WCOOP 2017: paaskebaesen wins first WCOOP, Akkari finishes 4th in Event #36-H ($1,050 FL Badugi)

It took a late night to end the tournament early.

Event #36-H was scheduled to be a two-day tournament, but by the time the day was about to end, only three players remained. They decided to go for it and end the day with a champion. Players got heads-up fairly quickly, but then sprocketsAA and paaskebaesen battled for nearly two hours.

They traded the lead a few times, but paaskebaesen was eventually able to pull away and take down the title. This is paaskebaesen's first WCOOP victory and for the win, the Norwegian player won $20,437.50. It was a long-fought battle at a tough table that included none other than Team PokerStars Pro Andre Akkari.

The final table


Seat 1: passkebaesen - 749,778
Seat 2: secky0222 - 514,225
Seat 3: sprocketsAA - 249,450
Seat 4: aakkari - 128,375
Seat 5: PSMozak - 700,743
Seat 6: bedias - 164,712
Seat 7: Fresh_oO_D - 784,967
Seat 8: silna_rakia - 457,750

While Akkari fell in 4th place, it was a non-stop uphill battle for the Brazilian pro. Akkari started the final table dead last in chips, but it's hard to imagine a table where he's dead last in skill.

Akkari doubled, dipped and lost the title of short stack to Fresh_oO_D, whose stack got halved after silna_rakia hit an 8-high Badugi. Fresh_oO_D lost a few more pots and dipped below 100,000.

Then silna_rakia finished Fresh_oO_D off.

In Fresh_oO_D's final hand, the German player drew two cards the first draw and one on the next two draws. The last of Fresh_oO_D's chips went in after the second draw and silna_rakia called. silna_rakia drew one card the first two draws and then stood pat with a Q-10 Badugi. Fresh_oO_D had a three card 5-2-A and hit the rail.

Akkari had started dipping again, but there was a shorter Brazilian at the table: bedias.

Akkari dropped to just 80,000, but bedias was even shorter with 30,000. bedias' stack was less than a big bet and it went all-in from under the gun. silna_rakia called and so did sprocketsAA and PSMozak.


bedias took one card while silna_rakia and sprocketsAA each took two. PSMozak stood pat and bet. silna_rakia raised and both sprocketsAA and PSMozak folded.

bedias took one more card and then asked for another on the last draw. silna_raikia drew two and then patted. bedias showed a three-card 5-3-2 while silna_rakia hit a J-7-2-A. That was it for bedias, and the number of Brazilians at the final table was cut in half. Then we lost the only Japanese player.

Japan's secky0222 raised from the button that hand, sprocketsAA called from the small blind and Akkari three-bet from the big blind. Both players called and secky0222 drew two while the others drew one.

Action checked through and players drew the same way they did on the first draw. sprocketsAA bet, Akkari called and secky0222 called all-in. sprocketsAA and secky0222 stood pat while Akkari took one. sprocketsAA bet after that and Akkari folded.

secky0222 had hit a 10-5-2-A while sprocketsAA showed 5-4-2-A. secky0222 was out in 6th and then silna_rakia, who dealt a few early eliminations, fell in 5th.

silna_rakia lost a chunk of chips when paaskebaesen hit a 7-4-3-A and then dropped to less than two big bets. silna_rakia managed one double up, but didn't survive the next one against paaskebaesen.

Action was capped predraw that hand with PSMozak, paaskebaesen and silna_rakia. silna_rakia patted the first draw, paaskebaesen took one and PSMozak grabbed two. PSMozak and paaskebaesen took one card the next draw and silna_rakia patted again and got the rest of his chips in. The other players called and then silna_rakia broke on the final draw, drawing one card. paaskebaesen took one too while PSMozak stood pat.

paaskebaesen threw out a final bet and PSMozak called. paaskebaesen showed 7-4-2-A and the other two players mucked. silna_rakia was out and we were down to four.


Andre Akkari with another deep run

Then Akkari's run came to an end.

sprocketsAA raised from under the gun and Akkari three-bet. sprocketsAA called and then Akkari called sprocketAA's bets till the end. Akkari kept drawing one while sprocketsAA took two, one and then none.

Akkari was down to a quarter of a big bet after the last draw and he called with a three-card six on the river. sprocketsAA showed a 6-4-3-2 and took down the pot.

Akkari fell in 4th and the final three players decided to keep on playing to a champion.


The final three, ready to play.

It was a relatively short decision for PSMozak, who was shorter than the other two and couldn't mount a comeback. PSMozak took a few hits and then tried to turn things around with a strong two-card hand. paaskebaesen raised from the button that hand and PSMozak threw in a three-bet from the small blind. paaskebaesen called and kept drawing one card while PSMozak kept taking two.

All of PSMozak's chips went in after the second draw and all his dreams of a WCOOP victory in Event #36-H came to an end after the third. PSMozak didn't improve past a two-card A-2 while paaskebaesen hit a three-card nine.

The final two players then battled for nearly two hours. paaskebaesen started with a lead, but traded it back-and-forth a number of times. During paaskebaesen's last dip, our champion was even chipped down to a 6-to-1 deficit before mounting a comeback. paaskebaesen managed to do it without doubling up too, it was all done through Badugi blow after Badugi blow. The limits had gotten large and there were just 37 big bets on the table.

After a few big hits, sprocketsAA was down to just slightly more than one big bet and got it all-in predraw. paaskebaesen called and drew two while sprocketsAA took three. Each player got a card they liked and paaskebaesen took one card the next draw while sprocketsAA took two. They did the same the following draw and paaskebaesen took it down with a three-card jack while sprocketsAA showed a two-card three.

sprocketsAA finished 2nd while paaskebaesen became the newest WCOOP champion.

WCOOP-36-H: $1,050 FL Badugi
Entries: 75
Prize pool: $75,000
Place paid: 12

1. paaskebaesen (Norway) $20,437.50
2. sprocketsAA (Mexico) $13,875.00
3. PSMozak (Bulgaria) $10,500.00
4. Andre "aakari" Akkari (Brazil) $7,125.00
5. silna_rakia (Bulgaria) $5,250.00
6. secky0222 (Japan) $3,187.50
7. bedias (Brazil) $3,187.50
8. Fresh_oO_D (Germany) $2,437.50

Alexander Villegas is a freelance contributor to the PokerStars Blog.

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