WCP Heat #2--Third Place Playoff--Scotland vs. Austria

Ian Millar (Team Scotland)


Bernd Stadlbauer (Team Austria)

In the second heat of this third place playoff, two winners from the semi-finals faced off. With Scotland already behind by one game in the playoff, it was up two Ian "Two-Outer" Millar to fend off pilot and poker player Bernd Staldbauer. Millar, fresh off his come-from-behind win against Costa Rica's Alex Brenes, looked ready to play as he sat down.

The two tangled for the first level, both willing to play any two cards to a raise, but neither giving up much ground.

The defining moment in the short match pitted Ian Millar's AJ to Stadlbauer's AK. The flop was full of rags and looked to save Millar from certain doom. However, an ace came on the turn and piqued Millar's interest, so much so that it cost him a goodly portion of his stack.

Millar struggled to get back to even and looked to do so as he came in for a raise with K7 and hit a king on the flop. Stadlbauer had called the raise with 45, caught a four on the flop and called Millar's flop bet to see the turn. In a devestating turning of the tables, a five came on the turn to give Stadlbauer two-pair. All the chips found their way to the middle of the table and Millar never improved.

Now Team Norway is faced with either winning its next match or being happy with fourth place.

Team Austria: 2, Team Scotland: 0

Brad Willis
@BradWillis in World Cup of Poker