WCP Heat 1--Third place playoff--Austria vs. Scotland

Florian Oberauer (Team Austria )


Steven McCorquodale (Team Scotland )

As the teams begin play on this Wednesday, Teams Austria and Scotland are fighting for third place after failing to make the finals.

The first match of the day pitted Austria's Florian Oberauer against Scotland's Steven McCorquodale.

McCorquodale moved out to an early lead and seemed to have Oberauer dominated. That domination would end when McCorquodale tried to trap with a pair of aces from his small blind. Oberauer checked his option with 74. When the flop came down seven-high, it looked as if Oberauer would lose al his chips. He was more than ready to play with his top pair. Then the worst possible thing for Team Scotland happened. A four came on the turn to give Oberauer two-pair. McCorquodale was happy to get all his chips in the middle and was devestated to see his opponent's two pair.

The match ended a few hands later when Oberauer flopped a set of tens to McCorquodale's middle pair and open-ended straight draw.

Team Austria: 1, Team Scotland: 0

Brad Willis
@BradWillis in World Cup of Poker