WCP Heat 2: Costa Rica vs. Scotland

Jose Rosenkrantz (Team Costa Rica)

Jose Rosenkrantz is a member of a well-known cabal of poker players from Costa Rica. Look around the well-known Brenes brothers and this one-time businessman will likely be nearby. Rosenkrantz is a one-time World Poker Tour winner who lives by the philosophy that that true happiness is an unreachable ideal, but searching for it is a joy in itself.

Andy Richmond (Team Scotland)

Let's het this out of the way first. Andy Richmond goes by the nickname "The Wee Stinker." I'd venture several guesses why, but it is more thank likely because he's a bit mischievous. For instance, ask him which celebrity he most resembles and he'll answer, "Halle Berry. The remblence is uncanny." Ask him what annoys him the most abuot himself and he'll answer "Er, um, lack of decisiveness. I think...hang on. maybe not." He also owns a black cat named "Lucky." That should be enough to let you know, this guy he more than a poker player. He is The Wee Stinker.


As was the norm today, the first level was more about the players feeling each other out than taking serious risks. On one hand of note, Rosenkrantz was a bit behind in chips but flopped the ugly end of a straight with his 56o on a 789 flop. Richmond held a ten but folded to Rosenkrantz's check raise after a ten thousand chip bet.

When level two began, Rosenkrantz took control of the table, picking up AQ and making trips on the river. He then demonstrated a great read he'd put on Richmond, calling Richmond's river bluff with only queen-high and taking down the pot.

Richmond would not be bullied, however and subsequently played back at his Costa Rican opponent, at one point pushing Rosenkrantz off the best hand for a sizable win. By the end of the second level, Richmond had battled his way back to even stacks.

It would play that way for another two levels. One player would move to out to a sizable lead, only to give it back over the course of a few hands. It seemed as if it were going to play out like that for a while.

Which is when the unthinkable happened for this embarassed blogger.

I was terribly thirsty and needed a drink. A rushed to the bar for a Diet Coke. I mean, the chip-stacks were fairly even. It seemed like a reasonable proposition. Sure enough, just as I make it down to the bar, the non-playing members of the Costa Rican team went wild, high-fiving each other and generally getting on in a wild and crazy manner. I looked up at the monitor. Jose had just mad trip jacks on the river and took down the whole contest, giving his team a second win and a good lead.

Costa Rica: 2, Scotland: 0

Brad Willis
@BradWillis in World Cup of Poker