WCOOP 2017: p.A.v magic conjures up win in Event #35-H $530 NL

Sometimes you have to make a sick hero call in order to win a pot, but once in a while, you must channel your poker-telekinesis to win a tournament. You have to find the courage to call with nothing but a simple high card. In this instance, p.A.v magic from Romania made a sensational river call with only King-high against Nelisschuif7's busted gutshot draw and six-high. p.A.v magic's King-high-nothing was good enough to win the pot... and the tournament.

The stacked final table in 2017 WCOOP Event #35-H included a pair of WCOOP winners, Joel 'jbrown8777' Brown and andresds, plus the legendary Greenstone25 a.k.a. Johaness Korsar. Not to mention, the one and only TheDegenFund, who previously shipped a SCOOP. All the big winners busted early. Johaness Korsar went out in seventh place and Joel 'jbrown8777' Brown was dunzo in sixth place. The final three cut a deal, but when the dust settled, TheDegenFund busted in third place and p.A.v magic defeated Nelisschuif7 heads-up to win Event #35-H.

2017 WCOOP Event #35-H $530 NL attracted 1,348 runners and a prize pool worth $674,000. The top 161 places paid out with $105K set aside to the champion.

Day 1 ended with 85 players remaining. Russia's Mysters_Y led with 2M. On Day 2, with 18 remaining on the final two tables, com 157 from the U.K. led with 7.5M, while the shortest stack -- Galva1388 -- was the only player under 1M.

With 10 to go and action hand-for-hand, dariepoker and jbrown8777 battled for the lead with 15M each. The two big stacks were at the same table too and they were not shy about clashing in pots on the final table bubble. Belqi bubbled off the final table in tenth place when T♠T♥ lost to TheDegenFund's Q♥Q♣.


WCOOP-35-H Final Table Chip Counts:
Seat 1: jbrown8777 (14,627,786)
Seat 2: Greenstone25 (4,292,032)
Seat 3: dariepoker (17,866,327)
Seat 4: Los-Melones (2,236,938)
Seat 5: Nelisschuif7 (4,999,040)
Seat 6: andresds (5,090,737)
Seat 7: TheDegenFund (7,700,308)
Seat 8: p.A.v magic (7,604,372)
Seat 9: oliv188 (2,982,460)

The final table commenced during Level 38 with blinds at 70K/140K and a 17.5K ante. dariepoker led with 17.8M and jbrown8777 was right behind with 14.6M. Los-Melones was the shorty with 2.2M.

This final table featured a pair of WCOOP champs and another SCOOP winner. Oh and how could we overlook Johannes Korsar a.k.a Greenstone25. The Swedish pro banked nearly $10 million in online tournaments... which he accumulated with only one six-figure score. I think Johannes Korsar is Swedish for Joey Knish, because he's a true online grinder. Greenstone25 never won a COOP, but he came close last year with a WCOOP final table.

Among the WCOOP champs at the final table were Joel 'jbrown8777' Brown and andresds. Argentina's andresds won a WCOOP in 2014. jbrown8777 won 2 WCOOPs, or one each in the previous two years. He shipped six figures for both WCOOP wins and he also binked the Super Tuesday in 2014.

Other notable highlights included... TheDegenFund won a SCOOP in 2015 for a $207K score. Nelisschuif7 chopped the Sunday Million back in 2014 and finished third overall. p.A.v magic was a runner-up in a 2017 TCOOP and Vlad 'dariepoker' Darie won the Sunday Warm Up once back in 2016.

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HAVE YOU EVER BEEN (TO ELECTRIC LADYLAND)?: Los-Melones eliminated in 9th place

After two full levels of inactivity, we saw the first bustout at the final table mid-way through Level 40. Classic race too. Good ole pocket sixes versus Ace-ten. Short-stacked Los-Melones open-shoved for 1,829,438 with A♣T♣ and TheDegenFund called with 6♣6♦. Los-Melones hit the flop and took the lead. By the turn, Los-Melones improved to two pair with Aces up. However, TheDegenFund rivered a six to win the pot with a full house. The board finished up A♠J♦8♣J♠6♥. For a ninth place finish, Los-Melones collected $8,119.88.

CROSSTOWN TRAFFIC: andresds eliminated in 8th place

Jacks versus Big Slick. This showdown got won by the Slick. Argentina's andresds bombed it all-in for 5,892,691 with J♠J♣. p.A.v magic accepted the challenge with A♥K♦. p.A.v magic flopped top two pair, which held up against andresds' two pair when the board finished up A♠K♣8♦T♥T♣. For an eighth-place finish, andresds earned $11,184.89.

With seven remaining, jbrown8777 led with over 15.4M, while TheDegenFund was the shorty with 4.20M.

VOODOO CHILE: Greenstone25 eliminated in 7th place

After an hour of inaction playing seven-handed, someone busted after two levels. Greenstone25 said farewell when he got short and made a final stand and shoved for 1,438,265 with A♠9♠. Greenstone25 was trailing Nelisschuif7's A♣J♥. Nelisschuif7 hit the flop and won the pot with a pair of Jacks when the board ran out J♦6♦4♥5♥Q♦. Johannes 'Greenstone25' Korsar was knocked out in seventh place, which paid out $15,406.89.

With six left in the hunt, p.A.v magic led with 17.6M and TheDegenFund was the shorty with 6.9M.


Johannes 'Greenstone25' Korsar = 7th place

LONG HOT SUMMER NIGHT: jbrown8777 eliminated in 6th place

Another classic confrontation. Big Slick vs. Queens. jbrown8777 four-bet shoved for 12,702,585 with A♠K♥ and TheDegenFund insta-called with Q♥Q♠. The board ran out 8♠5♥2♣7♦9♦. Pocket Queens held up for TheDegenFund and jbrown8777's Big Slick never improved. Joel 'jbrown8777' Brown busted in sixth place, which paid out $21.222.57.

GYPSEY EYES: oliv188 eliminated in 5th place

Stop! Cooler time. Kings versus Tens. Yikes. oliv188 bombed it all-in for 7,292,935 with T♦T♠. However, Nelisschuif7 woke up with K♣K♦. The board ran out Q♣5♣4♦3♠J♠ and pocket cowboys held up. Belgium's oliv188 was knocked out in fifth place, which paid out $29,233.53.

With four to go, TheDegenFund led with 23M.

BURNING OF THE MODNIGHT LAMP: dariepoker eliminated in 4th place

Fireworks on the next hand. Short-stacked dariepoker moved all-in for 3,704,807 with T♠9♣ and TheDegenFund called with A♦4♣. The board finished up K♣8♦3♣6♦J♥. dariepoker missed a gutshot draw. TheDegenFund won the pot with Ace-high. Romania's dariepoker took home $40,268.39 for fourth place.


With three remaining, action got paused to discuss a deal. TheDegenFund led with 28.3M, followed by p.A.v magic (20.7M) and Nelisschuif7 (18.2M). Any deal had to leave $13,480 on the table to the champion, or 2%. The numbers were floated: TheDegenFund ($77,943.85), p.A.v magic ($73,734.83), and Nelisschuif7 ($71,964.56). TheDegenFund was the last person to say yes or no. After a dramatic pause, TheDegenFund asked for 2K more to deal.

p.A.v magic said, "LOL really?"

Nelisschuif7 also shot down TheDegen. "Nope. Not a penny less than ICM."

The DegenFund finally decided the original numbers were cool. He agreed and a deal was in place.

VOODOO CHILD (SLIGHT RETURN): TheDegenFund eliminated in 3rd place

TheDegenFund shoved over the top for 8,558,514 with K♥9♥ and p.A.v magic called with 7♥7♣. Another race. This time the pair would hold up. The board ran out T♠6♠3♠4♥2♥. Sevens were good. TheDegenFund was picked off in third place, which paid out $77,943.85.

HEADS-UP: Nelisschuif7 (Malta) vs. p.A.v magic (Romania)
Seat 5: Nelisschuif7 (17,269,498)
Seat 8: p.A.v magic (50,130,502)

Malta vs. Romania for the title. Nelisschuif7 trailed nearly 3-1.

ALL ALONG THE WATCHTOWER: Nelisschuif7 eliminated in 2nd place; p.A.v magic wins Event #35-H!

Going into the final hand, Nelisschuif7 trailed only 2-1. p.A.v magic opened to 1,344,000 and Nelisschuif7 called. The flop was 4♥4♦2♠. Nelisschuif7 checked, p.A.v magic fired out 1,046,540, Nelisschuif7 check-raised to 2,884,540, and p.A.v magic called. The turn was the 9♣. Nelisschuif7 bet 3,802,645 and p.A.v magic called.The J♦ fell on the river. Nelisschuif7 moved all-in for 13,758,123. p.A.v magic tank-called with just King-high. The paltry bluff-catcher held up because Nelisschuif7 had a busted gutter draw and only six-high.

Nelisschuif7: 6♠5♣
p.A.v magic: K♠7♥

p.A.v magic dragged the pot with just King-high. For a second-place finish, Nelisschuif7 earned $71,964.56.

Romania's p.A.v magic won the tournament. First place paid out $87,214.83. Congrats!


WCOOP-35-H: $530 NLHE
Entries: 1,348
Prize pool: $674,000
Places paid: 161

1. p.A.v magic (Romania) $87,214.83*
2. Nelisschuif7 (Malta) $71,964.56*
3. TheDegenFund (Mexico) $77,943.85*
4. Vlad 'dariepoker' Darie (Romania) $40,268.39
5. oliv188 (Belgium) $29,233.53
6. Joel 'jbrown8777' Brown (Canada) $21,222.57
7. Johannes 'Greenstone25' Korsar (Sweden) $15,406.89
8. andresds (Argentina) $11,184.89
9. Los-Melones (Germany) $8,119.88

* = Denotes a three-way deal

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