WCOOP 2016: No tears for Kroko-dill on Day 12

The news for Friday; three more events conclude with wins for Kroko-dill and T3G3S, as well as Ohljo. That meant there was a change at the top of the leader with zzwwzzwwzz giving up his lead after eight days at the top, a position now shared by Kroko-dill and Bluf_to_Much. Two more events start today, but there are nine tournaments to be played and won before Monday.



The headlines from the 12th day of WCOOP 2016

It's not to say that some winners are betting than others - they're not in the sense that they're worth more - but some are harder to miss than others.

Take that of Kroko-dill, also known as Russian Pro Andrey Zaichenko, a familiar face to anyone on the European Poker Tour for example, as his cute fluffy dog avatar is on PokerStars. Zaichenko is a workmanlike player who after years of coming close on the EPT secured a first 10K event in Prague back in December 2014, then topped that this summer with a first WSOP bracelet.

andrey_zaichenko_wcoop_16sept16.jpgAndrey "Kroko-Dill" Zaichenko

Now Zaichenko has earned yet more wins online, winning a second WCOOP title, six years after he won his first (subsequently dedicated to his daughter). It came the hard way (the best ones often do), against the likes of Kyle "kwob20" Bowker, Shawn "buck21" Buchanan, and Bluf_To_Much (whose sixth place was good enough to put him top of the leader board).

Then there was T3G3S in Event 38, denying lehout a second win in the same event he'd won two years previous, and which would have gone nicely alongside his SCOOP title. As Kristin Bihr reported lehout made it as far as third place, but T3G3S earned top spot in style, and the first prize of more than $46,000.

It wasn't really any easier in Event #37 where eventual winner Ohljo had to get past Eli "Timunim" Fagundes, Joel "jbrown8777" Brown, Ivan "Negriin" Luca and Jonathan "OMGjonyctt" Concepcion even before beating TerjePower18 heads up. Martin Harris has the recap.

Box scores from Day 12

WCOOP-37 ($215 NL Hold'em, 2R1A) results
Entries: 1,095 (855 rebuys, 461 add-ons)
Prize pool: $489,433
Places paid: 134

1. Ohljo (Bulgaria) $79,638.33
2. TerjePower18 (Norway) $58,374.03
3. Robabatt (Germany) $42,787.99
4. mahmuttt88 (Finland) $31,363.45
5. Jonathan "OMGjonyctt" Concepcion (United Kingdom) $22,989.30
6. Ivan "Negriin" Luca (Argentina) $16,851.08
7. Joel "jbrown8777" Brown (Canada) $12,351.77
8. Eli "Timunim" Fagundes (Brazil) $9,053.82
9. Bjuran (Sweden) $6,636.46

WCOOP-38 ($320 NL Hold'em [6-Max, Shootout]) results
Entries: 966
Prize pool: $289,800.00
Places paid: 216

1. T3G3S (Poland) $46,368.36
2. Patrick "thebigdog09" Brooks (United Kingdom) $34,776.00
3. lehout (Netherlands) $26,082.00
4. vladxxxro (Romania) $17,388.00
5. !!f1ghtback! (Austria) $11,592.00
6. Kaggis (Norway) $7,187.04

WCOOP-39: $1,050 FL Omaha Hi/Lo Championship [8-Max] results
Entries: 179 entries, 52 re-entries
Prize pool: $231,000
Places paid: 27

1. Andrey "Kroko-dill" Zaichenko (Russia) - $44,499.92
2. Kyle "kwob20" Bowker (Canada) - $33,441.01
3. Shawn "buck21" Buchanan (Canada) - $25,130.49
4. "ALEX2PAIRS" (Russia) - $18,885.24
5. "boahgerding" (Germany) - $14,192.03
6. "Bluf_To_Much" (Moldova) - $10,665.13
7. "TAPïSpayé?" (UK) - $8,014.70
8. Jens "Fresh_oO_D" Lakemeier (Germany) - $6,022.95

You can qualify for the WCOOP on PokerStars for as little as a few cents. Start your campaign by opening a PokerStars account.

Current leader board standings

It was on Day 4 that zzwwzzwwzz moved into top spot on the Player of the Series leader board. Eight days later and that grip has finally been undone, albeit it slightly.

Top spot is now shared between Kroko-dill and Bluf_To_Much, who each have 280 points. That's five more than zzwwzzwwzz and Charlie "Epiphany77" Carrel, both on 275. But it's close at the top, with only five points between them and Dzmitry "Colisea" Urbanovich in fifth.

leader board - 16 September 2016.jpgWCOOP leader board as of September 16, 2016

Don't forget you can check out the leader board in full on the WCOOP homepage.

Coming up on Wednesday

By Monday morning there will be nine more WCOOP winners. Here's how things look going into the weekend.

Starting today:

WCOOP-43: $1,050 Triple Draw 2-7 Championship, $100,000 Guaranteed
WCOOP-44: $320 NL Hold'em [Progressive KO (33%), Ante Up], $100,000 Guaranteed
WCOOP-45: $320 FL Hold'em [6-Max], $100,000 Guaranteed

Concluding today:

WCOOP-40: $320 NL Hold'em [8-Max]
Some 107 players will be back when play resumes at 10:00 ET today, led by Colombian LetsFlipIt. Jason Mercier is among the field with a first prize of $78,550. If you want to tune in and watch the final table, it's set to begin at around 14:24 ET.

WCOOP-41: $1,575 NL Hold'em [Progressive KO (50%), Thursday Thrill SE]
This one restarts at 13:00 ET with 122 players returning, including chip leader Szabcsi, ElkY (currently 12th), Chris "Moorman1" Moorman, Toby "810ofclubs" Lewis, Randy "Nanonoko" Lew, Shaun Deeb and others. First prize is more than $147,000 and it'll be a late night for whomever wins it, the final table expected at around 01:12 ET on Saturday morning.

WCOOP-42: $320 Eight-Game
They're down to 54 players from the original 748 who started in this one. Leading when play resumes at 16:00 ET will be dejanceking. There are some big names still in the field, including zzwwzzwwzz and Connor "blanconegro" Drinan, both of who are in the top ten of the leader board right now. The final table starts at 19:33 ET tonight if you're curious to see whether either of them make it that far.

Playing over the weekend:

WCOOP-41: $1,575 NL Hold'em [Progressive KO (50%), Thursday Thrill SE], $1,500,000 Guaranteed
WCOOP-43: $700 Triple Draw 2-7 Championship, $100,000 Guaranteed
WCOOP-44: $320 NL Hold'em [Progressive KO (33%), Ante Up], $100,000 Guaranteed
WCOOP-45: $215 FL Hold'em [6-Max], $100,000 Guaranteed
WCOOP-46: $320 NL Hold'em, $150,000 Guaranteed
WCOOP-47: $1,050 FL Badugi Championship, $75,000 Guaranteed
WCOOP-55: $530 NL Hold'em, $500,000 Guaranteed

You can find details of each of these events on the WCOOP homepage as well as details on how to play and/or win your seat to every WCOOP Main Event.

For the weekend

EPT Live

Holz onto your Fedor-a hats. CrownUpGuy is the guest on this week's podcast...

"James and Joe continue to wade through suggestions for new names for the podcast, and they discuss the names on this year's shortlist for the Poker Hall of Fame. Joe is one of 20 "distinguished" members of the poker media who help decide who gets inducted. But it's the World Championship of Online Poker that's the primary focus of this week's show. The boys review Matt Broughton's final table replays and the hugely successful Twitch stream of the Super High Roller, hosted by Jason Mercier and Jason Somerville.


"They also speak to the man who chopped the WCOOP SHR for more than $1m, Fedor Holz. Yep, another week, another seven-figure score for CrownUpGuy (FYI: this interview was conducted a few days before Fedor's most recent result). Finally, Sean McCarthy from the UK demonstrates his knowledge of Kevin Smith movies in 'Superfan vs Stapes'."


Click here to listen to this week's Podcast

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