WCOOP 2017: Please pay plspaythxbye for winning #33-H ($530 PLO 4-Max., Prog. KO), thanks, bye

Four cards. Four-handed. Two days. One champion.

That's what Event #33-H presented WCOOPers on Tuesday and Wednesday, a $530 buy-in pot-limit Omaha event played four-handed to add a little extra adrenaline. Throw in progressive knockout bonuses for some added fuel, and the 1,088-entry field enjoyed plenty of action as they played all of the way down to a winner today -- Ukraine's plspaythxbye.

plspaythxbye got paid well, too, for the win, thanks very much, earning $47,093.99 from the regular prize pool after a heads-up deal while also adding $30,752.22 for knockout bonuses, making for a total payday of $77,846.21 (hereareyourwinningsyourewelcomebye).


With 1,088 entries (606 uniques, 482 re-entries), the prize pool totaled $544,000, more than twice the $250K guarantee. Half that was divided up among the top 136 finishers, while the other half went for bounties.

After a full day of play the big field had been cut down to just 23 players, with klappmongo the overnight chip leader. They'd play close to three hours on Wednesday before those 23 had worked their way down to eight players sitting around the last two tables, with klappmongo still in the mix with an average stack and onlymtt748 the new frontrunner.

David "gaucho2121" Paredes was the next out in eighth, then after slipping further in the counts klappmongo followed him in seventh. Hand-for-hand play followed at the two three-handed tables, and a bit over a half-hour later MusonToch followed in sixth. Those three all earned $4,460.80 from the regular prize pool plus more for knockouts, with klappmongo more than doubling the takeaway thanks to the bounties.

plspaythxbye was the new chip leader with five left, newly reseated around a single unofficial final table. It would take another hour-and-a-half before the next knockout, with cmontopdeck eliminating jedimaster82 in fifth for $7,072 plus another $7,710.46 in bounties.

During that long final table bubble plspaythxbye had been adding chips the whole way, and as the official four-handed final table plspaythxbye was the big chip leader with more than twice nearest competitor onlymtt748.


Seat 2: onlymtt748 (China) -- 13,306,239
Seat 3: smir9david (Germany) -- 5,685,124
Seat 4: plspaythxbye (Ukraine) -- 26,307,159
Seat 5: cmontopdeck (Germany) -- 9,101,478

Less than 15 minutes later, plspaythxbye opened from under the gun and got one caller in smir9david in the big blind, and the pair saw a flop fall K♦T♥4♠. smir9david checked, plspaythxbye bet about a third of the pot, smir9david check-raised pot, plspaythxbye reraised pot back, and smir9david called all in.

smir9david had K♥Q♦9♠8♣ for a pair of kings and a gutshot straight draw while plspaythxbye turned over A♣K♠K♣9♦ for a set of kings. The turn was the Q♠ and river the 8♠, meaning the set was still good and smir9david was done in fourth.

Just a few three-handed orbits after that, onlymtt748 opened from the button with a 3x raise and cmontopdeck called from the big blind, then after a 3♣9♥5♠ flop cmontopdeck checked, onlymtt748 bet, comtopdeck raised all in, and onlymtt748 called.

onlymtt748 had K♣K♦K♥J♠ for an overpair of kings while cmontopdeck had a lesser pair of fives with Q♥8♣5♥4♣. Then came the turn -- the K♠ -- the case king making a set for onlymtt748 and leaving cmontopdeck drawing dead to finish third.

Even with that pot, onlymtt748 was well behind to start heads-up play with almost 16.3 million to plspaythxbye's just over 38.1 million.

They made it to the day's ninth hour, with onlymtt748 gradually chipping up and then seizing the lead. But plspaythxbye won a big double-up to take a better than 5-to-1 chip lead, then onlymtt748 doubled a short stack and they were back close to where the heads-up duel began.

The pair managed a deal to narrow the final payouts from the regular prize pool, ultimately battling for about an hour all told. Then with plspaythxbye sitting on 36.4 million to onlymtt748's almost 18 million, the blinds were 125K/250K when plspaythxbye raised to 750,000 from the button and onlymtt748 called.

The flop came Q♣2♥8♥ and onlymtt748 checked. plspaythxbye continued for 867,000, then onlymtt748 check-raised to 3,625,000. plspaythxbye responded to that with a reraise to 12,375,000, onlymtt748 shoved over that for 17,225,312 total, and plspaythxbye called.

onlymtt748: K♥6♥5♥2♦
plspaythxbye: A♥T♠9♥4♣

Both players had flopped heart flush draws, though plspaythxbye was drawing to the bigger one. The turn was the 5♦ and the J♦, that fifth-street jack filling a straight for plspaythxbye to beat onlymtt748's turned two pair and claim the tournament's last pot, the final bounty, and the title.

Congratulations to plspaythxbye for surviving two days of four-handed, four-card poker to win Event #33 and almost $78K after those bounty bonuses.

WCOOP-33-H: $530 PLO (4-Max, Progressive KO)
Entries: 1,088 (606 entries, 482 re-entries)
Prize pool: $544,000 ($272,000 regular, $272,000 bounty)
Places paid: 136

1. plspaythxbye (Ukraine) $47,093.99* + $30,752.22
2. onlymtt748 (China) $35,738.17* + $15,447.62
3. cmontopdeck (Germany) $18,161.44 + $8,257.54
4. smir9david (Germany) $11,081.28 + $1,875.00

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