WCOOP 2017: Strong Finnish! miikka84 sweeps final table to win #56-H ($530 NL Courchevel Hi/Lo, 6-Max)

Courchevel! Perhaps it should be called "the teasing game." After all, players are "teased" (in a way) by getting a peek at one community card preflop -- one-third of the traditional flop, you could say -- thereby getting a chance to fashion their preflop strategy accordingly.

In the $530 buy-in Event #56-H, Courchevel was played in a no-limit, split-pot format with the game six-handed. Remember also that Corchevel is a "5-card Omaha" game, with players using two of their five cards to make their best possible hands.

We'll do more than tease you with how things turned out -- we'll tell you outright here at the start that miikka84 of Finland knocked out everyone at the final table to earn the title and a $26,798.93 first prize following a heads-up deal.

There were 298 total entries for this one (178 uniques), making for a $149,000 prize pool that easily bested the event's $100K guarantee. The top 35 made the cash, and after one day of play they'd gotten all of the way down to just eight players left. onmybicycle of the Netherlands was the overnight chip leader with a stack of just over 4.6 million, nearly 1.5 million clear of miikka84 who was in second position.

That meant Day 2 began with hand-for-hand play at the two remaining four-handed tables, and after 15 minutes it was Fred "fred_volpe" Volpe falling in eighth after losing his stack to miikka84. Volpe collected $3,996.76 for the finish.


Fred "fred_volpe" Volpe

The final seven were reseated around a single table, though they were still one knockout away from the official final table. It took about a half-hour more, then a short-stacked João Mathias "joaoMathias" Baumgarten found himself all in (again), this time with A♣J♥J♠6♦2♣ with the J♦ already on the board to give him a set.

Baumgarten had a caller in leader onmybicycle who had Q♦T♣6♠5♠3♦, and after the completed board showed J♦T♥9♣8♠3♣, onmybicycle had made a queen-high straight, there was no low hand, and Baumgarten was out in seventh.


João Mathias "joaoMathias" Baumgarten

That pot helped onmybicycle add even further to the lead to start the official final table.


Seat 1: Vovan7778 (Russia) -- 2,031,789
Seat 2: yohanteuber (Morocco) -- 1,896,267
Seat 4: krokotopus (Russia) -- 839,578
Seat 5: miikka84 (Finland) -- 4,087,055
Seat 6: Alex "dynoalot" Difelice (Canada) -- 378,839
Seat 7: onmybicycle (Netherlands) -- 5,666,472

Just a few minutes into the final table, there was a 4♦ showing preflop when miikka84 open-shoved from the small blind and Alex "dynoalot" Difelice called all in with the 121,045 left after posting the 35,000-chip big blind.

Both players were primarily looking for big cards as Difelice held Q♠Q♣J♠T♦2♣ and miikka84 A♣J♣T♠9♥8♥.

The board ended up bringing a lot of low ones, though, ultimately showing 4♦A♠2♠3♣4♥. That meant miikka84's two pair (aces and fours) was better than Difelice's (queens and fours), with miikka84 having made an unneeded 8-4-3-2-A low hand as well.

miikka84 had edged closer to leader onmybicycle, while Difelice -- who recently finished 10th in the PokerStars Championship Barcelona Main Event and also won this year's Event #51-L ($1,050 pot-limit Omaha) -- was out in sixth.


Alex "dynoalot" Difelice

The remaining five played onward, then came a hand in which krokotopus saw the A♣ preflop and open-shoved from the small blind for just over 550,000 (not quite 14 big blinds), and miikka84 called from the big blind.

krokotopus had a pair already with A♥J♣9♥8♠4♠ as did miikka84 who showed A♠Q♥T♠8♦2♠. The rest of the flop came 5♠Q♣, followed by the 6♠ turn and 3♠ river. Both players had made flushes and 6-lows, but miikkaa84's flush was best and 6-5-3-2-A low just a bit better than krokotopus's 6-5-4-3-A, meaning krokotopus was out in fifth -- a fourth top 10 finish in this year's SCOOP for the Russian.

Vovan7778 came into this event having won a couple of SCOOPs in the past -- $27 buy-in razz event in 2016 and another $27 buy-in 2-7 triple draw one earlier this year. The Russian also had a half-dozen cashes in this year's WCOOP, with the seventh ultimately ending as a fourth-place finish in this one.

It was again miikka84 handling the work of trimming the field, in this case min-raising from under the gun, then calling Vovan7778's reraise shove from the small blind for almost 1.34 million (close to 27 BBs).

The T♥ was on the board, and Vovan7778 had A♦K♥T♣8♠3♦ for a pair of tens to start. But miikka84 already had a set with T♦T♠7♣3♠2♥, and when the completed board showed T♥3♣7♠J♣8♦, that set had held up and Vovan7778 was out in fourth.

After those three final table knockouts, miikka84 had pushed up into first position in the counts while onmybicycle -- winner of a WCOOP last year ($215 PL 5-Card Omaha Hi/Lo, 6-Max) -- slipped to third in the counts.

That's when a hand came up in which there was the 6♦ showing when miikka84 min-raised ot 120,000 from the button, onmybicycle three-bet to 390,000 from the small blind, and miikka84 called.

The flop was completed, showing 6♦8♥8♦, and after onmybicycle shoved for 2,858,377 miikka84 called. onmybicycle had A♦A♥J♣9♦5♣ for aces and eights, while miikka84 had flopped trips with 9♣8♣5♥4♦2♦. The turn was the T♣ and river the 5♠, giving miikka84 a low hand as well, and onmybicycle rode out in third.

Soon miikka84 and yohanteuber stopped play to discuss a deal, at which point miikka84 led with just over 9.3 million to yohanteuber's almost 5.6 million. They quickly agreed to the proposed deal numbers ("ICM" and "chip chop" being the same heads-up), and leaving $2,980 for which to play were soon back at it.

All told the heads-up portion of play would last about 35 minutes, with miikka84 primarily leading although yohanteuber did seize the advantage briefly along the way. Finally yohanteuber was whittled down to just over 1 million (or just over a dozen big blinds) when the final hand took place.

With the 6♦ on the on the board, miikka84 open-shoved from the button with Q♣T♦9♣9♦4♠ (an overpair) and yohanteuber called with Q♠J♠8♥3♠2♠ (a low draw, plus other possibilities).

The flop completed 6♦9♥K♣, giving miikka84 a set of nines, and after the A♦ turn and K♠ river it was over -- miikka84 had won.

Congratulations to the Finnish player miikka84 for knocking out all five opponents at the final table to win the title and over $26K. And kudos also to yohanteuber of Morocco for making it to the heads-up deal to earn a nice $22K-plus payday as well.

WCOOP-56-H: $530 Courchevel Hi/Lo, 6-Max
Entries: 298 (178 entries, 120 re-entries)
Prize pool: $149,000
Places paid: 35

1. miikka84 (Finland) $26,798.93*
2. yohanteuber (Morocco) $22,723.03*
3. onmybicycle (Netherlands) $15,626.18
4. Vovan7778 (Russia) $11,582.70
5. krokotopus (Russia) $8,585.51
6. Alex "dynoalot" Difelice (Canada) $6,363.90
* Denotes two-way deal

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