WCP Heat 1 - Live Updates

A reminder of the points at stake in this first game of the WCP -

Points Awarded -

1st place - 15 points
2nd place - 12 points
3rd place - 9 points
4th place - 7 points
5th place - 5 points
6th place - 3 points
7th place - 2 points
8th place - 1 point

The players of Heat 1 of the WCP

Scroll down to the bottom ofthis post for updates on key hands as they happen.

4.20pm - The tournament has just got under way with John Duthie explaining the rules, and advising the player's to 'forget nerves, you're just playing cards'.

4.38pm - A cagey start with few hands played. Anthony Holden for England is just ahead as chipleader.

Anthony Holden of Team England

5.13pm - The first all-in of the tournament. Brazil's Christian Kruel raises pre-flop, Klemi from Israel calls from the small blind. He checks the flop, Christian bets and Klemi re-raises all in. The Brazilian captain calls and turns over KK. Klemi is trailing, he shows QJ. Another Jack on the turn is the lucky card that keeps the Israeli player in the tournament.

5.21pm - A raise from Iceland player Gustav, is quickly re-raised by Marcin from Poland. A second later and Gustav calls. It's Gustav's KK vs Marcin's AA. An ace on the flop, and a quick double up for the Polish player.


Klemi Hagag is the chipleader at the end of level 2. Here are the current chip counts -

Israel - 13,060
Poland - 8,600
England - 4,160
Ireland - 3,460
Canada - 3,250
USA - 2,730
Iceland - 2,610
Brazil - 2,230

5.47pm - Poland are now shortstacked. Marcin and Joe from the USA both check an Ace high flop. The turn is an eight and Marcin bets out. Joe calls. Marcin goes all-in on the river and Joe instantly calls. Marcin shows a set of eights, but Joe shows AA for three aces.

Play towards the end of level 3

6.24pm - The players are back from a break at the end of level 3. The blinds are now 100, 200.

Current chip counts are:

Israel - 12,420
USA - 8,760
Brazil - 5,160
England - 4,260
Iceland - 2,710
Poland - 2,270
Canada - 2,250
Ireland - 2,160

6.38pm - We've lost our first player. Canada's Aaron Haw finishes 8th. He lost two hands in quick succession. Unlucky in the first hand his 2000 chip all-in was called by Ireland's Daniel Bolton, who had around 1000. Daniel held K 10 and Aaron A 10, but an unlucky King on the flop, left Aaron feeling pressure to go all-in next hand. His all-in was called by two players, Joe from the US and Gustaf from Iceland. The betting on the flop between these two wouldn't give Canada much hope, and Joe's two pair was enough to beat Aaron's pocket 3's and put him out of the tournament.

6.46pm - Iceland's Gustaf Bjornsson is out in 7th place. His preflop all-in bet was called by Ireland's Daniel Bolton. Guftaf turned over 77 and Daniel QJ. A Queen on the flop, a Jack on the river, and Iceland will gain just 2 points for their 7th place finish in Heat 1.

6.52pm - It seems that every time I sit down to write up a hand another player goes out of the tourney! This time it's Anthony Holden from Team England, who is raised 1300 by America on his right. Holden goes all-in for 5,400 and is astonishingly called by Brazil's Christian Kruel in the big blind. The Brazil player has KK and Anthony AK; the pocket King's hold up, and the England team finish in 6th place. Derek 'Purr of Aces' Morris's comment on the hand, 'One of those things, it plays itself'. Then another long gulp of his pint.

7.09pm - Marcin from Poland goes all-in with 1900 chips. The Ireland player calls and shows 67, Marcin has K6 and a King on the flop helps him double up. With the blinds now 200 400 a few players are reduced to desperate all-in moves. Team Poland are glad to survive that one.

7.14pm - Daniel Bolton's 4100 chip all-in is called by Joe from the USA. Daniel has 22, Joe K8. 8xx on the flop, a King on the turn. Daniel needs a 2 to stay in the tournament. No 2 to help Ireland, who are out in 5th place.

7.29pm - Poland all in again, and called by Joe from the US. Marcin from Poland has 99, Joe AJ of diamonds. An Ace and two diamonds on the flop, and the nut flush on the turn. Poland finish 4th, and the US win a 12,500 pot.

7.37pm - Only 3 teams remain, and these are the current chip counts.

USA - 24,300
Brazil - 10,400
Israel - 5,300
4th Poland
5th Ireland
6th England
7th Iceland
8th Canada

7.47pm - It's fast and furious action here, just as I was typing 'Good news for Team Israel', following a much needed double up - they go and get knocked out. Sorry Irael fans... Klemi raises all-in, and Brazil's Christian Kruel calls with pocket tens. The Israeli teenager has J8, he hits an 8 but nothing more. Israel out 3rd. It's now heads up between Brazil and the USA.

Joe Harwell

Christian Kruel

8.02pm - There's some debate here about how many hands of heads up play we had before this game was all over. It was either 3, or perhaps 4. It was too fast for this blogger to catch the action. I heard a roar from the crowd and got there just in time to see the cards left on the table, and two players walking away, one happy, one very disappointed. It seems Joe Harwell of the USA went all in. Christian Kruel of Team Brazil called. Joe had 46os, Kruel had AQ of spades. The flop was 10 10 2, the turn a King, the river a 2. The Brazilian player's Ace high won him the hand, and this the first heat of the WCP.

Brad Willis
@BradWillis in World Cup of Poker