WCOOP 2017: Jens "Fresh_oO_D" Lakemeier earns second title of the series in Event #67-H (1,050 Stud)

Jens "Fresh_oO_D" Lakemeier came into Event #67-H in sixth place on the WCOOP 2017 Player Of The Series leaderboard on the strength of a win in Event #23-H and five other final table appearances. A $1,050 Stud event guaranteed to have a small field, it was an excellent tournament for a chance to pick up leaderboard points at the end of the series. But the end result for him was even better after he made his way past a tough field for his second win of the series.


Two-time WCOOP 2017 winner Jens "Fresh_oO_D" Lakemeier

The small field of 71 players combined for 34 re-entries. Of those who opted to try again after being knocked out, only Ceegee87 and Fresh_oO_D made it to the payouts in 16th place. And when Ceegee87 fell in 10th, Fresh_oO_D was the only one left.

Past SCOOP Stud champ Vladimir "vovtroy" Troyanovskiy bowed out in eighth and Event #36-H finalist secky0222, leaving the table six-handed as Day 1 finished up. The offer was made to keep things running, but four players had already left their computers so the regular break was in effect until this afternoon. Play restarted with Iteopepe88, who won Event #31-H of this series playing HORSE, in the lead:


Seat 2: hotmark777 (506,500 in chips)
Seat 3: Iteopepe88 (1,493,945 in chips)
Seat 4: krakukra (848,680 in chips)
Seat 5: Richard "CHUFTY" Ashby (279,640 in chips)
Seat 7: Jens "Fresh_oO_D" Lakemeier (969,500 in chips)
Seat 8: Christian "CMoosepower" Elgstrøm (1,151,735 in chips)

Fresh_oO_D's path to the win was anything but simple. He was the second player to survive all-in (after WCOOP 2010 PLO winner Richard "CHUFTY" Ashby), spiking the A♦ on the river to makes aces and deuces and top Iteopepe88's pair of fours. Within 40 minutes, though, he had won back-to-back million-chip pots to lay claim to more than half the chips on the table.

CHUFTY survived no less than four times with the tournament on the line during that stretch himself, before starting a hand with split pair of queens. Fellow short stack and WCOOP 2015 $10,000 8-Game Championship winner krakukra began with split eights but never improved after that, falling to CHUFTY's queens and sevens in sixth. But then CHUFTY dropped most of those chips against Fresh_oO_D and ended up all-in for two big bets after starting a hand with (K♣ 4♦) A♠. Two-time past COOP finalist hotmark777 called with a split pair of sevens, made trips on sixth, and rivered sevens full of nines to bust CHUFTY in fifth.

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A split pair also spelled the end for Christian "CMoosepower" Elgstrøm, the past SCOOP & Super Tuesday champion who finished as the TCOOP 2014 Player Of The Series, 15 minutes later. Short-stacked, he completed the bet with the T♣ showing and then called all-in after Iteopepe88 raised with the Q♥ up. Neither player's hand improved the rest of the way and CMoosepower left in fourth.


Fresh_oO_D had the lead with three players left, holding 2.89 million chips to Iteopepe88's 1.72 million and hotmark777's 626,080. And while he did end up taking both players out, it was anything but easy. The table remained three-handed for more than an hour. All three competitors held the chip lead at some point during that stretch, yet somehow none of them faced an all-in situation until the very end when Iteopepe88 had the bring-in with (J♥ J♦) 3♦. Fresh_oO_D raised to 60,000 with (9♥ 6♣) 7♣ and called Iteopepe88's re-raise to 120,000, then called bets on fourth and fifth streets before the two raised enough to get Iteopepe88 all-in with a (J♥ J♦) 3♦ J♣ board for trip jacks and one card to come. Fresh_oO_D had (9♥ 6♣) 7♣ 5♣ A♦ 3♣ and needed any eight, four, or club on seventh street to beat a set. The T♣ on seventh made a flush for Fresh_oO_D and Iteopepe88 left the tournament in third.

That 1.38-million-chip pot gave Fresh_oO_D 4.02 million chips, more than three times as much as hotmark777, and he ended up dominating heads-up play. hotmark777 only won three of the 19 pots they played and eventually ended up all-in on fourth street with (5♠ Q♥) 5♣ 6♥ showing. Fresh_oO_D ended up making a pair of tens on the river, ending the heads-up match in just five minutes for his second win of this series.

Jens "Fresh_oO_D" Lakemeier earned 100 points on the Player Of The Series leaderboard for this win. That's good enough to move him into third place overall, just five points behind PSMozak and 90 back of ImLuckNuts, and ought to make for a very interesting weekend as WCOOP 2017 wraps up. Congratulations to him on another victory!

WCOOP-67-H: $1,050 Stud results
Entries: 105 (71 entries, 34 re-entries)
Prize pool: $105,000
Places paid: 16

1. Jens "Fresh_oO_D" Lakemeier (Germany) $25,725
2. hotmark777 (Lebanon) $17,850
3. Iteopepe88 (Hungary) $13,650
4. Christian "CMoosepower" Elgstrøm (Denmark) $9,450
5. Richard "CHUFTY" Ashby (United Kingdom) $6,825
6. krakukra (Russia) $5,250
7. secky0222 (Japan) $4,200
8. Vladimir "vovtroy" Troyanovskiy (Cyprus) $3,150

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