WCOOP 2017: thehushpuppy making a lot of noise with double win

Among the constant flow of WCOOP results this past week, with a dozen winners over the weekend, we managed to miss the first double winner of this year's championship.

Thehushpuppy is a name that's appearing in the win column more and more these days.

Back in January thehushpuppy won a TCOOP title for $10,500, a result which followed a Sunday Super Sonic win less than a year earlier. The results haven't stopped in 2017.

basset-hound_20sept17.jpgIs the username a reference to hush puppy shoes (which feature a basset hound)? Or hushpuppies, the southern cornmeal snack? We don't know...

A week into WCOOP 2017 thehushpuppy racked up a first WCOOP title in Event 11, making for a second COOP. Then, last weekend, a third COOP with a second win in WCOOP Event 41.

We don't know much about thehushpuppy apart from the results listed above and the six other cash finished recorded in WCOOP this year so far - and that the first WCOOP title came after a heads up scrap with Mike "SirWatts" Watson.

A player in form with two wins in the first half of the Championship, with almost a week of play remaining. We don't mean that to sound so much like a threat, but maybe it is?

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Stephen Bartley
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