Poland win the World Cup of Poker 2006!

Poland were the favourite team of many neutrals following this event, a group of friends from small town Poland, who knew each other by being active in their country's small poker community. They had a smile on their faces, a drink in their hands, as they keenly followed each and every hand of this poker tournament. Nice lads, yes, but excellent poker players too. Their team never won a heat to reach the final, yet played consistently well, earned their points through five top four finishes, and then put in a great performance at the final table. Many neutrals might also claim the best team won.

Team Poland's supporters, always ready to cheer their team from the stands.

Team USA will be disappointed to be runners up, they too played well, and their captain's exciting, aggressive, poker style won them many chips. And perhaps his team mates would not be surprised when the cards were turned over in that final hand, and he showed 6 3 offsuit? Perhaps another player would fold A6 to an all-in re-raise, but Team Poland's player judged it right.

Poland's Philip Hilm said, "None of these guys have played a big tournament before but they were very consistent and performed well. Everyone made a contribution but it took a great final call by Jacek to clinch victory. The USA were playing very aggressively and he read the situation perfectly."

It's been a great tournament here in Barcelona. I never did get to go to the beach, so sorry, still no picture of me in my bikini. I can go to a beach any day of the week, but I'm never again going to get my photo taken by the team who claimed the World Cup of Poker 2006. Congratulations Team Poland!

Team Poland the winners of the World Cup of Poker 2006

The PokerStars World Cup of Poker has been televised by BAFTA award winning TV production company Sunset&Vine for future broadcast. I hope you'll be able to view this exciting poker tournament on TV soon. This blogger's signing off now. Just a few quick 'thank yous' before I go. Thanks to Neal Stoddart for the photos, Steve C for spreadsheet adding up stuff, Drew for desperate airport IT support, Brad and Howard for great blogging advice, and Mark/Matt/PokerStars for letting me come to Barcelona and take over the blog for a few days. It was brilliant.

Brad Willis
@BradWillis in World Cup of Poker