WCOOP 2016: €urop€an headlines Championship hump day

Wins for Maxim737 and aDrENalin710 but the big winner on the day is €urop€ean. Zzwwzzwwzz stays top of the leader board, but only just as the chasing pack gets closer. Meanwhile three more WCOOP events begin today with another three concluding.



The headlines from the 11th day of WCOOP 2016

Today technically marks the half way point of WCOOP 2016, or at least hump day, with 11 days before it and 11 days of events still to come. Things are starting to take on a routine, with three new winners each day. That makes Day 11 a typical one with three winners toasting WCOOP success this morning.

wires_and_cables_15sept16.jpgOver the hump: Behind the scenes at WCOOP

The pick of the bunch was Event #35, the $1,575 Super Tuesday, which as our reporter Alex Villegas put, starting on Tuesday and finished on Thursday. At least it did for Finnish winner €urop€an, who earned the $297,000 first prize.

The prize money in the other two events was not quite as bulky, but the title itself is worth the same. Maxim737 took honours in the PLO 6-Max, and event described by Martin Harris as requiring no cutting to the chase given that it was all chase (read his report here).

In the other event of the day aDrENalin710 took the first prize of nearly $64,000 in the PLO Hi/Lo Championship. Will O'Connor has the recap from that one.

Box scores from Day 11

WCOOP-34 ($215 PL Omaha, 6-max., Progressive KO) results
Entries: 1,266
Prize pool: $253,200 (half regular prize pool, half bounties)
Places paid: 155

1. Maxim737 (Germany) $19,828.03 (plus $5,666.32 in bounties)
2. Desmoplakin (Czech Republic) $12,960.63 (plus $1,931.24 in bounties)
3. gangst3rn1 (Germany) $8,472.00 (plus $1,931.24 in bounties)
4. MuckCallOK (Austria) $5,537.92 (plus $1,931.24 in bounties)
5. deuces85 (Canada) $3,620.00 (plus $1,931.24 in bounties)
6. *$lim* (Sweden) $2,366.29 (plus $1,931.24 in bounties)

WCOOP-35 ($1,575 NL Hold'em Super Tuesday Special Edition) results
Entries: 1,215
Prize pool: $1,822,500.00
Places paid: 125

1. €urop€an (Finland) $297,450.00*
2. XingsMaster (Germany) $189,885.05*
3. reno8 (United Kingdom) $176,000.00*
4. ThEcLaiMEer (United Kingdom) $115,069.18
5. sandman201 (Canada) $84,345.48
6. jonaj10 (Denmark) $61,824.84
7. probirs (Hungary) $45,317.37
8. mrAndreeew (Sweden) $33,217.61
9. dudd1 (Germany) $24,348.41
*Denotes three-way deal that left $36,450 in play for the winner

WCOOP-36 ($1,050 PL Omaha Hi/Lo Championship [8-Max) results
Entries: 377 (275 entries, 102 re-entries)
Prize Pool: $377,000
Place Paid: 41

1. aDrENalin710 (Russia) - *$63,780.33
2. Jani 'kiiski' Vilmunen (Finland) - *$55,782.02
3. Fabrizio 'SixthSenSe19' Gonzalez (Uruguay) - $37,740.64
4. byniolek (Austria) - $27,981.31
5. iamthestig11 (Australia) - $20,725.63
6. Dani 'supernova9' Stern (Canada) - $15,380.99
7. alex987 (Russia) - $11,403.64
8. Joao Mathias 'joaoMathias' Baumgarten (Brazil) - $8,454.79

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Current leader board standings

No cashes since Event #27 for zzwwzzwwzz but his 275 points are enough to keep hold of top spot on the leader board after 11 days of competition, albeit with only a five point advantage over Dzmitry "Colisea" Urbanovich.

leader board - 15 September 2016.jpgWCOOP leader board - 15 September 2016

Don't forget you can check out the leader board in full on the WCOOP homepage.

Coming up on Thursday

Three more events start today, while three others will be won.

Starting today:

WCOOP-40: $320 NL Hold'em [8-Max], $250,000 Guaranteed
WCOOP-41: $1,575 NL Hold'em [Progressive KO (50%), Thursday Thrill SE], $1,500,000 Guaranteed
WCOOP-42: $320 Eight-Game, $75,000 Guaranteed

Concluding today:

WCOOP-37: $215 NL Hold'em [2R1A]
Jbrown8777 holds the lead going into day two. He won Event #24 just a few days ago, a win worth nearly $100,000, which you can read about here. But with the field still at 56 he faces plenty of competition, not least from Team Pro Jason Mercier. Play resumes at 10:00 ET, with the final table expected at 12:52 ET.

WCOOP-38: $320 NL Hold'em [6-Max, Shootout]
One table remains from this shootout event. !!f1ghtback!. Kaggis, lehout, T3G3S, thebigdog09, and vladxxxro with play for a first prize of $46,000 when play restarts at 13:00 ET.

WCOOP-39: $1,050 FL Omaha Hi/Lo Championship [8-Max]
Play will resume with 55 players in this event, with only the top 27 finishing in the money. Right now LadyDoDo91 of Switzerland looks in the best position with a sizeable chip lead. But still in contention are the likes of Isildur1, Stephen "stevie444" Chidwick, Shaun Deeb, Player of the Series leader zzwwzzwwzz, Team Pro Felipe "Mojave" Ramos, kroko-dill, Connor "blanconegro" Drinan and others. It's likely to get even more interesting when play resumes at 16:00 ET today, with the final table expected at around 21:30 ET.

You can find details of each of these events on the WCOOP homepage as well as details on how to play and/or win your seat to every WCOOP Main Event.

That's all from another day of #WCOOP. The second half starts tomorrow.

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