WCP Heat 3--Third place playoff

Sigi Stockinger (Team Austria)


Dave Veitch (Team Scotland)

In the third and possibly final heat of the third place playoff, Team Austria looked to put the contest away. Noted European player Sigi Stockinger faced off against Diamond Dave Veitch.

It proved to be a short contest. In one of the two key hands in the 17-hand match, both players made a pair of queens on the turn. The river was named Action. It gave Stockinger two pair but handed Veitch a flush. Stockinger was smart not to move all in, but still called Veitch's bet and allowed Veitch to move out to a 2-1 chip lead.

Stockinger did all he could to battle back, but decided to make a move with A6 and happened to run into Veitch's pair of kings. Stockinger couldn't catch his ace on the 17th hand and Team Scotland held on to force a fourth match in the best of five contest.

Team Austria: 2, Team Scotland: 1

Brad Willis
@BradWillis in World Cup of Poker