WCOOP 2017: New $10K event added!

You thought we'd told you all there was to tell about this year's World Championship of Online Poker.

Honestly...we thought the same.

But, as it turns out, there was more to tell. Or more accurately put, there is now more to tell.

The tournaments team just slid up into our DMs and told us they have added one more WCOOP event to the already-set schedule. Why? Well, they said you wanted it, so why not?

So here's the new one for both the high and low tier:

WCOOP-82-H: September 10th @ 15:00 ET with a $10,300 buy-in and $1.5M guaranteed
WCOOP-82-L: September 11th @ 15:00 ET with a $530 buy-in and $250K guaranteed


As you hopefully already know, WCOOP starts this Sunday and will run for the rest of the month. In all, WCOOP is promising $60 million in guaranteed payouts across 81 events, including the $5,200 buy-in $10 million guaranteed Main Event. There is also the low tier which will cater to those folks looking to score big without threatening their bankroll.

WCOOP will also be running a Player of the Series leaderboard competition for an overall champion and champion of non-hold'em events. Both categories have cash prizes, and the overall winner will be going to the PokerStard Caribbean Adventure for free. For more on that, visit the WCOOP Player of the Series page.

Here are some other things you should probably know before setting out on your WCOOP campaign.

Daily $55 Seat Added Satellites: These tournaments will have one $5,200 Main Event entry added to the satellite each day from today until September 24, which means that PokerStars will be buying in a player every day until the Main Event, representing more than $175,000 in entries.
Bubble Freeroll: To appease the pain of bubbling a tournament, any player who directly bubbled a WCOOP 2016 event will also be given a ticket to a special freeroll on September 3 at 14:05 ET where they will play for one of three $5,200 Main Event seats
Special edition Spin & Go: These games will allow players to spin their way into WCOOP at either the $27 or $109 buy-in levels. The Spin & Go's are running in the PokerStars client now until September 24th.
Stars Rewards Chests: There will be more than $700,000 in added value via WCOOP tickets awarded to players in Stars Rewards Chests

For a full WCOOP schedule and all there is to know about the championship series, visit the 2017 WCOOP information page.

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