WCOOP 2016: €urop€an closes in on a PokerStars Grand Slam after winning Event #35 ($1,575 NLHE Super Tuesday SE)

If you do well in the Super Tuesday, you'll take it down on a Thursday.

Finland's €urop€an took started Event #35 Tuesday night and finished it early Thursday morning at around 9:30am Finland time.

The multiday special edition of the Super Tuesday drew 1,215 players. Each of them plunked down $1,575 and that money pooled into a pile worth $1,822,500.00. Only 125 players got a piece of it for a minimum of $4,697.12. The top prize was worth about sixty times more than that. €urop€an took home $297,450.00 for taking down the title.

This is €urop€an's largest cash but third major title. €urop€an won a Sunday Million back in 2014 and then also took down inaugural $2,100 NLHE SCOOP Event in 2015. Now €urop€an adds a WCOOP title to that resume and is just a TCOOP away from a PokerStars Grand Slam.

It was a lengthy way there and a lengthy final table.

The final table


Seat 1: probirs - 1,327,681
Seat 2: dudd1 - 1,001,675
Seat 3: jonaj10 - 1,420,295
Seat 4: €urop€an - 2,915,046
Seat 5: XingsMaster - 694,435
Seat 6: sandman201 - 1,043,382
Seat 7: ThEcLaiMEer - 913,471
Seat 8: reno8 - 2,298,702
Seat 9: mrAndreeew - 535,313

mrAndreeew started as the short stack, but chipped up early on and dealt the first final table elimination. First mrAndreeew doubled up with pocket aces against sandman201's poccket jacks.

Then mrAndreew took out dudd1.

In that hand, mrAndreeew raised to 44,100 from middle position and dudd1 re-raised all-in to 289,201 from the cutoff. mrAndreeew called with T♠T♣ and dudd1 showed a smaller pair with 5♥5♣.

The J♣Q♠A♣2♦8♠ board brought no help for dudd1 and the German player bowed out in 9th. dudd1 won $24,348.41 for the finish while mrAndreeew chipped up to 1.2 million.

Up and down

It wouldn't be a comeback story for mrAndreeew though.

mrAndreeew slid down to about 400,000 and put it all-in from the small blind after €urop€an raised to 66,300 from early position. €urop€an called with A♦Q♥ and mrAndreeew was flipping with J♦J♥.

€urop€an hit an ace on the river of a 2♥6♣8♦6♠A♣ board and the final table shrunk again. mrAndreeew won $33,217.61 for finishing 8th while €urop€an's lead grew to 4.8 million.

The next all-in brought another flip and another elimination.

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probirs moved all-in for 371,645 from the cutoff and jonaj10 called from the button. The blinds folded and players tabled their hands. jonaj10 showed 9♠9♥ while probirs turned over overcards with J♣T♦.

The K♠A♠4♦6♠2♣ board gave probirs a straight draw, but nothing with showdown value. jonaj10 chipped up to 1.3 million while probirs got a $45,317.37 payday for finishing 7th.

Another one down

Those chips didn't last long for jonaj10 though.

jonaj10 raised to 36,000 from the small blind and €urop€an made it 126,000 from the big blind. jonaj10 moved all-in for 1.2 million and €urop€an called.

jonaj10 showed J♠J♣, but €urop€an had a better pair with Q♥Q♣. jonaj10 finished 6th and won $61,824.84.

€urop€an just kept racking up the eliminations after that.

While €urop€an knocked sandman201 out next, most of sandman201's chips went to ThEcLaiMEer.

In that hand, €urop€an raised to 92,820 from under the gun and sandman201 moved all-in for 638,674 from the button. ThEcLaiMEer called all-in and with a little less and €urop€an folded.

ThEcLaiMEer doubled to 1.4 million while sandman201 was left with just 22,846. sandman201 doubled once, but the fell to €urop€an soon after.

€urop€an had 9♣9♦ while sandman01 turned over A♦2♠. The Q♦3♣K♠6♥T♥ board brought no ace for sandman201 and the Canadian player got a consolation prize of $84,345.58.

XinsMaster Rising

€urop€an lost an all-in after that and doubled up XingsMaster. Then XingsMaster doubled up again. XingsMaster got it all-in with K♦J♥ and was dominated by ThEcLaiMEer's A♣J♦, but XingsMaster hit a king on the turn and doubled to 1.1 million. ThEcLaiMEer was left with just 187,526 and those chips went to XingsMaster a few hands later.

XingsMaster had a pair of deuces that hand and ThEcLaiMEer showed A♦3♥. ThEcLaiMEer hit an ace on the flop, but XingsMaster hit a third two on the turn. ThEcLaiMEer won $115,069.18 for finishing 4th and the final three players struck a deal.

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Three-way deal

After some negotiating, players agreed that reno8 would get $1,760,000 for 982,853 in tournament chips while XingsMaster's cut was $189,885.05 for 1.2 million chips.

€urop€an had a dominating lead with nearly 10 million and was able to talk that share up to $261,000.00

XingsMaster dipped a bit after the deal, but then doubled through reno8. reno8 was left with about 130,000 and got it all-in with Q♥9♣ against €urop€an's T♦7♣. €urop€an hit two sevens and the tournament went heads-up.

Heads up

€urop€an - 10,616,850
XingsMaster - 1,533,150

Xingsmaster hit a double up early on but then fell with ace-king. In that hand, €urop€an five-bet all-in and XingsMaster called.

XingsMaster turned over A♣K♠ and had €urop€an's A♥T♦ dominated. €urop€an hit a full house on the end of a 9♥J♥J♣J♦T♠ board and took down the tournament. XingsMaster won $189,885.09 for the runner-up finish while €urop€an took the title and $297,450.

WCOOP-35 ($1,575 NL Hold'em Super Tuesday Special Edition) results
Entrants: 1,215
Total prize pool: $1,822,500.00
Places paid: 125

1. €urop€an (Finland) $297,450.00*
2. XingsMaster (Germany) $189,885.05*
3. reno8 (United Kingdom) $176,000.00*
4. ThEcLaiMEer (United Kingdom) $115,069.18
5. sandman201 (Canada) $84,345.48
6. jonaj10 (Denmark) $61,824.84
7. probirs (Hungary) $45,317.37
8. mrAndreeew (Sweden) $33,217.61
9. dudd1 (Germany) $24,348.41

*Reflects the results of a three-way deal that left $36,450 in play for the winner

Alexander Villegas is a freelance contributor to the PokerStars Blog.

Alex Villegas
@PokerStars in WCOOP