WCOOP 2016: Quick Event #20 win for venced0r after three-way chop ($320 NLHE, 3-Max, Turbo, Progressive KO, Zoom)

A shroud was placed over Event #20 of the 2016 World Championship of Online Poker. Due to the Zoom nature of the game the only people observing the cracked aces and thrown laptops (up until 18 runners left) were the 1,594 players who ponied up the $320 buy-in. If zooming from table to table was not fast enough, adding the turbo aspect along with the short-handed three-max tables would give a Turbo Championship of Online Poker feel in September instead of January.

Indeed the final table had a TCOOP feel to it as it only took 15 minutes (including a break to discuss the chop) and 20 hands for venced0r to defeat Taroxus heads-up to claim the title. After a three-way split, venced0r earned $45,259.90 + $6,572.43 in bounties.

A shade over four hours before the final six tables were laid out as drivemynuts would take the chip lead into the non-Zoom portion of the tournament.

Among the others surviving the hectic Zoom portion:

Needdollarz, a recent Sunday Million and Sunday Warm-Up winner, would looking for a notch towards winning the PokerStars Grand Slam.

AlexKP, who excels at turbo events with two TCOOP titles is looking for an equal amount of WCOOP titles after winning 2010 WCOOP Event #1 for $257K.

Venced0r is looking to earn a -COOP title after a near-miss in 2014's TCOOP Event #1 earning the largest paycheck at $57K but walking away as the runner-up.

Another Sunday Million winner, doulas12, also hoping for another notch towards the PokerStars Grand Slam is still alive after AlexKP took away $5,749.66 + $2,000.04 in bounties from the 25% progressive bounty pool.

Make that was alive, as right before the fifth hourly break drivemynuts made ace-deuce work against doulas12's big slick all-in pre-flop. As a consolation prize, doluas12 took away $8,300.70 + $2,372.11 in seventh place.

The players wasted no time getting the final three sorted out as Adamoss89 won $8,300.70 + $1,276.14 in sixth place right after the break. Then, jknack10 took big slick up against venced0r's pair of black nines. Venced0r's nines would hold, shipping a pay bump to jknack10 in fifth place ($12,398.70 + $449.41).

A little odd to watch two tables of heads-up play BEFORE the final table unless it is a heads-up tournament but the $45K difference between fourth and first makes this as important as if they were playing for the title.

While drivemynuts and Taroxus stayed relatively close together in chips on their table, venced0r was punishing lundkok86 with constant raises finally driving up a 7.6 million to 1.16 million chip advantage with blinds at 45K/90K ante 11.25K. Lundkok86 finally had enough and shoved from the button holding T♠Q♣. It was not lundkok86's night as venced0r thought for a quick second for calling with the dominating A♥T♣. No queen on the 9♥ T♦ 3♣ 9♦ 2♦ board turned off the lights for lundkok86 in fourth place ($12,398.70 + $4,178.07) and turned on the lights of the final table below:

WCOOP Event20-2016.jpg

Seat 1: drivemynuts (3210964 in chips)
Seat 2: Taroxus (3942084 in chips)
Seat 3: venced0r (8786952 in chips) out of hand

"Are you going to get greedy over $400?".

A question asked by drivemynuts as Taroxus was rather firm as the players played a few hands before dropping into chop negotiations. Being a Spin n Go pro, Taroxus would be right at home with the three-way play. Drivemynuts agreed to the lesser amount given via ICM chop as the players started back up with the following deal made:

venced0r: $38,086.90
Taroxus: $35,261.71
drivemynuts: $29,189.64

Thankfully drivemynuts did not get huffy about losing a few bucks in the deal as shortly after the split was made, drivemynuts was asked to claim those funds at the cashier window. Three minutes after cutting up the money Taroxus would min-raise from the button as venced0r three-bet to 682,222. Holding pocket jacks J♥J♠ drivemynuts wasted no time in shoving for 2.8 million. Taroxus decided the invite but venced0r made the call with 9♦A♦. "Ace on the river" may sound overused but after covering several years worth of final tables it happens often, and this time cost drivemynuts a potential WCOOP title as Q♣ K♣ 8♠ 7♠ A♣ this ace earned drivemynuts $29,189.64 + $2,538.94 in third place.


Taroxus was not interested in a long battle for the title as two hands later all the chips would go in pre-flop. With the blinds moving up to 60K/120K ante 15K Taroxus would limp-shove 5.7 million with pocket deuces 2♠2♥ trying to hold for tournament life against venced0r's J♦A♠. But, the glut of broadway cards on the A♣ Q♦ J♠ T♥ 6♥ board would ship the pot, $45,259.90, and the 2016 WCOOP Event #20 title to venced0r!

WCOOP-20 ($320 NL Hold'em, 3-Max, Turbo, Progressive KO 25%, ZOOM) results

Entrants: 1,594

Regular prize pool: $358,650.00
Bounty prize pool: $119,550.00

Places paid: 185

1. venced0r (Germany) $45,259.90* + $6,572.43
2. Taroxus (Belgium) $35,261.71* + $2,377.39
3. drivemynuts (Ireland) $29,189.64* + $2,538.94

* denotes three-way deal

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