WCP Heat #4--Championship final

Anders Berg (Team Norway)


Alex Brenes (Team Costa Rica)

In one of the best London matches of the World Cup of Poker, Norway's Anders Berg trounced Costa Rica's Alex Brenes to force a fifth and final match for the championship.

The match promised to be a good one, as both players are among the most experienced in the field. From the very beginning, Berg asserted himself as the table lion, refusing to back down and setting up Brenes at nearly ever turn.

In a key hand that would set the stage for the entire match, Brenes saw the flop with QJ to Berg's 93o. The flop missed them both, coming down 664 with two hearts. Brenes bet out on the flop and Berg flat called. From the commentary booth, Gary Jones noted it was evident that Berg was setting Brenes up for the turn. Sure enough, the jack of hearts came down on the turn. Although the jack had hit Brenes and secured his best hand, after betting, Brenes was forced to lay down his hand when Berg raised. With a possible flush and possible trips on the board, Brenes couldn't risk his stack on his pair.

Brenes scraped and scrapped best he could to get back to even, but couldn't fight off Berg's moves and re-moves. In the ultimate hand, Brenes came out betting his 93 of hearts on a 884 board. Berg, holding K8 of diamonds, flat called just as he had on the previous key hand. The turn was the two of hearts, giving Brenes the flush draw. Again, Brenes bet out, and this time Berg raised Brenes all in. Brenes, with so much money in the pot already, called and hoped for a heart which never came.

The Costa Rican loss sets up a fifth and final match between Jose Rosencrantz and Allan Dyrstad for the World Cup of Poker championship.

Team Costa Rica: 2, Team Norway: 2

Brad Willis
@BradWillis in World Cup of Poker