WCOOP 2017: Ahhh Is It? outlasts Marcelo "bettoBR" Betto to win #14-H ($215 NLHE, Bubble Rush)

Event #14-H presented fans of no-limit hold'em and rapid action a good combination -- a "bubble rush" tournament with a $215 buy-in that attracted 2,320 total entries once the re-entry period was over. After two days of poker a final table emerged with three U.K. players, and one of them -- Ahhh Is It? -- took away the title and $68,721.63 first prize.


That big turnout meant a prize pool of $464,000, nearly twice the event's $250K guarantee, with the top 287 finishers divided those riches.

It was early evening on Wednesday before they'd gotten down to 18 players. Toni_Run (18th) was the next out, earning $1,989.58. Then Geokarak (17th), spydex (16th), gopu (15th), and B4NKR0LL3R (14th) followed, each taking away $2,463.28 from the prize pool.

Linus "LLinusLove" Loeliger (13th) -- who we saw just a couple of weeks ago at the PokerStars Championship Barcelona -- then went out, as did badmoe92 (12th) and Fr@n_4774 (11th).


Linus "LLinusLove" Loeliger

Then after a long final table bubble Marty "TheLipoFund" Mathis (10th) fell as well, and like the last three knockouts he cashed for $3,049.77.


Marty "TheLipoFund" Mathis

bloczek60 of Poland had the big stack with nine remaining, with Ahhh Is It? in the middle of the pack.


Seat 1: Anjeyyy (Ukraine) -- 13,231,474
Seat 2: Ahhh ls lt? (United Kingdom) -- 12,331,509
Seat 3: bakker276 (Belgium) -- 9,242,234
Seat 4: Marcelo "bettoBR" Betto (Brazil) -- 5,896,364
Seat 5: NMASR (United Kingdom) -- 13,681,813
Seat 6: bloczek60 (Poland) -- 23,755,391
Seat 7: andr31123 (Romania) -- 14,859,160
Seat 8: Cyberraver (United Kingdom) -- 10,548,160
Seat 9: FaceRolly (Romania) -- 12,453,895

The final table didn't start too well for leader bloczek60. On the very first hand, FaceRolly earned a big double-up with Q♣Q♦ through bloczek60's A♠A♣. It was a preflop all-in confrontation, and the queen didn't land until the river, suddenly giving FaceRolly the chip lead and chopping bloczek60's stack in half.

About a half-hour later bloczek60 was relatively short when opening with a raise then watching andr31123 three-bet. It folded back to bloczek60 who shoved all in for just over 26 big blinds total with K♣J♦, andr31123 snap-called with K♠K♦. Five cards later bloczek60 was suddenly out in ninth.

The next knockout was a long time coming, finally occurring in a hand in which FaceRolly limped from early position, NMASR jammed for 12-and-a-half bigs from the SB, and FaceRolly called, sneakily turning over A♦K♦ while NMASR had A♥Q♥. The board came ten-high with just one heart, and NMASR was done in eighth.

About an orbit later FaceRolly was still the chip leader and open-pushed from the small blind with 9♠6♠, earning an all-in call for just over six big blinds by Anjeyyy in the BB with K♦Q♥. The flop hit FaceRolly, coming 6♥3♠8♣, and after the A♠ turn and 7♦ river Anjeyyy was done in seventh.

Just three hands later Cyberraver opened from under the gun with an all-in raise for almost 8.8 million (or close to 19 big blinds), Ahhh Is It? reraise-pushed for almost 15.3 million, and everyone else folded. Cyberraver had K♥J♥ and Ahhh Is It? A♥K♠, and the A♣4♦8♣J♣2♥ board gave Ahhh Is It? the better pair to send Cyberraver to the rail in sixth.

After only four more hands andr31123 was the one open-raising from UTG (for just under 14 BBs) with 8♥7♥, Marcelo "bettoBR" Betto called from the big blind with J♠J♦, and after a 2♦K♣2♥5♠2♣ board andr31123 was out in fifth.

The final four battled onward as leader Ahhh Is It? kept accumulating, moving over the 70 million-chip mark while no one else had as much as 25 million.

Then came a hand in which Marcelo "bettoBR" Betto open-shoved from the small blind and FaceRolly called all in with a short stack of 3.17 million (just over five bigs) from the BB. Betto had 6♥5♦ and was behind FaceRolly's Q♠5♠, and four cards in -- 8♦3♠9♣3♣ -- it looked like FaceRolly would survive. But the river was the 6♠, giving Betto pair and stopping FaceRolly in fourth.

Four hands after that, Betto min-raised from the button, bakker276 shoved from the big blind for just over 18.2 million (about 30 big blinds), and Betto called. bakker276 had K♥J♥ and Betto 9♣9♥, and five cards later -- Q♣5♣8♥7♥A♣ -- they were down to two.


Marcelo "bettoBR" Betto

Ahhh Is It? had the edge to start heads-up play with about 71 million to Betto's almost 45 million, and after almost a half-hour the stacks were nearly the same when Betto raised 2x to 1.4 million, Ahh Is It? three-bet to 4.9 million, and Betto called.

It would turn out to be one of those check-bet-call type hands, with all three streets playing similarly and Betto all in by the end.

The flop was J♠5♠8♥, Ahhh Is It? checked, Betto bet 4,289,500, and Ahhh Is It? called. The turn was the 6♦, and it went check-call again, this time for 11,385,000. The 3♥ river then went check, all-in shove or 26,523,468, and call. The showdown...

bettoBR: 4♥4♦
Ahhh Is It?: J♥J♣

It was a flopped set, slow played to the end by Ahhh Is It? to win all the chips and a WCOOP title.

Congratulations to Ahhh Is It? for topping a huge field to earn the $68K-plus first prize.

WCOOP-14-H: $215 NLHE (Bubble Rush)
Entries: 2,320 (1,780 entries, 540 re-entries)
Prize pool: $464,000
Places paid: 287

1. Ahhh ls lt? (United Kingdom) $68,721.63
2. Marcelo "bettoBR" Betto (Brazil) $48,592.40
3. bakker276 (Belgium) $34,360.03
4. FaceRolly (Romania) $24,296.24
5. andr31123 (Romania) $17,180.06
6. Cyberraver (United Kingdom) $12,148.16
7. Anjeyyy (Ukraine) $8,590.07
8. NMASR (United Kingdom) $6,074.13
9. bloczek60 (Poland) $4,295.06

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