth place, which paid out $55,903.80.

With four to go... NegroVente1 led with 12.5M and alexandrapau sat on top of the shorty with 5.3M.

THE ANGELS WANNA WEAR MY RED SHOES: kisulik777 eliminated in 4th place

Four-handed went in a flash. Barrrii bombed it all-in for 6,774,910 with A♣2♠ and kisulik777 called all-in for 5,039,086 with 7♥7♠. The board ran out A♦K♣J♣Q♣3♥ and the Ace on the flop doomed kisulik777. Barrrii won the pot with a pair of Aces, Russia's kisulik777 was knocked out in fourth place, which paid out $76,267.38



With three to go, action was paused to discuss a deal. alexandrapau led with 12.5M, followed by Barrii's 10.7M and NegroVente1's 7.7M. Any deal had to leave $24,780 on the table for the champ. The numbers were floated: alexandrapau ($143,523.83), Barrii ($139,841.56), and NegroVente1 ($131,510.44). alexandrapau and NegroVente1 both agreed on the numbers. Barrii asked for a little more, but quickly gave in. With a deal in place, action resumed.

LESS THAN ZERO: Barrrii eliminated in 3rd place

Barrrii bombed it all-in for 7,301,496 with A♣2♦ and NegroVente1 called with K♣9♣. However, the board ran out Q♠9♥3♣7♥J♦ and NegroVente1 flopped a nine to win the pot. Belgium's Barrrii was picked off in third place and took home $139,841.56. The heads-up battle was set.

HEADS-UP: alexandrapau (Canada) vs. NegroVente1 (Canada)
Seat 4: alexandrapau (12,995,790)
Seat 7: NegroVente1 (17,979,210)

With two to go, blinds were super high and continuing to rise higher than hippies at a Grateful Dead concert. NegroVente1 led in the battle of Canada.

PAY IT BACK: alexandrapau eliminated in 2nd place; NegroVente1 wins Event #82!

Heads-up only lasted 10 hands before the two rumbled with fatal results. NegroVente1 took down 8 out of the final 10 hands and led 22.6M to 8.3M going into the final hand.

NegroVente1 moved all-in for 22,566,710 with K♦3♦ and alexandrapau called all-in with A♣9♥. Although alexandrapau was ahead preflop, the board ran out K♥T♣3♠5♦9♣. NegroVente1 flopped two pair to take the lead. Kings and treys held up for NegroVente1, who won the pot. alexandrapau was dunzo in second place.

For a runner-up finish, alexandrapau took home $143,523.83. The Canadian missed a shot at a second COOP and a first-ever WCOOP.

Congrats to NegroVente1 for winning the very last event on the 2016 WCOOP docket! First place paid out $156,290.44 for shipping Event #82. That's a wrap!


WCOOP-82 ($1,050 NL Hold'em [Wrap-Up]) results
Total entries: 1,239 (956 entries; 283 re-entries)
Prize pool: $1,239,00
Places paid: 143

1. NegroVente1 (Canada) $156,290.44*
2. alexandrapau (Canada) $143,523.83*
3. Barrii (Belgium) $139,841.56*
4. kisulik777 (Russia) $76,267.38
5. Emil "Emilohlsson" Ohlsson (Sweden) $55,903.80
6. hneves182 (Brazil) $40,977.32
7. Marcelo "CHELitw" Garcia Gonzalez (Argentina) $30,036.20
8. Baby Federer (U.K.) $22,016.53
9. XxKira89xX (Malta) $16,238.09

* = Denotes deal among the final three

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