WCP Heat #3: Scotland vs. Costa Rica

Natan Wager (Team Costa Rica)

Natan Wager is a talker. He sort of has to be. He's an attorney and attorneys talk. Wager may love the game he's playing for his country, but says poker is just a hobby. "I love it too much to do it for a living. However, I couldn't imagine my life without it," he said. Wager has made several final tables in multi-table tournaments in Las Vegas and Costa Roca. He'll also tell you, though he has an explosive temper, his mother says he is "sweet and kind."

Tony Stewart (Team Scotland)

Tony Stewart is the boss. Seriously. He's been the boss at casinos across the world, including casinos in London and Moscow. As a result, Stewart knows his cards very well. While he lists Omaha Hi-lo has his best game, he's proven to be no slouch at NL Hold'em either.


This was the match that meant everything. If Scotland lost, it lost any chance of making it into the finals. It would be forced to fight for a third place spot.

As play began, it seemed that terrible result just might happen. Scotland's Stewart got off to a rough start, losing nearly half his chip stack within the first two levels. Still, Stewart refused to panic and showed tremendous poise with his small stack.

Natan Wager was playing a solid aggressive game and looked to put it all away. Then, an ill-timed hand doubled Stewart up and put Wager back on the defensive.

Then the war of attrition set in. The players traded a small chip lead for level after level, both players refusing to give ground. Finally the blinds grew so large, the game became a matter of push all-in or fold.

On the final hand, Wager picked the wrong time to push with his naked king. Stewart had a naked ace and it turned out to be good.

Stewart's win held off the defending champions and gave Scotland new life going into the fourth heat.

Team Costa Rica: 2, Scotland: 1

Brad Willis
@BradWillis in World Cup of Poker