WCP Heat #4--Third place playoff

Tony Stewart (Team Scotland)


Dietmar Wegerer (Team Austria)

Team Scotland had survived falling behind 2-0 in the first two heats of the third place final when Diamond Dave Veich scored a victory in the third heat. Still, the onus remained. If Scotland were to survive, Tony Stewart had to win against Austria's Dietmar Wegerer.

I fell into the commentary booth once again and wasn't quite sure how the match would go. Stewart had served as a guest commentator during Diamond Dave's match and I listened to him as he disected his teammates play. I put my money on Stewart and he didn't disappoint. He came into the game aggressively. Only once in the early rounds did he make an aggressive bluff and get called down.

The players battled evenly for a number of hands before Stewart opened up a small lead. Just as I thought we were in for a marathon session, the ultimate hand arrived.

Dietmar saw the flop with TT versus Tony's 89 of hearts. The flop came down 755 with two hearts. The players got all-in, Dietmar with an overpair, Tony with a straight flush draw. A jack of hearts on the river handed the match to Team Scotland, evening the playoff score and sending both teams into Friday.

Team Austria: 2, Team Scotland: 2

Brad Willis
@BradWillis in World Cup of Poker