WCP Heat #2--Championship Final

Manrique Quesada (Team Costa Rica)


Anne Lovmo (Team Norway)

After a stunning and quick defeat in the first heat of the finals, Norway needed to stop the Costa Rican tide from running away with the contest. Heat #2 pitted Manrique Quesada, the man who sealed the deal for Costa Rica's advance into the final, against Anne Lovmo, the only woman in this competition.

The contest did not begin well for Team Norway. Quesada opened up the chip lead within just a few hands after both he and Lovmo paired thier aces. Quesada had a bigger ace and Lovmo found herself behind from the beginning. But she was nothing if not tenacious. By the 23rd hand, Lovmo had rebuilt her stack and took over the chip lead with an aggressive style and nice hands.

She saw her lead fall away though in a hand that might later haunt her. Both players saw the flop on the cheap with 58o. By the turn, both players had made two-pair. Lovmo bet out and Quesada came over the top all-in. With an ace on board, Lovmo struggled, fearing Quesada might have a better two pair. After quite a bit of thought, Lovmo mucked her hand and gave up her half of the pot.

While two-pair moved Quesada into the lead, it would hurt him a few hands later. He made two-pair on the turn, but decided to slow-play it and let Lovmo catch up and make a queen-high straight on the turn. Her win brough her back to near-even in chips.

In the back and forth match, Quesada would finally open up a 2-1 chip lead when he had Lovmo both chased a spade flush and missed. Unfortunately for Lovmo, Quesada made a pair and took a sizable pot.

After that, Quesada would not relinguish the lead, and finished Lovmo off by making a stunning call on the final hand. Both players had made middle pair and Lovmo pushed all in on the turn. Quesada had the better kicker but could've been beaten by any number of hands. Finally he convinced himself of his read and made the call to wild cheering from the bar full of Costa Rican players.

Now, Norway must win its next match or face a second place finish.

Team Costa Rica: 2, Team Norway: 0

Brad Willis
@BradWillis in World Cup of Poker