WCOOP 2017: Zagalo87 obliterates final table; wins $25K PLO High Roller (Event #51-H $25,000 PLO 6-Max)

Unstoppable Zagalo87. Utter decimation. Zagalo87 knocked out five players at the 6-max final table for Event #51-H $25,000 PLO High Roller. After a three-way money chop, Zagalo87 only needed five hands to defeat the last two players at the final table. No one could stop Zagalo87, who liquidated everyone in his path to the winner's circle.

This PLO High Roller event allowed only one single re-entry during the late reg period. A total of 17 players fired a second shot at the High Roller title. In all, 2017 WCOOP Event #51 $25,000 PLO 6-Max attracted 71 entries from 54 original runners. This event originally had a $1 million guarantee, which got smashed by the actual prize pool of nearly $1.75M. Only the top nine places paid out with nearly $470K set aside to the High Roller champion.


Day 1 ended with 10 players still left in the hunt. Germany's Fresh_oO_D bagged up the most chips with 517K. Three players from Finland were still alive.

Day 2 began on the money bubble. Action was also hand-for-hand with ten remaining. Jeans89 returned with a short stack and went to work right away to try to chip up. Alas, Jeans89 ran A♦Q♠Q♦4♦ into Venividi1993's K♥K♦8♠4♥. Jeans89 missed the money by one spot. The final nine locked up a min-cash of $61,295.84.

With eight remaining (after rompsa busted in ninth place), action went hand-for-hand on the final table bubble. Zagalo87 led with 777K. The two shorties were at the same table. ISILDRooN and ludovi3333 rumbled and ludovi333 flopped a nine-high straight with A♥J♥9♠7♣. ISILDRooN flopped a set with J♠J♦5♣5♠, but never improved. ISILDRooN bubbled off the final table in eighth place and the final table was set.


WCCOP-51-H Final Table Chip Counts:
Seat 1: ludovi333 (336,391)
Seat 2: MITS 304 (659,004)
Seat 3: Venividi1993 (317,869)
Seat 4: Fresh_oO_D (426,582)
Seat 5: Zagalo87 (793,867)
Seat 6: XD89lol<3 (480,596)
Seat 7: Ravenswood13 (535,691)

The final table commenced during Level 25 with blinds at 6K/12K. Zagalo87 continued to hold onto the big stack with 793K. Venividi1993 brought up the rear with 317K.

Couple of players of note at the final table... Jens 'Fresh_oO_D' Lakemeier won a WCOOP last weekend. He had two other SCOOP wins... Ludovic 'ludovi333' Geilich won a WCOOP last year... MITS 304 won a 2016 WCOOP in Razz and final tabled the 2016 WCOOP PLO High Roller... High-stakes cash game player Ravenswood13 won a SCOOP in 2016.

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BACKWATER: ludovi333 eliminated in 7th place

ludovi333 potted 195,475 pre-flop and Ravenswood13 called. The flop was J♥4♥3♣. Ravenswood13 checked, ludovi333 moved all-in for 62,916 and Ravenswood13 called.

Ravenswood13: A♠T♦9♣8♠
ludovi333: A♣A♦9♦2♣

ludovi333's Aces were still in the lead. But the turn was the 7♦ and the river was the 8♦. Ravenswood13 caught a runner-runner straight to win the pot with a Jack-high straight. Aces were no good for ludovi333, who became the first player to exit the final table. Seventh place paid out $8,1999.42.

KURT'S REJOINDER: Fresh_oO_D eliminated in 6th place

Short-stacked Fresh_oO_D picked a spot to try to double up against Zagalo87. All the rest of the money went in on the flop of A♥9♥7♠. Fresh_oO_D took the lead on the flop with a set, but Zagalo87 flopped an open-ended straight draw.

Fresh_oO_D: A♠K♥4♣2♠
Zagalo87: T♠T♦8♠7♦

The board finished up A♥9♥7♠8♦J♦. Zagalo87 turned two pair, but rivered a Jack-high straight. Fresh_oO_D's pair of Aces were not good enough to stave off elimination. Jens 'Fresh_oO_D' Lakemeier was knocked out in sixth place, which paid out $109,695.62.


Jens 'Fresh_oO_D' Lakemeier = 6th place

KINGS LEAD HAT: XD89lol<3 eliminated in 5th place

Good ole Aces versus Kings. Zagalo87 kicked off the fracas with a raise to 56,000, XD89lol<3 moved all-in for 189,192 with A♦A♥3♣3♠, and Zagalo87 called with K♣K♠6♥6♠. Zagalo87 hit the flop... bigtime. The board finished up K♥9♦5♠8♦7♠. Zagalo87 won the pot with a set of Kings. Aces got snapped off by Kings and Finland's XD89lol<3 was dunzo in fifth place, which paid out $146,746.82.

With four left in the hunt... two players had stacks over 1M: Zagalo87 led with 1.2M and Ravesnwood13 was right behind with 1.1M. MITS 304 was the shorty with 420K.

BY THIS RIVER: MITS 304 eliminated in 4th place

Running diamonds. Rough. All the money went in on the flop of K♥Q♥Q♦. Trips vs. trips. MITS 304 check-called all-in for 93,891 with A♠Q♠3♥2♥ against Zagalo87's Q♣9♣6♦4♦. The turn was the 8♦ and the river was the 5♦. Zagalo87 flushed out MITS 304. Trips were no good versus running diamonds. For a fourth-place finish, MITS 304 earned $196,312.38.

With three to go, Zagalo87 led with 1.8M and Venividi1993 was the shorty with 292K.


With three to go, action got paused to discuss a deal. Zagalo97 led with 1.9M, followed by Ravenwood13's 910K and Venividi1993's 730K. Any deal had to leave $34,825.00 on the table to the winner. The numbers were floated... Venividi1993 ($325,649.51), Zagalo87 ($384,213.62), and Ravenswood13 ($339,240.95). All three agreed rather quickly. With a deal in place, the final table resumed.

ENERGY FOOLS THE MAGIC: Ravenswood13 eliminated in 3rd place

On the second hand after the deal, we saw fireworks and Zagalo87 won an 1.8M pot. All-in preflop after a potting war broke out. Ravenswood13 shoved for 890,621 with A♣K♠Q♠J♠. Zagalo87 called with A♦A♠T♣3♣. The board ran out 9♠8♥5♦8♦3♦. Zagalo87 won the pot with Aces up. Ravenswood13 never improved and could not crack Aces. For a third-place finish, Ravenswood13 earned $339,240.95.

HEADS-UP: Zagalo87 (Slovakia) vs. Venividi1993 (Malta)
Seat 3: Venividi1993 (710,448)
Seat 5: Zagalo87 (2,839,552)

Zagalo87 held a 4-1 edge. Heads-up lasted four hands.

SPIDER AND I: Venividi1993 eliminated in 2nd place; Zagalo87 wins PLO High Roller!

On the fourth hand of heads-up, the two battled to the death. All the money went in on the flop of J♣6♥5♥. Venividi1993 check-raised all-in for 545,448 with two pair and Zagalo87 called with a flush draw and a gutshot draw.

Venividi1993: J♦8♣7♦6♠
Zagalo87: K♠7♥5♠3♥

The turn was the T♦ and the river was the 5♣. Zagalo87 backdoored trips to win the pot. Venividi1993 never improved and busted in second place. The runner-up share was worth $325,649.51.

Congrats to Zagalo87 from Slovakia. First place in the $25K PLO High Roller paid out $419,038.62.


WCOOP-51-H: $25,000 PLO [6-Max, High Roller]
Entries: 71 (52 entries, 17 re-entries)
Prize pool: $1,741,275
Places paid: 9

1. Zagalo87 (Slovakia) $419,038.62*
2. Venividi1993 (Malta) $325,649.51*
3. Ravenswood13 (Malta) $339,240.95*
4. MITS 304 (F.Y.R.O.M.)$196,312.38
5. XD89lol<3 (Finland) $146,746.82
6. Jens 'Fresh_oO_D' Lakemeier (Germany) $109,695.62
7. Ludovic 'ludovi333' Geilich (U.K.) $81,999.42
* Denotes a deal among the final three

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