World Cup of Poker Set to begin

When the World Cup of Poker began, the battles were contested in an ethereal realm. The players sat in their homes, perhaps in the underclothes, perhaps snacking on fried food (okay, that's how I would do it), clicking madly as their heads-up matches played out.

Now, the remaining teams, defending champs Costa Rica, Scotland, Norway, and Austria have made their way to London, England for the semi-finals and finals.

We sit today along the River Thames at Riverside Studios. The players have congregated in the bar area and I have slipped quietly inside the control room. Studio access, where the actual play will take place, is under lock and key. It may require some trickery to slip inside for some pictures. As it happens, though, I'm in a favorable spot to monitor the action. In fact, it occurs to me the the conditions may be too favorable. I'm going to have access to the hole card cameras. I won't be able to reveal that information however, as there's a chance the players may review this and no one should be allowed undue advantage.

Bridge over not-so-troubled waters

The actual structure of this blog is still a bit of a mystery at this point. Hand-by-hand action will likely not rule the day at this point. I hate to promise it at this point and then fail to deliver based on circumstances beyond my control.

Last night, the teams submitted their line-ups for the best of five competitions. High-level strategy sessions had taken place in the hours before as the players decided who would lead off and who would follow.

The first match has now been revealed. At Noon London time, the first match of the day will begin. Costa Rica's Terrence Chan will face Scotland's Dave Veitch.

Keep your eyes here throughout the day and the rest of the week for comprehensive coverage of this event.

Blog Control: The PokerStars Blog invades the controol room

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