WCOOP 2016: The stories from Day 17

Wins for mario1335, Azrarn and chismann while Charlie Carrel goes close. So too James Obst, who narrowly misses out on a sixth COOP title. The top three players on the leader board each score points to hold their positions with six days of WCOOP remaining. Three more events begin today while three more get underway.



The headlines from day

Three more winners and three events set to begin are by now routine in WCOOP , but it's often the story over the shoulder of the new champions that get your attention. Like that of James "Andy McLEOD" Obst.

james-obst-wcoop_21sept16.jpgJames "Andy McLEOD" Obst

We live in fear of Obst winning 'COOP titles, only because after winning five it's getting harder and harder to ask original questions about what it's like to meet with such success. But while we struggle Obst shows no signs of growing tired of it, always insightful and fluently entertaining.

Azrarn saved us that humiliation though, beating not just Obst but Charlie "Epiphany77" Carrel in fifth and Soren Kongsgaard in third place in Event #57, which you can read about here. In Obst's case it's not "better luck next time" more, "It's only a matter of time.

Charlie Carrel-WCOOP_21sept16.jpgCharlie "Epiphany77" Carrel

Mario1335 and chismann ran out winners of the other two events concluding today. The former picked up $54,000 plus another $8,000 in bounties, which you can read about here. Meanwhile chismann collected more than $22,000 after a heads up deal. Read the full story of that one here.

Box scores from Day 17

WCOOP-56 ($215 NL Hold'em [Progressive KO (25%)]) results
Entries: 2,443
Prize pool: $488,600 ($366,450 regular, $122,150 bounty)
Places paid: 296

1. mario1335 (Croatia) $54,012.16 + $7,926.18 in bounties
2. 77kol0bok77 (Russia) $38,834.20 + $2,761.46 in bounties
3. Catukinho (Brazil) $27,922.09 + $2,122.09 in bounties
4. BSNT_LG (Poland) $20,076.21 + $2,035.90 in bounties
5. PeroQmaloSoy (Malta) $14,434.94 + $949.20 in bounties
6. DEX888 (Germany) $10,378.81 + $250 in bounties
7. Bigboss300 (Germany) $7,462.46 + $1,121.09 in bounties
8. MountainRo$e (Ukraine) $5,365.52 + $1,003.88 in bounties
9. RandomOrder1 (Germany) $3,857.83 + $590.62 in bounties

WCOOP-57 ($1,050 FL Hold'em Championship, 6-Max) results
Entries: 151 (43 re-entries)
Prize pool: $194,000
Places paid: 23

1. Azrarn (Belarus) $38,120.47
2. James "Andy MCLEOD" Obst (Australia) $28,389.37
3. Soren Kongsgaard (Denmark) $21,142.43
4. myJewishWife (Czech Republic) $15,745.40
5. Charlie "Epiphany77" Carrel (United Kingdom) $11,726.07
6. Ronasty (Canada) $8,732.77

WCOOP 2016: Event #58, $320 Razz results
Entries: 459 (308 entries, 151 re-entries)
Prize pool: $137,700
Places paid: 55

1. chismann (Germany) $22,763.90*
2. 0409479 (United Kingdom) $20,009.90*
3. YordanPetrov (Bulgaria) $13,261.18
4. maucchi (Japan) $9,720.40
5. ImluckNuts (Russia) $7,125.02
6. Sz4t4n (Poland) $5,222.61
7. Ulett_23 (Canada) $3,828.17
8. tarantaleo (Bulgaria) $2,806.03
* denotes results of a heads-up deal

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Current leader board standings

No change at the very top of the leader board as the top three players each cashed in the day's action to hold their positions, although Fabrizio "SixthSenSe19" Gonzalez's lead has dropped from 50 to 40 over Connor "blanconegro" Drinan. Charlie "Epiphany77" Carrel's final table appearance moves him back into the top ten, joint fifth with Andrey "Kroko-dill" Zaichenko. Former week long leader zzwwzzwwzz holds on in joint seventh place.

leader board - 21 September 2016.jpgWCOOP leader board 21 September 2016

Don't forget you can check out the leader board in full on the WCOOP homepage.

Coming up on Wednesday

In the usual way there are three more events starting today and three more concluding. There are just six days of play left in WCOOP 2016, with 24 results left to declare.

Starting today:

WCOOP-62: $530+R NL Hold'em, $300,000 Guaranteed
WCOOP-63: $2,100 PL Omaha Championship [6-Max], $500,000 Guaranteed
WCOOP-64: $320 HORSE, $75,000 Guaranteed

Concluding today:

WCOOP-59: $320 NL Hold'em [Win the Button]
They're down to 142 players from 2,358 in this event, led overnight by Gil3000. Among those competing for the $104,000 first prize include Player of the Series leader SixthSenSe19 and Team Pro Vivian Im. Play restarts at 10:00 ET with the final table set to begin at 14:24 ET.

WCOOP-61: $1,050 Razz Championship
There are 35 players left in the Razz event, which is equally interesting in terms of Player of the Series points. WTFOMFGOAO leads but close behind are recent winners bob43155 and nafnaf_funny, as well as Dzmitry "Colisea" Urbanovich, Mike "goleafsgoeh" Leah, Adam "Adamyid" Owen, Sami "Lrslzk" Kelopuro, Vladimir "vovtroy" Troyanovskiy, Naoya "nkeyno" Kihara, Jason Somerville, and chief rival to SixthSenSe19 on the leader board blanconegro. Play restarts at 16:00 ET with the final table set for 19:18 ET. Whatever you do don't be late for this one.

WCOOP-60: $2,100 NL Hold'em [Super Tuesday SE]
Some 110 players reached the second day of the Super Tuesday, which this week boasts a first prize in excess of $300,000. The top 89 places will be paid, with caecilius currently in the lead by some way. There are plenty of names still in to make this interesting, which you can check out in full via the PokerStars lobby. Play continues at 13:00 ET with the final set for 23:40 ET. Certainly worth staying up for.

You can find details of each of these events on the WCOOP homepage as well as details on how to play and/or win your seat to every WCOOP Main Event.

The vital statistics

If you're like us you'll enjoy yourself for hours poring over statistics on the WCOOP homepage. This is where you'll find everything from the leading players in terms of money, final tables, cashes, as well as numbers by nationality.

A look at the numbers for this year so far is interesting.

Money won by player can be misleading, with events paying out different amounts depending on discipline and other factors. Leading that category are two players who are likely to remain beyond the field, at least until the closing stages of this year's championship. They are bencb789 ($1,184,201) and Fedor "CrownUpGuy" Holz ($1,069,730), who finished winner and runner-up in the Super High Roller.

fedor_holz_wcoop_21sept16.jpgFedor Holz

More indicative of current form perhaps is Most cashes by player which features ALEX2PAIRS topping the list with 18, two more than boahgerding, Fresh_oO_D and SixthSenSe19 all with 16.

You could say final tables by player are even more telling. Shaun Deeb tops that list with four, ahead of blanconegro, Colisea, Epiphany77, Kroko-dill and zzwwzzwwzz each with three. The cream really does rise to the top in this game.

When looked at by nation British players have earned the most so far with $5,115,276. That's some way ahead of Canadian players who have so far combined for $3,800,004. That in turn leaves a wide margin down to Sweden in third place with $2,593,621.

Those countries are flipped however when it comes to cashes by country, with Canada on 1,360 ahead of the UK on 1,294. Brazil is in third with 1,123. The same two countries top the final tables by country category - 48 for British players, 42 to Canadians.

Events won by country are a different story though. That's led by Russia with 8 titles. Mexico (with admittedly a multi-national player base) is second with six titles, Canada is third with five.

Like we said, you can lose yourself for hours on the WCOOP Statistics page. We didn't even begin to compare results to previous years.

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