WCOOP 2016 updates

Very soon, I'm going to have to push Midnight (my primary office assistant cat) out of the way and turn my office calendar from August to my favorite month of the year - WCOOP. Errr, September. Well, you know what I mean. For ten years now, going on eleven, September has meant WCOOP to me and this year is no exception.

Though the main body of the schedule doesn't truly get underway until September 4th, we're already off to a rousing start, as the Day 1s of the first Phase Event - Event 01 - have been doing very well. They've been doing so well, in fact, that I'm pleased to announce the first of two of the real points behind this post (you didn't open this article to read about my wall calendar or my cats, surely), which is to point out that Event 01 is changing a bit, in fact it has already changed a bit as you'll see if you look in your PokerStars client.
As we examined the growth of Event 01 and considered the fact that this year's structure is significantly more generous and deep than last year's, it came to light (as pointed out by some players, initially) that Day 2 would likely go quite long. I ran some numbers, didn't really like what I saw, and after some internal discussions we made the call to split Day 2 into Day 2 and Day 3. Day 2 should take about as long as it did for last year's Event 01, ending sometime in the evening, only this time there will be 27 players who still have chips left, and those 27 players will be returning on Day 3 to finish out the Event, playing for big, big prizes.


One other change that we've made recently which I'd like to point out here has to do with the three-stage Mix-Max Event, Event 49. Originally, this Event was set up to be a Mix-Max tournament which went from 8-Max to 4-Max to Heads-Up. However, during one discussion we realized that in the heads-up Part 3 as planned, the players' stacks would reset, and that this was not what we had in mind. We therefore decided to change Event 49 to a setup of 8-Max in Part 1, 6-Max in Part 2, and 4-Max in Part 3.

The changes listed above apply to the corresponding Mini-WCOOP Events as well, naturally.

It's shaping up to be a very exciting September. I hope that you enjoy your time with us on the virtual felt, that WCOOP is as (or more!) enjoyable for you to play and watch as it is for us to bring to you.

Bryan Slick
@PokerStars in WCOOP