WCOOP 2017: prebz packs a punch in Event #65-H ($2,100 NLHE Prog. KO, Thursday Thrill SE]

prebz was in it to win.

When the final two players got heads-up, prebz was faced with a nearly 3-to-1 chip deficit and an opponent who had been knocking out players left and right. Despite that, 42ayay offered a deal:

42ayay: look at a deal?
prebz: Going for the win😎
42ayay: fair enough 😊glgl

prebz's confidence payed off. Our champion didn't double up, but kept dealing blows to 42ayay and then was able to deal the final one. For the ultimate knockout, prebz was able to amass $93,552.70 in bounties to go along with the $160,824.57 grand prize.

Here's how the champ got there

The final table

Seat 1: IgorKarkarof - 5,032,566 / $1,500 bounty
Seat 2: salfshb - 9,742,710 / $19,343.74 bounty
Seat 3: prebz - 4,215,047 / $5,921.87 bounty
Seat 4: NCSU2012 - 5,438,648 / $14,226.55 bounty
Seat 5: Poeira4 - 4,007,214 / $4,484.37 bounty
Seat 6: samoooth - 6,125,243 / $6,884.76 bounty
Seat 7: KissMyAcePlz - 7,283,720 / $7,257.81 bounty
Seat 8: 42ayay - 4,820,674 / $3,109.37 bounty
Seat 9: n3xD - 2,134,178 / $5,046.87 bounty

n3xD's bounty was the first one on the line. The short stack moved in with pocket aces and salfshb called with Q♠J♣. salfshb did hit a jack on the flop, but n3xD hit a set of aces on the river.

A bounty didn't get collected until Poerira4's kings got cracked. After a lengthy nine-handed session, Poeira4 was down to 2.0 million and moved all-in from early position. Action folded around to the big blind and prebz called with A♣J♠.

Pocket kings were in the lead, but then the 7♥2♠8♥T♣9♠ board brought a runner-runner straight for prebz. Poeira4 was out in 9th while prebz got a bounty and chipped up to 4.6 million.

Then one short stack fell to another.

samoooth nearly raised all-in for 2.1 million from the button --the bet left samoooth with just 33,299-- and KissMyAcePlz called all-in for 1.8 million from the small blind. KissMyAcePlz showed A♠J♣ and samoooth showed a dominating A♦Q♣. The 6♣7♠3♣2♣9♥ board dodged both players and ace-queen stayed in the lead. KissMyAcePlz was out in 8th and samoooth was still the short stack with 4.1 million. samoooth then chipped up a bit and two medium stacks collided to leave NCSU2012 with less than a big blind.

NCSU2012 moved all-in for 7.4 million from the cutoff and 42ayay called all-in for 7.2 million. NCSU2012 turned over 8♥8♦ and 42ayay showed a better pair with J♦J♥. NCSU2012 got no help on the board and dropped to just 189,115 while 42ayay took the lead with 14.9 million.


We lost a player the following hand but, surprisingly, it wasn't NCSU2012. salfshb raised to 500,000 from under-the-gun that hand and prebz called. NCSU2012 called all-in and another two players called, 42ayay did it from the button and IgorKarkarof called from the big blind.

salfshb, who had the largest bounty at the final table, then moved all-in for 4.8 million on the 9♠Q♣T♣ flop and only 42ayay called. NCSU2012 showed the same exact hand as the previous one with 8♥8♦, while salfshb showed A♣6♣ for a flush draw and 42ayay turned over T♠5♠ for top pair. A J♥ came on the turn to give NCSU2012 a straight and then a 6♦ came on the river. salfshb finished 7th while NCSU2012 bajillioned up to 1.1 million and 42ayay's lead grew to 20.5 million.

NCSU2012 then got another double up and outlasted another player. n3xD was down to 3.6 million and moved all-in from the button with A♠8♦. prebz called from the big blind with T♣T♠ and took down the pot after the board ran J♣A♥2♠Q♠K♠. n3xD finished in 6th and then IgorKarkarof also put his trust in ace-eight.

42ayay called from the small blind that hand and IgorKarkarof moved all-in for 3.6 million from the big blind. 42ayay called with K♣K♦ and IgorKarkarof showed A♥8♦. The board ran 7♥5♠2♠Q♠7♠ and the final table shrunk again. IgorKarkarof was out in 5th while 42ayay's lead grew to 26.8 million.

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42ayay then got even more chips the following hand and NCSU2012's double-up run came to an end. 42ayay raised to 562,500 from the button and NCSU2012 moved all-in for 5.0 million from the big blind. 42ayay called with T♣Q♠ and was slightly behind NCSU2012's K♣J♠.

Then the T♦9♦6♦8♥4♦ board gave 42ayay a pair of tens and the pot. NCSU2012 bowed out in 4th while 42ayay was up to 31.2 million.

The other two players started catching up a bit, but then 42ayay scored another bounty.

samoooth called from the small blind and 42ayay called from the big blind. samoooth then bet 346,872 on the 8♣4♦A♦ flop and 42ayay called. The turn brought a 4♣ and 42ayay bet 750,000 when checked to. samoooth called and a 7♣ completed the board. 42ayay bet 2.1 million and samoooth moved all-in for 14.2 million.

samoooth showed the nut flush with A♣T♣, but 42ayay rivered a full house with 7♥4♠. samoooth was out in 3rd while 42ayay took a big lead going into the heads-up match.


42ayay - 35,631,466
prebz - 13,168,534

42ayay suggested a deal, but prebz was playing to win.

It turned out to be the right move. prebz wrestled the lead away from 42ayay and then players traded it back-and-forth for a bit before prebz finally pulled away for a last time.

42ayay was down to 15 million and raised to 900,000 from the button. prebz called and 42ayay bet 800,000 on the 2♠5♦9♣ flop. prebz called and then called a 1.8 million bet after the 8♣ came on the turn.

The river brought a J♠ and 42ayay bet 3.4 million. prebz called and took down the pot with J♦5♣ for two-pair while 42ayay showed Q♣4♣ for queen-high.

42ayay then went all-in with A♣2♣ the following hand and prebz called with K♣8♣. The final board of the tournament came J♥[1s]4♠T♣A♦ to give prebz a straight. 42ayay finished 2nd while prebz took the title and the biggest bounty of them all.

WCOOP-65-H: $2,100 NLHE [Progressive KO, Thursday Thrill SE]
Entries: 976
Prize pool: $1,952,000
Place paid: 116

1. prebz (United Kindgom) $160,824.57 + $93,552.70 in bounties
2. 42ayay (Sweden) $117,684.22 + $50,802.73
3. samooth (Germany) $86,116.48 + $20,027.35
4. NCSU2012 (Thailand) $63,016.51 + $27,453.13
5. IgorKarkarof (Denmark) $46,112.87 + $2,000.00
6. n3xD (Canada) $33,743.54 + $9,093.75
7. salfshb (United Kingdom) $24,692.21 + $37,687.51
8. KissMyAcePlz (Finland) $18,058.78 + $13,515.63
9. Poeira4 (Netherlands) $13,221.96 + $7,968.75

Alexander Villegas is a freelance contributor to the PokerStars Blog.