WCP Heat #4: Austria vs. Norway

Florian Oberauer (Team Austria)

Call Florian Oberauer the Magic Man. Like a lot of the young up and coming poker players, Oberauer got his start in the game Magic: The Gathering. The strategy card game has led him to poker success, although he still considers poker to be just a hobby. Although he overslept his first World Cup of Poker match, he made it all the way to London for the semi-finals.

Allan Dyrstad (Team Norway)

Allan Dyrstad calls himself "Mariachi." A world traveler and former navy man, Dyrstad has spent quite a bit of time in South America. Like some of his other competitors in the WCP, Dyrstad is a musician. As a fierce battler, there's little question why his favorite movie is "Braveheart."


It was the game that could've put Norway out to pasture and vaulted Austria into the finals. Pitting a young card player against a world traveler, the match promised to be a good one.

Unfortunately, the cards refused to coooperate with the wishes for a good match. Few times did the opponents' cards match up for an interesting showdown.

As it happened, Dyrstad took control of the table in short time, gained a chip lead and never let it go. By the end, it was simply a matter of putting Oberauer away, which he did handily and quickly.

The shortest match of the semi-finals meant one thing...Norway and Austria would have to meet again to decide which team would play in the World Cup of Poker finals.

Team Norway:2, Team Austria:2

Brad Willis
@BradWillis in World Cup of Poker