WCP Final - Live Updates

6.31pm The WCP final is about to begin, about 30 minutes later than scheduled, but have you ever known a poker tournament that starts on time? Team Captains have selected who will start for their countries. Taking their seats at the final table now are:

USA - Dave Smith
Canada - Isabelle Mercier
Israel - Aliza Broude
Poland - Philip Hilm

Isabelle Mercier plays for Team Canada

6.37pm The WCP Final begins. The players have 25,000 starting chips and blinds are 50 100 so there'll be a lot of play.

7.10pm The blinds go up to 100/200. Not much movement of the chips as yet, current chip counts:

USA - 27,900
Poland - 25,000
Israel - 24,300
Canada - 22,600

7.26pm Biggest pot of the tournament so far goes to Isabelle Mercier. I missed the early stages of the hand, but she re-raised all-in on a 10 high flop. Dave from Team USA folded. The Team Canada player took the 9,500 pot.

7.31pm A big pot goes to Poland. Philip bets 300 on a flop of K J 6. Isabelle calls. The turn is a 7, the Polish player checks. Isabelle bets 1200. The Team Poland player immediately re-raises another 2500. Isabelle calls. The river is a 4. Philip bets 1500. Isabelle calls, and mucks when Philip shows J 7 for two pair.

Dave Smith starts the game for Team USA

7.52pm At the end of level 2 three teams decide to make changes. Team Poland bring on Andrzej Skawinski, Israel bring to the table Teddy Tuil, and Canada replace Isabelle Mercier with Captain Aaron Haw. Doctor Dave of Team USA is the only player remaining of those who started the final.

Aliza Broude of Team Israel, replaced at the end of Level 2

7.55pm Current chip counts:

Poland - 39,200
Canada - 25,650
Israel - 21,800
USA - 13,350

Blinds are now 150 300.

7.59pm Team USA's Dave and Poland's Andrzej see a flop, it's 8 7 4, two clubs. The Polish player checks, Dave bets 1200 the Pole calls. The turn is a King, both players check. The river is an 8, Dave bets 3000, Andrzej raises 8000. Dave makes a great call, he shows Q 7. The Polish player was bluffing with 9 5. Dave takes the 9,500 pot.

8.02pm Team USA win another big pots. A raise of 800 from Poland was called by Israel and the USA. On a 4 2 9 flop Dave bets and wins a pot of around 6000. Team USA coming back into the game.

8.07pm Dave Smith of the USA takes down a 19,500 pot from Team Poland. Andrzej of Poland tried to bluff the pot, but was called by Dave who held 8s and 7s for two pair.

8.13pm Teddy Tuil of Israel raises to 800, Aaron from Canada calls. On the flop of 8 10 J the Canadian bets 900, Teddy re-raises 2400. Aaron quickly folds. As the 5000 pot is pushed to the Israeli player he shows an 8.

8.17pm On the river, with a board of low cards Teddy Tuil and Andrzej from Poland raise and reraise. The young Pole makes a good call. Teddy had 5 8 and had hit a 5. Team Poland's player held 9s and took the 8,300 pot.

Andrzej Skawinski of Team Poland

8.23pm Israel's Teddy Tuil raises to 600, he's called by the Polish player. The flop was 5 9 2, two clubs. Andrzej checks, Teddy bets 2000. The Pole re-raises to 6,000. He's called by Teddy Tuil. The turn is a 7. Andrzej bets 8000, setting the Israel player all-in. Teddy Tuil considers for a minute, then calls. He turns over A 5, just a pair of fives. Andrzej shows 5 7 for two pair. The river doesn't help Teddy and Team Israel are out of the tournament. Andrzej comment on the hand, "I think he thinks I was bluffing, as I bluffed him in the hand earlier."

Teddy Tuil for Team Israel, smiling before Israel's 4th place exit in the WCP final

8.35pm Players are now on a dinner break. When they return Team USA will be forced to replace their player Dave Smith who has played the maximum 90 minutes for his team.

9.36pm Play is about to resume, I'll have chip counts for you in a moment. I just had a chat with Teddy Tuil, Israel's player who went out in the last hand before the break. "Was it a bad call?" He asked me. I respect Teddy greatly, and his play in Heat 2 was outstanding, it is hard for me to comment. Teddy pointed out, "If he hadn't hit he would have made the same play." It is true that when Teddy comitted most of his chips on the flop he was ahead... "Anyway, we did our best" Teddy said.

9.45pm Blinds are 200 400 after the dinner break. Chip counts are:

Poland - 44,300
USA - 30,100
Canada - 25,600
4th Israel

Tom McEvoy in shades is Team USA's new player.

Tom McEvoy takes charge of Team USA's chips

10.01pm Aaron of Canada raise to 1,200. Tom McEvoy calls. On the flop of J 6 3 Aaron checks. Tom bets 1,500. The Canadian player calls. The turn is a 5, which doesn't look like a meaningful card. Aaron bets 2500, Tom-reraises to 7,500. Aaron folds quickly. The USA wins a 15,400 pot.

10.11pm A big pot involving Canada and Poland. Andrzej of Team Poland raises to 1200, the Canadian player calls. The flop is 7 8 5. Poland checks, Aaron the Canadian player bets 1200. The Pole calls. The turn is a 5. Andrzej checks, Aaaron bets 3,100, he's quickly re-raised 8,000 by the Polish player. The Canadian calls. The river is a 9. A check by Poland. A 5000 bet by Canada. Andrzej calls. Aaron shows 6 8 for a straight. Andrzej has three 5s. A pot of over 20,000 for Team Canada.

Aaron Haw Team Canada's captain.

10.18pm At the end of level 4 there are two team changes. Jacek Ladny now plays for Poland, Christopher Comely replaces Canada's Captain.

Chip Counts are:

Canada - 44,400
USA - 31,900
Poland - 21,700
4th Israel

Blinds are up to 300 600.

10.23pm I missed the earlier betting details, but Tom McEvoy sets Poland's Jacek Ladny all in with the cards showing K 6 Q 7. Jacek calls. Tom has a queen, just second pair. The Polish player has K 7. He hits another King on the river for a full house. Team Poland double up, they're on around 40,000 chips now.

10.29pm A raise of 1,600 by Tom McEvoy, Canada's player calls. K 3 A the flop. Ryan checks for Canada. Team USA's player bets 2500. It's called by Ryan. The turn a Queen of hearts. Canada bets 4,000. Tom goes all-in for 9,800. Canada folds, the pot goes to the USA.

10.33pm On a flop of Q 3 3 there's a bet by Poland, a re-raise by Canada. Canada are all-in. Poland calls. Christopher Canada's player holds K Q. Poland's Jacek turns over A A. No improvement for Team Canada. They're out of the WCP final in 3rd place.

Approximate chip counts, we're now heads up:

Poland - 75,000
USA - 25,000
3rd Canada
4th Israel

10.46pm On a flop of 9 Q K, Jacek's bet of 1000 is called by Tom. The turn an Ace. Both players check. The river an 8. Tom McEvoy bets 2000, Poland calls. Tom shows 10 Jack, he flopped the straight. Jacek mucks.

10.49pm Blinds about to go up to 400 800. Here's current chip positions:

Poland - 67,100
USA - 32,900

10.50pm Team USA replace Tom McEvoy with Joe Harwell their captain.

10.56pm Joe calls on the small blind, Jacek raises 2,200. Joe calls. The flop is 7 4 3. Jacek bets 3,000, Joe re-raises to 7,000. Jacek folds. USA takes the pot.

11.01pm. We have a winner. Joe of Team USA calls on the small blind, Jacek of Poland raises 2,000. Joe re-raises all-in. The Pole has the USA player covered, Jacek takes only a moment to call. The Polish player turns over Ace 6 of spades. Joe of Team USA shows 6 3. The 6 in Jacek's hand not good for him. The flop of 5 Q 4, with two spades, gives both players something. A straight draw for Joe, a flush draw for Jacek. The turn a 9, the river a 4, no flush or straight hits, Jacek wins it with his Ace.

Team Poland celebrate their victory in the World Cup of Poker 2006.

Brad Willis
@BradWillis in World Cup of Poker