WCOOP 2017: Brazil finishes 1-2-3; THE ONLY SON wins Event #54-H ($215 NL PKO)

Win, place, show. Vamoooo! The Brazilians finished in the top three spots in WCOOP Event #54-H. Gustavo 'PIUlimeira' Ferreira went deep with a third-place finish. THE ONLY SON defeated Dowgh-Santos heads-up for the win as three players from Brazil finished 1-2-3. THE ONLY SON banked the most bounties in this PKO event with $18,814.71 in bonuses. In all, THE ONLY SON won nearly $58K. Not bad for a simple $215 buy-in.


2017 WCOOP Event #54-H $215 NL PKO 6-Max attracted 2,678 runners. They created a total pize pool worth $535,600, which more than doubled the initial quarter mil guarantee. Half of the prize pool, or $267,800, was rewarded in the form of progressive knockouts. The other half of the prize pool was set aside as a normal prize with $39,161.94 originally set aside to the champion. Only the top 323 places paid out.

With 12 remaining on the final two tables, Hans-jörg029 led with 25M. With eight to go, action went hand-for-hand on the final table bubble. Sexy Bieber made a final stand with A♣T♦ but unfortunately ran into G0DplzH3lpMe's K♥K♣. Sexy Bieber flopped a ten but never improved. G0DplzH3lpMe's pocket cowboys held up and Sexy Bieber bubbled off the final table in eighth place.


WCOOP-54-H - Final Table Chip Counts:
Seat 1: THE ONLY SON (16,571,477) + $1,084.37 bounty
Seat 2: G0DplzH3lpMe (13,999,654) + $6,101.40 bounty
Seat 3: Dowgh-Santos (24,252,144) $1,128.12 bounty
Seat 4: blazinchron (15,783,599) + $5,450.84 bounty
Seat 5: B1GL1P$$$ (6,278,624) + $1,146.87 bounty
Seat 6: Hans-jörg029 (30,303,954) + $3,949.97 bounty
Seat 7: PIUlimeira (26,710,548) + $5,318.32 bounty

The final table commenced during Level 43 with blinds at 175K/350K and a 45K ante. Austria's Hans-jörg029 led the final table with 30M, while B1GL1P$$$ was the short stack with 6.2M. Three Brazilians were at the final table.

In addition... Hans-jörg029 won a SCOOP in 2012, B1GL1P$$$ won a SCOOP earlier this spring and final tabled the Sunday Million last year, and blazinchron chopped the Sunday Million in 2016 but finished in second place. Also, Brazil's Gustavo 'PIUlimeira' Ferreira final tabled a WCOOP event already once this year.

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INSANE IN THE BRAIN: G0DplzH3lpMe eliminated in 7th place

PIUlimeira opened to 1.4M, short-stacked G0DplzH3lpMe bombed it all-in for 8,618,959 with A♣4♠, and PIUlimeira called with J♥2♥. The board ran out J♦J♠3♣4♦5♠. PIUlimeira won the pot with trip Jacks. G0DplzH3lpMe's two pair were no good. PIUlimeira added a bounty worth $3,050.70 and his own bounty increased to $8,369.02. G0DplzH3lpMe became the first player to bust at the final table. Seventh place paid out $4,481.15.

I AIN'T GOING OUT LIKE THAT: Hans-jörg029 eliminated in 6th place

Hans-jörg029 open-shoved for 7,802,084 with K♥J♦ and THE ONLY SON called with Q♠Q♣. The board ran out 7♥5♣4♣2♠A♦. Pocket Queens held up. THE ONLY SON banked $1,974.99 for busting Hans-jörg029 and their own bounty jumped up to $3,059.35. Austria's Hans-jörg029 was knocked out in sixth place, which paid out $6,431.32.

HITS FROM THE BONG: blazinchron eliminated in 5th place

You know the story. Pocket sixes versus Ace-Jack. Jack on the flop. Ace on the turn. Sixes dunzo. blazinchron open-shoved for 15,241,579 with 6♠6♣, and PIUlimeira re-shoved for 53,726,540 with A♥J♠. The board ran out Q♣J♥8♥A♣7♦. PIUlimeira won the pot with Aces up. PIUlimeira won a $2,725.42 bounty for picking off blazinchron and his own bounty increased to $11,094.44. blazinchron got smoked in fifth place, which paid out a heady $9,230.15.

With four to go, PIUlimeira sat atop the biggest stack with 70M, or more than half chips in play. THE ONLY SON was second with 28.6M, followed by B1GL1P$$$'s 20.8M and Dowgh-Santos' 13.7M.

LEGALIZE IT: B1GL1P$$$ eliminated in 4th place

B1GL1P$$$ bombed it all-in for 12,136,585 with A♦T♦ and Dowgh-Santos called with J♥T♥. Dowgh-Santos hit the flop and took the lead with a pair of Jacks. Dowgh-Santos turned two pair. The board finished up J♣4♦2♦T♠4♠. B1GL1P$$$'s smaller two pair was not good enough to stave off elimination. Dowgh-Santos added a bounty worth $573.44 for knocking out B1GL1P$$$ and their own bounty jumped to $1,701.55. Malta's B1GL1P$$$ earned $13,247.02 for a fourth-place finish.


Gustavo 'PIUlimeira' Ferreira = 3rd place

WHAT GO AROUND COME AROUND, KID: PIUlimeira eliminated in 3rd place

Three-handed only lasted three hands before someone hit the bricks. You know the story, reprise! Pocket sixes versus Ace-Jack. This time the sixes held up with a four flush. PIUlimeira moved all-in for 16,912,021 with A♦J♦, THE ONLY SON re-shobed for 61,330,327 with 6♠6♦. The board ran out K♠4♠2♠5♠5♣. THE ONLY SON turned a flush to win the pot. PIUlimeira never improved and was dunzo in third place, which paid out $19,012.00. THE ONLY SON won a bounty worth $5,547.22 for knocking out PIUlimeira and their own bounty increased to $8,606.57.

HEADS-UP: THE ONLY SON (Brazil) vs. Dowgh-Santos (Brazil)
Seat 1: THE ONLY SON (80,167,348)
Seat 3: Dowgh-Santos (53,732,652)

THE ONLY SON held a slight edge at this all Brazil heads-up bout.

LOCK DOWN: Dowgh-Santos eliminated in 2nd place; THE ONLY SON wins Event #54-H!

Going into the final hand, THE ONLY SON led 96.1M to 47.7M. All the money went in on the flop of Q♦6♦4♣. Dowgh-Santos checked, THE ONLY SON bet 3,322,900, Dowgh-Santos check-raised to 8,946,378, THE ONLY SON three-bet shoved for 92,594,138, Dowgh-Santos called all-in for 25,289,484.

Dowgh-Santos: 7♠6♠

Dowgh-Santos hit the flop with middle pair, BUT THE ONLY SON led with top pair. The board finished up Q♦6♦4♣J♥Q♣. THE ONLY SON turned two pair and rivered a boat. THE ONLY SON won the pot, which beat out Dowgh-Santos's two pair. THE ONLY SON added another bounty ($850.78) to the pile. Dowgh-Santos busted in second place, which paid out $27,285.82 for the Brazilian.

Congrats to Brazil's THE ONLY SON for winning Event $54-H. First place paid out $39,161.94.


WCOOP-54-H: $215 NLHE [6-Max, Progressive KO]
Entries: 2,678
Prize pool: $535,600 (Regular prize pool: $267,800, Bounty prize pool: $267,800)
Places paid: 323

1. THE ONLY SON (Brazil) $39,161.94 + $18,814.71 in bounties
2. Dowgh-Santos (Brazil) $27,285.82 + $1,601.57 in bounties
3. Gustavo 'PIUlimeira' Ferreira (Brazil) $19,012.00 + $10,99446 in bounties
4. B1GL1P$$$ (Malta) $13,247.02 + $1,046.88 in bounties
5. blazinchron (Canada) $9,230.15 + $5,350.88 in bounties
6. Hans-jörg029 (Austria) $6,431.32 + $3,850.01 in bounties
7. G0DplzH3lpMe (Malta) $4,481.15 + $6,001.46 in bounties

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