WCOOP 2017: CROSA COLL with domineering win in Event #39-H ($1,050 NL PKO Thursday Thrill SE)

The knockout-mongers and bounty hunters in WCOOP Event #39-H were in for a treat during this rare three-day event. This week's special edition of the Thursday Thrill featured Progressive Knockout, with added PKO bounties to sweeten the already juicy prize pool. Going into heads-up, CROSA COLL from Uruguay held a 4 to 1 chip advantage over Romania's FaceRolly. CROSA COLL's bout lasted only thirteen hands before the Uruguayan landed the coup de grace to knock out FaceRolly and win the tournament. When the dust settled, CROSA COLL earned over $181K including prize pool and bounties.

2017 WCOOP Event #39-H $1,050 NL 8-Max Progressive KO also billed as the Thursday Thrill Special Edition. A total of 1,470 runners took a shot at a six-figure payout and a WCOOP crown. The total prize pool was $1,470,000 with $735,000 allotted to the bounties and $735,000 set aside for the regular prize pool. Only the top 175 places paid out with $113,281.28 initially set aside for the champion.

The first day of action ended with only 85 players advancing to Day 2. Austria's ex6tenceLV bagged up the most chips with 2.2M. Canada's Kaila was fourth overall with 1.9M. On Day 2 with 18 remaining, Kaila jumped out front with 9.5M and was trying to become the first player to pass the 10M mark. With 16 to go on the final two tables, sousinha23 took a turn in the top spot with 10.4M. Day 2 ended with 10 players remaining and sousinha23 still in front with 17M. FaceRolly bagged up the second most chips with 12.8M. Canada's i need sheet was third with 11.5M.

On the fourth hand of Day 3, short-stacked w1n@w4r failed to double up with T♥9♥. w1n@w4r flopped a gutshot draw and turned a flush draw, but whiffed on both to lose the pot. FaceRolly hit the flop with A♥J♥ and won the pot with a pair of Jacks. Latvia's w1n@w4r bubbled off the final table in tenth place. The final table of nine was set for this 8-max event.


WCOOP-39-H Final Table Chip Counts:
Seat 1: Kaila (6,865,398) + $3,656.25 bounty
Seat 2: JacobLarsson (4,497,322) + $4,781.24 bounty
Seat 3: Vichyn88 (4,823,437) + $15,109.35 bounty
Seat 4: i need sheet (12,130,558) + $4,487.30 bounty
Seat 5: CROSA COLL (4,698,884) + $9,257.79 bounty
Seat 6: FaceRolly (13,302,391) + $13,843.73 bounty
Seat 7: lbd.pkr (4,807,909) + $9,689.44 bounty
Seat 8: sousinha23 (18,473,805) + $8,300.77 bounty
Seat 9: Fiktenasch (3,900,296) + $11,609.37 bounty

The final table commenced during Level 37. The blinds were 60K/120K and a 15K ante. Vichyn88 had the largest bounty at the final table in excess of $15.1K. Slovakia's sousinha23 led with a big stack a shade under 18.5M. Germany's Fiktenasch was the shorty with 3.9M, although four other players were less than 1M away from becoming basement dwellers themselves.

This final table included a pair of noteworthy players. sousinha23 won a WCOOP in 2016 and shipped the Super Tuesday in April of this year. Ryan 'i need sheet' Yu was a runner-up in a 2015 SCOOP. He mad no less than four final tables in SCOOP events and he even went deep in a handful of WCOOP events. However, he had yet to break thru to the WCOOP winner's circle.

Also of note... Vichyn88 was a runner-up in a 2012 WCOOP, and CROSA COLL final tabled Event #8-H last weekend.

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BAND ON THE RUN: Vichyn88 eliminated in 9th place

I hope you're having fun. Cooler time. 14M pot too. Running tens into Kings is never fun, unless you suck out. i need sheet four-bet shoved for 10,058,358 with K♠K♦ and Vichyn88 got all 7.7M of their chips in with T♦T♠. The board finished up 9♣6♦4♦Q♥5♦ and pocket Kings held up for i need sheet. Vichyn88 became the first player to exit the final table. i need sheet picked up a bounty worth $7,554.68 for busting Vichyn88, and his own bounty jumped to $12,041.97. Vichyn88 took home $8,553.63 for ninth place and earned bounties worth $14,609.

JET: JacobLarsson eliminated in 8th place

I can almost remember their funny faces. The final table featured a pair of Swedes and both busted early. JacobLarsson bombed it all-in for 1,058,644 with A♠J♠ and FaceRolly snap-quick-jump-blasta-insta called with A♥A♦. The board ran out A♣J♥T♠6♠9♦. FaceRolly won the pot with a set of Aces. Two pair were no good for JacobLarsson, who hit the road in eighth place, which paid out $10,639.93 plus $4,281 in bounties. FaceRolly added $2,390.62 to the growing collection for busting JacobLarsson and their own bounty bumped up to $16,234.35.

BLUEBIRD: Fiktenasch eliminated in 7th place

I'll come flying through your door, And you'll know what love is for. Remember that time when Ace-ten tried to fight a pair of Jacks? The Jacks held their own. Short-stacked Fiktenasch moved all-in for 2,634,936 with A♣T♥. lbd.pkr quickly called with J♥J♠. The board ran out Q♦6♠5♣2♠Q♠. lbd.pkr won the pot with two pair -- Queens and Jacks. Fiktenasch was dunzo in seventh place, which paid out $14,917.11, plus $11,100 in bounties. lbd.pkr collected a bounty worth $5,804.69 for picking off Fiktenasch, meanwhile their own bounty increased to $15,494.12.

MRS. VANDERBILT: Kaila eliminated in 6th place

What's the use of worrying? Kaila had 790K going into this fateful hand. Kaila min-raised, CROSA COLL three-bet to 900,000, lbd.pkr flatted, and Kaila called all-in. CROSA COLL and lbd.pkr checked it all the way down to the river. The board finished up K♦Q♥Q♦9♦3♣. Kaila mucked a losing hand. CROSA COLL dragged the pot with a better two pair and K♥7♥ versus lbd.pkr's T♠3♦. Kaila was knocked out in sixth place, which paid out $20,913.61, plus $3,156 in bounties.

With five to go, CROSA COLL led with 30M. CROSA COLL earned a bounty of $1,828.13 for sending Kaila home in sixth place. CROSA COLL's own bounty jumped to $11,085.91.

LET ME ROLL IT: i need sheet eliminated in 5th place

i need sheet lost a 13.2M pot when he ran his J♣J♠ into FaceRolly's K♦K♥. i need sheet was down to 722M, but busted on the next hand. i need sheet was all-in preflop against CROSA COLL and FaceRolly. The board finished up A♠6♠3♣5♦T♠. FaceRolly won the main pot and side pot with A♣Q♦ and a pair of Aces. CROSA COLL missed a gutshot draw with 5♠2♥. i need sheet mucked the losing hand. i need sheet busted in fifth place, which paid out $29,320.69. FaceRolly added a bounty of $6,020.99 for knocking out i need sheet and their own bounty jumped to $22,255.33.

NO WORDS: sousinha23 eliminated in 4th place

Slovakia's sousinha23 was seeking another WCOOP win. However, that goal would have to wait another day. sousinha23 was short-stacked with $6.5M. sousinha23 was in the big blind with J♠8♠ and defended after CROSA COLL rasied from the cutoff. On the flop and turn, sousinha23 check-called. On the river, the board read 6♠3♠2♠A♥Q♠, and there was 3.7M in the pot. sousinha23 checked, CROSA COLL bet 18.9M, and sousinha23 called all-in for 5,195,861. sousinha23 flopped a Jack-high flush, but lost to a four-flush. CROSA COLL flopped a nut-flush draw, turned a set with A♣A♠, and improved to a flush on the river. CROSA COLL won the pot with a better flush. CROSA COLL added $4,150.39 for picking off sousinha23 and their own bounty got bumped up to $15,236.29. Slovakia's sousinha23 was dunzo in fourth place, which paid out $4,1107.37 plus $7,800.78 in bounties.

With three left in the hunt, CROSA COLL led with 35M, followed by lbd.pkr's 22.9M, and FaceRolly's 15.5M.

HELEN WHEELS: lbd.pkr eliminated in 3rd place

Sad farewell. Monster-stacked CROSA COLL opened to 848,000, lbd.pkr moved all-in for 4,651,990 with A♣2♠ and CROSA COLL called with 8♦7♥. The board ran out T♣T♥2♥5♥A♥ and CROSA COLL rivered a four-flush to win the pot. lbd.pkr hit the flop and rivered a better two pair, but it did not matter. For a third-place finish, lbd.pkr took home $57,632.23, plus $14,994.15 in bounties. CROSA COLL added yet another bounty, or lbd.pkr's price tag worth $7,747.06. Meanwhile, CROSA COLL's own bounty grew even larger... $22,983.35.

HEADS-UP: CROSA COLL (Uruguay) vs. FaceRolly (Romania)
Seat 5: CROSA COLL (60,256,200)
Seat 6: FaceRolly (13,243,800)

Both players held a similar bounty, but CROSA COLL held more than a 4-1 edge. Heads-up only lasted 13 hands.

PICASSO'S LAST WORDS: FaceRolly eliminated in 2nd place; CROSA CROLL wins EVent #39-H!

Going into the final hand, CROSA COLL led 60.3M to 13.1M. Limped pot. CROSA COLL four-bet the flop. FaceRolly called a small bet on the turn. With 8.9M in the pot. The board read T♣8♦7♠9♥5♠. CROSA COLL fired out 1,770,408, FaceRolly shoved for 8,654,800, and CROSA COLL called.

FaceRolly: T♠9♦

CROSA COLL dragged the pot with a Jack-high straight. FaceRolly's two pair were no good. For a gritty runner-up performance, FaceRolly took home $80,799.87, plus $21,755.35 in bounties.

Congrats to CROSA COLL. First place paid out $113,281.28. CROSA COLL also won an additional $67,722.09 in bounties for a total score worth over $181K.


WCOOP-39-H: $1,050 NLHE [8-Max, Progressive KO, Thursday Thrill SE]
Entries: 1,470
Prize pool: $1,470,000 (Regular prize pool: $735,000, Bounty pool: $735,000)
Places paid: 175

1. CROSA COLL (Uruguay) $113,281.28 + $67,722.09 in bounties
2. FaceRolly (Romania) $80,799.87 + $21,755.35 bounties
3. lbd.pkr (Russia) $57,632.23 + $14,994.15 in bounties
4. sousinha23 (Slovakia) $41,107.37 + $7,800.78 in bounties
5. Ryan 'i need sheet' Yu $29,320.69 + $11,541.98 in bounties
6. Kaila (Canada) $20,913.61 + $3,156.25 in bounties
7. Fiktenasch (Germany) $14,917.11 + $11,109.37 in bounties
8. JacobLarsson (Sweden) $10,639.93 + $4,281.26 in bounties
9. Vichyn88 (Sweden) $8,553.63 + $14,609.38 in bounties

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