WCOOP 2016: TGONZ on how he ended his losing streak

Sometimes success at the poker table comes when you least expect it. Terry "TGONZ" Gonzaga is a case in point.

Gonzaga, 47, was almost a year into an extended downswing when WCOOP 2016 came along. As far as downswings go it was pretty standard.

"When you are in a downswing and last this long you tend to lose confidence and sometimes effect your decisions on some hands which also have an impact on the end result."

terry_gonzaga_wcoop.jpgTerry "TGONZ" Gonzaga

It's a feeling you might find familiar. One defeat follows another until you start to think you might never win a hand of poker again. For some it's all that's needed to drop out, go back to golf, or the television. Others though gain some perspective on such periods and have enough self-belief to convince themselves that it won't last forever.

"Sometimes you just have to be able to live thru the downswings and have the discipline to be able to bounce back."

For Gonzaga that record was put right last week, when he won Event #15 of WCOOP, a PLO tournament worth nearly $44,000. As Gonzaga put it it's a significant title, not only for his own record but for that of the Philippines, a country lacking a big WCOOP presence so far (Gonzaga's win is the first this year).

"Hopefully, this win will trigger an avalanche of good luck."

Winning a WCOOP event is the extension of his dream, one that started when he gave up full time work as an electronics and communications engineer to live a more relaxed lifestyle.

"I worked there for 14 years and my last few years in the company were spent mostly travelling to our corporate office in Arizona. During these trips I would go play poker on weekends in the different poker rooms.

"I retired mid of 2008 to focus on my business and play poker anytime I want."

Sounds like living the dream to us.

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