WCP Heat #3--Championship final

Terrence Chan (Team Costa Rica)


Age Spets (Team Norway)

In the minds of some players, the championship final was already over. As Age Spets and Terrence Chan moved into what might've been the final heat of the of World Cup of Poker Championship Final, bettors had their money on Chan. In his first heat, he'd proven himself to be an aggressive and smart player. In contrast, Spets' first heat had labeled him as a conservative, even sometimes timid player.

Those who know Spets said his first heat was uncharacteristic of his normal play. That was even more clearly evidenced in the third heat of the championship final. Spets exploded from hand one, willing to raise, call, and re-raise with almost any two cards. Chan adjusted quickly to Spets style, but fell behind early on in the match. Spets had come in for a raise with J9 and Terrence agreed to see the flop with his 89. The flop came down 696. Spets bet out, Chan raised, and Spets called. The turn, a ten, helped neither player. Chan bet out 20,000 into a 60,000 pot and Spets asked Chan to count down his chips. The count completed, Spets announce he was all in. Chan conceded the pot and found himself down against Spets 3-1 chip lead.

Chan battled back for several hands, but ran into some bad luck. Pre-flop Chan raised it up wih AT of hearts and Spets insta-caled with QJo. The flop came down 7KJ and Chan immediately moved all in. Spets didn't consider it for more than a moment before calling. Chan never improved and Team Norway held on to give itself a chance at the championship.

Team Costa Rica: 2, Team Norway: 1

Brad Willis
@BradWillis in World Cup of Poker