WCOOP 2016: PAW717 triumphant in Event #68 ($320 Pot Limit Omaha 6-Max)

After a long and successful series, the 2016 World Championship of Online Poker is entering the home straight. For many players, they are probably eyeing the finish line with a touch of relief (as they can now get a bit more sleep), but also a touch of sadness. Many are taking their final shots to try and redeem their series, or perhaps elevate themselves to WCOOP glory.

Today, that honour went to Mexico's PAW717 who struck deal heads-up, before going on to claim the WCOOP title in Event #68 and over $40,000 in prize money.

Itwas a $320 Pot Limit Omaha 6-Max Event which offered a $200,000 prize pool guarantee. However that number was well surpassed as 257 entrants combined for 402 rebuys and 189 add-ons to create a prize pool of $256,308.

There was only one red spade spotted in the field for this one as the WCOOP burn starts to take hold. That player was Team PokerStars Pro Lex Veldhuis who was eliminated in 90th place.

The top 29 players would finish in the money, and when Hungary's Syous was bounced on the bubble, the remaining players had locked up at least $3,063.70 for their efforts.

Play would continue through to the final eight players before Day 1 was brought to a halt. Leading the way was Poland's Slavik_Krs, but such is the nature of PLO, anything could happen on the final day of play.


When play resumed, two more eliminations would be required to reach the final table. raidalot came into Day 2 as the short stack and despite an early double up, was the first player eliminated on the new day. raidalot's last chips were in preflop with double-suited kings, but ran into the aces of PAW717 to be out in eighth place.

PAW717 was surging and continued to play the rush with the elimination of sk2ll_m0dR. Again it was all preflop with PAW717's connecting cards making a straight on the turn to crack the big pair of sk2ll_m0dR and set our final table as follows:


Final Table Line up
Seat 1: Matt "plattsburgh" Vengrin (233,572 in chips)
Seat 2: QuantumX90 (598,086 in chips)
Seat 3: Slavik_Krs (485,861 in chips)
Seat 4: André "Sira Al Aziz" Santos (1,527,542 in chips)
Seat 5: eskinazi (480,649 in chips)
Seat 6: PAW717 (1,386,790 in chips)

André "Sira Al Aziz" Santos entered the final table with the chip lead but it would take just two hands to shake that up with QuantumX90 finding aces for a big double up.

Matt "plattsburgh" Vengrin was on the short stack and needing a double up but it didn't arrive. plattsburgh found K♠9♥J♠J♦ and, with just over four big blinds, was happy to commit preflop. PAW717 was happy to take it on with 6♥7♣A♦9♣ and connected with the board of K♥A♣2♣A♠Q♠ for trip aces to eliminate plattsburgh in sixth place for $10,553.48 in prize money.

eskinazi landed a double up with a fortunate river card bringing trips to better the two pair of Sira Al Aziz, however eskinazi couldn't make it two in a row. A raising war would see eskinazi all in preflop with K♣2♠A♥5♥ but QuantumX90 showed up with a powerhouse A♠A♦J♥5♠. The board was spread 7♦9♠8♥2♣7♣ which left QuantumX90's aces and sevens to take down the pot and eliminate eskinazi in fifth place for a $14,377.49 score.

The chips were flying and it would be overnight chip leader Slavik_Krs who would be next to hit the rail. Once again the potting action happened preflop with Slavik_Krs committing all in with 4♣A♦K♣J♥ but PAW717 showed up with a monstrous K♦J♠Q♣K♥. The board read T♣T♦5♣J♦5♦ which left PAW717's kings-up to better Slavik_Krs' jacks-up to take it down. A nice run by Slavik_Krs who picked up $19,587.10 for fourth place.

With three players left, the idea of a potential deal was floated, however the short-stacked Sira Al Aziz was in a gambling mood:

PAW717 said, "u guys wanna see numbers?"
Sira Al Aziz said, "rather gamble with this stack"
Sira Al Aziz said, "maybe if stacks change"
QuantumX90 said, "im good for now too"

Sira Al Aziz clawed a little back, then took a bit of a hit, before a massive three-way pot erupted. After a raise from PAW717 and a call from QuantumX90, Sira Al Aziz raised the pot from the big blind. Both opponents called and they saw a flop of K♣2♦J♣. Action checked to Sira Al Aziz who didn't have much left to move all in, and both players were priced in to call. The two live players then checked down the 5♦ turn and 3♦ river to try and take out their opponent. QuantumX90 was the only one to show as he revealed 3♣5♣7♥A♥ for a baby two pair. Surprisingly, that was enough to better both opponents as they mucked their cards to hand QuantumX90 the sizable pot and eliminate the former TCOOP champion in third place for $26,684.40.

Heads-up Chip Counts
Seat 2: QuantumX90 (2,943,046 in chips)
Seat 6: PAW717 (1,769,454 in chips)

QuantumX90 said, "we can look now if u like"
PAW717 said, "ok lets look"

The players took a look at the numbers and QuantumX90 was quick to try and squeeze out a little extra. PAW717 was happy to oblige and a figure was agreed to with 2% of the prize pool (around $5,000) and the title left in the middle to play for.

QuantumX90 extended the lead early but PAW717 landed a huge double up, flopping a full house against the trips of QuantumX90 in a massive cooler to swing the advantage.

The players went back and forth and the chips were virtually even when the final hand of the tournament unfolded.

With the action three-bet preflop, PAW717 decided to lead out with a bet from the big blind on a flop of T♥2♣3♠. QuantumX90 made the call and the turn brought the 9♦. PAW717 bet again, for a tick over one million in chips, before QuantumX90 moved all in. PAW717 made the call and showed K♦A♠K♥4♠ for kings and a straight draw but QuantumX90 held a creative J♦8♦2♦9♠ for two pair with straight draws. PAW717 was behind, but the river landed the 3♦ to pair the board and counterfeit the two pair of QuantumX90. PAW717 had improved to kings and threes and that was enough to take it down!


A wise deal by QuantumX90 sees him take home $42,253.09 for second place as the WCOOP title heads to PAW717 from Mexico, along with $43,626.16 in prize money. Congratulations!

WCOOP-68: $320 PL Omaha 6-Max - $200,000 Guaranteed
Entrants: 257 (Rebuys: 402, Add-ons: 189)
Prize Pool: $256,308
Places Paid: 29

1. PAW717 (Mexico) $43,626.16*
2. QuantumX90 (Netherlands) $42,253.09*
3. André "Sira Al Aziz" Santos (Czech Republic) $26,684.40
4. Slavik_Krs (Poland) $19,587.10
5. eskinazi (Brazil) $14,377.49
6. Matt "plattsburgh" Vengrin (Mexico) $10,553.48

* denotes heads-up deal

The 2016 World Championship of Online Poker is the world's most prestigious online poker tournament festival with over $50,000,000 in prize money guaranteed! Check out the WCOOP home page for the full schedule of events.

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Heath "TassieDevil" Chick is a freelance contributor to PokerStars Blog.

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