Team Canada win Heat 4 of WCP, and celebrate two victories today.

The Canadian Team are very happy tonight. Isabelle Mercier won Heat 3 earlier today, and just now team mate Trevor Diks beat Ireland to seal top points in Heat 4. He certainly played like a 'Super Genius Mouse' today. (See his player profile for an explanation of that.)

Canada celebrate their win

Someone who's clever at maths informs me that as long as Team Canada don't finish last in tomorrows heat, they will have reached the final.

Other teams are still scratching their heads and considering, 'Ifs and buts' to work out which postion they need to finish to make the top 4. Here's the table so you can do those 'Ifs and buts' yourself for your own team. One things for sure it's going to be a very exciting day tomorrow in Heat 5, the game which will decide who reaches the final of WCP 2006.

 TEAM        Heat 1     Heat 2     Heat 3     Heat 4     Heat 5  Points
4 Canada 8th 5th 1st 1st 36
1 USA 2nd 1st 4th 8th 35
2 Poland 4th 3rd 3rd 4th 32
3 Israel 3rd 2nd 7th 3rd 32
5 Brazil 1st 7th 6th 6th 23
6 England 7th 4th 2nd 5th 21
7 Ireland 5th 6th 8th 2nd 21
8 Iceland 8th 4th 5th 7th 16

Remember it's the top 4 teams that go through to the final, and if there's a tie for points it's based on highest finishing positions.

Points up for grabs in the final heat tomorrow:

1st - 15
2nd - 12
3rd - 9
4th - 7
5th - 5
6th - 3
7th - 2
8th - 1

Trevor Diks, Team Canada's winner of Heat 4

Brad Willis
@BradWillis in World Cup of Poker