WCOOP 2016: teruliro takes one for Brazil in Event #81 ($320 PL 5-Card Omaha 6-Max)

Pot-Limit Omaha is known for wild action and crazy draws.

5-Card PLO adds an extra dash of spice to that mix and the 6-max format throws in a handful.

A total of 1,239 players signed up for that action in Event #81 and they created a prize pool worth $371,700. teruliro took the biggest chunk of that after the Brazilian took down the tournament and $51,267.22.

teruliro didn't coast to victory either, our champion was the short stack at the final table several times and scored a few key double ups to stay in the game.

Then the Brazilian dealt the final knockout.

The final table


Seat 1: teruliro - 841,426
Seat 2: Cinguzis - 3,007,772
Seat 3: POLY1010 - 588,048
Seat 4: KingVictoras - 3,506,062
Seat 5: Markbjj - 2,177,736
Seat 6: Auca32 - 2,258,596

POLY1010 was the short stack and only made it to the third hand of the final table.

In that hand, POLY1010 raised to 70,400 from the hijack and Markbjj re-raised to 108,800 from the button. The blinds folded and POLY1010 four-bet to 374,400. Markbjj bet enough to put POLY1010 all-in and the at-risk player called.

POLY1010 turned over Q♦J♣J♠T♣8♦ and was flipping against Markbjj's A♦K♣9♣5♦2♠.

The T♠8♥J♥ flop gave POLY1010 a tremendous lead with a set of jacks, but Markbjj hit a Q♠ on the river to complete a broadway straight.

Markbjj chipped up to 2.8 million while POLY1010 won$ 6,947.48 for finishing 6th.

Double double and a dip

After the elimination, every player except for teruliro had more than 2 million. terulio on the other hand had about 600,000 but scored a double up from Markbjj. Then terulio dipped below the seven-figure mark again, but scored another double up.

In that hand, teruliro raised to 80,000 from under-the-gun and Auca32 called from the big blind. Auca32 checked the 6♦7♣4♣ flop and teruliro bet 90,000. Auca32 raised, teruliro moved all-in and Auca32 called.

Auca32 had a straight with A♥5♦3♠Q♠A♠, but teruliro a flood of outs with Q♣T♥9♥8♣2♥ and hit one of them on the turn.

That street brought a 5♥ to give teruliro a higher straight and an A♦ completed the board.

teruliro doubled to 1.3 million while Auca32 dropped to 1.6 million. Then Auca32 dropped to 0.

Cinguzis raised to 100,000 from the cutoff. Auca32 called from the big blind and an A♠K♣T♣ flop hit the board. Cinguzis bet 83,500, Auca32 called and an 8♥ hit the board.

Cinguzis bet 180,320 and this time Auca32 moved all-in for 899,120. Cinguzis called with A♣A♦K♦9♦3♣, but Auca32 had a slight lead with Q♥Q♦J♠4♥3♠. Auca32 needed to avoid a few cards and the 9♣ that fell on the river was one of them.

Auca32 finished 5th and won $10,628.38 while Cinguzis took the lead with 4.9 million.

Top to bottom

KingVictoras had the lead before Auca32's elimination, but then the Greek player was the next to go.

First KingVictoras' stack got halved by teruliro.

teruliro had just doubled up to 1.8 million through Markbjj and then raised to 133,500 the following hand. KingVictoras called from the big blind and the flop came 4♥A♠5♥. teruliro bet 133,500 when checked to and KingVictoras called.

teruliro bet 288,985 when the 4♦ came on the turn and KingVictoras called again. A K♣ fell on the river and KingVictoras checked again. teruliro almost went all-in, the Brazilian player bet 1.1 million and left just about 100,000 behind.

KingVictoras called but then mucked when teruliro showed A♦A♥K♠J♦7♥. teruliro nearly doubled to 3.4 million while KingVictoras dropped to 1.5 million.

Then Markbjj finished off the king.

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Cinguzis raised to 80,000 from the button and KingVictoras called from the small blind. Markbjj re-raised to 320,000 from the big blind and Cinguzis folded. KingVictoras called and the flop came 9♥8♣6♣. Markbjj bet 144,000 and KingVictoras moved all-in for 1.1 million.

Markbjj called with K♦K♣7♥7♦T♣ and KingVictoras was behind with K♥J♣T♥8♦5♣. A 9♠ and a 6♦ completed the board and the final table shrunk again. KingVictoras got a $16,259.45 payday for finishing 4th while Markbjj chipped up to 3.5 million.

teruliro won't stay down

Once again teruliro was the short stack, but the Brazilian player won the next to pots to jump back into 2nd place.

Then teruliro took another million off Markbjj.

Markbjj completed from the small blind in that hand and teruliro checked. The flop came 7♠3♣K♣ and Markbjj fired off 88,000. teruliro called and the turn brought a 6♠. Markbjj bet 336,000, teruliro called and a 3♦ came on the river.

Markbjj bet 544,000 with 9♦8♥6♣5♦4♣, but lost the pot to teruliro's K♦J♣8♣8♠3♠.

The hand left Markbjj with about a million chips and they all went to teruliro a few hands later.

teruliro raised to 160,000 from the button and Markbjj called from the big blind. Markbjj bet 360,000 on the 5♥T♠9♦ flop and teruliro bet more than enough to put the Hungarian player at risk.

Markbjj called with T♣9♠8♠7♣2♣ and teruliro tabled A♠A♦Q♦Q♣9♥. Markbjj was in the lead with 10s and 9s, but a 5♦ came on the turn to give teruliro aces and 5s.

Markbjj finished 3rd and won $24,873.97 while players went heads-up.



teruliro - 6,099,183
Cinguzis - 6,290,817

Players quickly struck a deal and after some deliberation it was agreed upon that Cinguzis would get a smooth $45,000 while teruliro would be guaranteed $43,833.22. Players were left battling for the title and $7,434.

The final two players battled hard for the title and the lead switched back-and-forth a few times before teruliro scored a huge double up.

In that hand teruliro raised to 240,000 and Cinguzis three-bet to 720,000. teruliro called and then Cinguzis bet 835,200 on the 5♥5♣3♣ flop. teruliro called and the turn brought an 8♥ and whole lot of action.

Cinguzis bet 3.1 million and teruliro raised all-in for 4.1 million. Cinguzis called with A♣Q♥Q♣T♦4♠ but teruliro had a full house with 8♦5♠K♦T♠7♥. The river brought a J♥ and a huge double up.

teruliro chipped up to 11.3 million while CInguzis dropped to just 1.0 million.

The tournament ended two hands later. teruliro raised to 360,000 from the button and Cinguzis moved all-in. teruliro called with Q♣T♦7♣2♦2♣ and Cinguzis showed A♥Q♥J♣8♣4♥.

The 7♦K♠2♥A♣3♣ board fell in teruliro's favor and the Brazilian won the tournament.

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WCOOP-81 ($320 PL 5-Card Omaha 6-Max) results
Entrants: 1,239
Total prize pool: $371,700.00
Places paid: 155

1. teruliro (Brazil) *$51,267.22
2. Cinguzis (Latvia) *45,000.00
3. Markbjj (Hungary) $24,873.97
4. KingVictoras (Greece) $16,259.45
5. Auca32 (Denmark) $10,628.38
6. POLY1010 (F.Y.R.O.M) $6,947.48

*Denotes a two-way deal that left $7,434 for first.

Alex Villegas
@PokerStars in WCOOP