WCOOP 2017: Lex Veldhuis Breaks Twitch Record, ghost crab Pinches Event #64-H ($1,050 PLO 6-Max)

Lex Veldhuis. Twitch streaming. A WCOOP final table. Does it get any better? The charismatic Team PokerStars Pro put on a show for viewers around the world as he stacked his way to the final table of WCOOP-64-H ($1,050 Pot-Limit Omaha 6-Max) and beyond.

Veldhuis streamed every day of the tournament but nothing could have prepared him for the 14,000 viewers that awaited him at the final table. It was easily a new record for Veldhuis on Twitch.

Online player ghost crab ended up taking down the event for $107k but Twitch viewers were the real winners as they got an inside perspective on an elite PLO final table from one of the best poker streamers in the world.

Obviously Veldhuis was also a winner as he took home $42,967 for fourth place, which was his biggest ever score while streaming.

Lex breaking records.png
Don't let anyone tell you PLO isn't hot right now. This year's $1,050 WCOOP event attracted 698 entries, which represented a massive 292-entry increase over last year's edition. The overall prize pool hit a hefty $698,000.

The aforementioned Lex Veldhuis was one of the early chip leaders on Day 1 with 687k and ended strong with 1.3m, putting him in the top 10 chip counts.

Isaac "philivey2694" Haxton finished with 1.8 million chips, which put him just behind overall leader St1ckman who finished with 1.9m.

Chris "Moorman1" Moorman had the unfortunate distinction of being the bubble boy as he hit the rail in 84th place.

By the time the dust had settled on Day 1 a total of 51 players remained in the hunt for the $120k first-place prize.

When Day 2 kicked off most eyes were on high-stakes wizard Haxton but he ran out of steam in 12th place to earn a consolation prize of $9,018.

Russian needdollarz finished on the hard final table bubble in eighth place but picked up some dollars in the form of $13,976.

final table chip counts-WCOOP-64-H-2017.png
Seat 1: Turtza (Finland) -- 9,028,064
Seat 2: SP3WMONKEY (Netherlands) -- 1,670,454
Seat 3: Lex "L. Veldhuis" Veldhuis (Netherlands) -- 3,161,901
Seat 4: komarola22 (Uruguay) -- 4,125,885
Seat 5: ghost crab (Russia) -- 9,633,331
Seat 6: WRUUUUM (Finland) -- 3,882,113
Seat 7: DonkPredator (Norway) -- 3,398,252

The Netherland's SP3WMONKEY entered the final table as the short stack and after attempting to mount a comeback for about 30 minutes of play finally hit the rail when his A♠K♠Q♥5♥ failed to get by DonkPredator's A♥A♦K♦3♦.

SP3WMONKEY still picked up $17,399 for his efforts.

The next player to go was somewhat surprising for anyone who follows high-stakes PLO. Finland's WRUUUUM is regarded as one of the best online PLO players in the world but he wasn't able to get past sixth place.

WRUUUM got it all-in good with K♣K♠J♣6♠ on a J♥4♦2♣ flop against Turtza's A♣J♦8♣6♣.

PS_Marbella_Festival-74_Lex Veldhuis.jpgUnfortunately for WRUUUUM the 8♠ peeled off the turn and that was enough to give Turtza the 4.5 million-chip pot after a meaningless 5♦ on the river.

WRUUUUM added another $21,660 to his roll for coming in sixth place.

Thanks to his good fortune Turtza leapt up the chip counts with a staggering 12.6m chips.

The Finnish pro was just getting started, however, as he took aim at short stack komarolo22 shortly thereafter.

Turtza and komarolo22 got into a raising war on the turn of a J♥6♣3♠Q♥ board with 1.2 million already in the pot.

Turtza bet 975k and komarolo22 responded by shoving all-in for 4 million. Turtza snap-called and both players revealed their hands:

Turtza: J♠J♠Q♠4♥
komarolo22: A♠Q♣J♣7♥

komarolo22 needed a miracle on the river and it didn't come as a meaningless 5♠ peeled off the deck. komarolo22 picked up $30,506 for his efforts.

With komarolo22's elimination our streaming hero of the day, Lex Veldhuis, was suddenly on the short stack with 3.1 million.

Things went from bad to worse when Veldhuis lost half his stack in multi-way pot against ghost crab and Turtza.

Veldhuis finally made his last stand against ghost crab with A♣A♥J♣6♥ on a J♥8♦3♠ flop.

Lex final hand.png
Unfortunately ghost crab had J♠T♣7♥3♦. The turn sealed Veldhuis' fate when it came 9♦ to complete a straight for ghost crab.

Veldhuis officially hit the rail in fourth place to earn $42,967, which was easily his biggest ever score while streaming.

There were a number of silver linings for Veldhuis on the day, however, as attracted over 14,000 viewers and a record number of subscribers. The Dutch pro told viewers the final-table score had single-handedly saved his WCOOP.

By the time three-handed play kicked off Turtza was still the overwhelming chip leader with 21.3 million. ghost crab was holding strong with 8.1 million and DonkPredator had made a bit of a comeback with 5.4 million.

DonkPredator put in a valiant effort put in the end he just couldn't get past the twin towers that made of Turtza and ghost crab.

DonkPredator finally got it all-in pre-flop with K♦K♣8♠8♥ against ghost crab's A♦A♣9♣2♥. The aces actually held up and the pot went to 6.7 million chip pot went to ghost crab and DonkPredator hit the rail. The Norwegian earned $60,517 for finishing in third places.

Heads-up play kicked off with Turtza still in the driver's seat:

Turtza: 20,452,980 chips
ghost crab: 14,237,020 chips

Interestingly the moment heads-up play began Turtza brought up the idea of a deal. ghost crab was immediately interested and the deal-making process was exceptionally fast and easy.

Turtza and ghost crab agreed to an ICM chop that would pay them each over $90,000 and left $13,960 for first place.

And that was that.

Although Turtza had been firmly in control of the final table for basically the entire time, it took ghost crab less than 15 minutes to wrestle the chip lead away.

ghost crab kept the pressure on Turtza and, after winning an enormous pot with trip kings, was the overwhelming chip leader with around 25m chips to Turtza's 9m.

It turned out that Turtza was smart to bring up the deal as ghost crab ended up dominating heads-up play from there on.

In the final hand Turtza got all-in on the turn of a T♥T♣3♣8♠ board where the pot had already blossomed to 9.1 million chips. ghost crab called immediately and the virtual cards were on their backs:

Turtza: K♥K♦9♦3♥

ghost crab: A♣7♣9♠6♣

One might think that Turtza would be in the lead with his kings but it was actually a pure 50% coin flip situation thanks to ghost crab's many draws.

The flip ultimately went crab's way as the A♠ peeled off the river to end the tournament.

Russian's ghost crab picked up $107k and a brand-new WCOOP title for closing out the event while Turtza settled for $97,414.

Thanks to the miracles of Twitch you'll actually be able to re-live most of the final table on Lex Veldhuis' channel shortly. If you love PLO than it's highly recommended.

WCOOP-64-H: $1,050 Pot-Limit Omaha 6-Max

Entries: 698
Prize pool: $698,000
Places paid: 82

1. ghost crab (Russia) $107,869.46*
2. Turtza (Finland) $97,414.61*
3. DonkPredator (Norway) $60,517
4. Lex "L. Veldhuis" Veldhuis (Netherlands) $42,967.34
5. komarolo22 (Uruguay) $30,506.92
6. WRUUUUM (Finland) $21,660.05
7. SP3WMONKEY (Netherlands) $17,399.18

*denotes two-way deal

Arthur Crowson
@PokerStars in WCOOP