WCP Heat 2 - Live Updates

3.50pm The tournament is about to start, each player has 5,000 chips. Starting blinds are 50 100. Scroll to the bottom of this post for the latest updates.

The players of Heat 2 of the WCP

4.01pm The usual timid start from everyone. Team Poland gave a cheer and a shout as Andrzej raised for the second time to win the blinds. "That's two in a row!" they shout. Yes, Team Poland increase their stack by 150 x 2. Go Poland...

4.08pm Teddy Tuil for Israel takes an early chip lead, winning a 3,700 pot with his AJ, an ace on the flop. Iceland's Birgir Gudmundsson had the losing hand.

4.26pm No significant news from the tournament, but Isabelle Mercier has just arrived, and she's showing off the PokerStars logo on the *ahem* posterior of her jeans. I'll try to get a photo of her bottom soon.

4.42pm Teddy Tuil is dominating in these early stages. He's playing a lot of hands and apparently bullying the less experienced players at the table.

5.02pm A member of the production team gets the crowd to cheer for their teams, as the tournament is on a short break and chips are counted. I may be biased, but I think Team England fans gave the loudest cheer.

5.06pm Chip counts at the end of level 2 are:

Ireland - 6,880
Israel - 6,220
Brazil - 5,860
Canada - 5,840
Poland - 5,550
USA - 4,050
England - 3,840
Iceland - 2,360

Blinds are now up to 100 200.

5.41pm There's very little to report here, tournament director Gerard's commentry on the hands is mainly a monotonous 'X takes the blinds'. One time Poland's Andrzej Skawinski 'took the blinds' and showed he 8 9. Not much else to say as yet. If it's anything like yesterday, it will liven up quite soon.

5.52pm Players are on a short break. I spoke to Andrzej from Poland who said, 'No one wants to go out first.' He bemoaned the fact he hadn't had any hands and said the only time he bluffed a flop he got reraised and had to fold. Meanwhile the news for Isabelle Mercier fans is that she was admiring the back of her new jeans in the TV monitors during the break. She wasn't the only one.

6.03pm Play is about to get underway again. Here's some chip counts, not much has changed:

Ireland - 7,870
Israel - 6,820
USA - 5,000
Brazil - 4,660
Canada - 4,490
Iceland - 4,150
England - 3,540
Poland - 3,450

I'm waiting for Aces vs Kings, we need some action soon surely. Blinds are now 150 300.

6.23pm Brazil's Armando Perrone raises to 1000, USA's Dave Smith quickly announces all-in. He has just over 6000 chips. It folds round to Armando again, he has a long, long, think then says, 'I call." The players turn over their cards, they both have AK, neither suited. Split pot. The crowd groan.

Armando Perrone of Brazil

6.32pm I bring you... Isabelle's butt.

Team Canada, Isabelle, and her very nice back jean pocket.

6.35pm Blinds are now up to 200 400.

6.42pm England's Robert Fair's announces all-in. USA's Dave asks for a chip count, Robert has just under 2000 chips. Dave calls and shows 77. Robert's happily ahead with JJ, and hoping to double up. The flop is 5 8 9 giving the USA player a straight draw. The turn's an Ace, and the young England player covers his face with his hands, nhardly daring to see the next card. John Duthie announces the river, it's a 6. And a straight on the river sends the unlucky England player out in 8th place. He shakes hands with everyone at the table before he leaves to be consoled by his team mates.

England's Robert Fairs can't bear to see the river.

6.56pm Team USA's Dave Smith announces a raise to 1500. Brazil's Armando is shortstacked on the Big Blind, and forced to call, he has just 300 chips more. He holds J 6, and he didn't want to see the USA player's pocket Jacks. The flop is 9 Q K. A ten will split the pot and keep the Brazilian in the game. The turn a King, which makes no difference. The river a 10, which means the split pot, and a relieved Armando and Team Brazil.

7.08pm Team Brazil's Armando Perrone announces all-in, he has just 600 chips. He's called by Teddy Tuil and from the big blind Canada's Mike Croft also calls. The flop is A 2 10, Teddy and Mike check. The turn is a 7, they check again. A small bet from the Canadian on the river signals he has a hand. Teddy folds. Armando had J 10, but the Team Canada player shows 2 3 for two pair. Armando is out. Team Brazil finish in 7th place in Heat 2.

7.22pm Latest chip counts:

Israel 9,700
Iceland 9,000
Poland 7,800
Ireland 5,200
Canada 5,100
USA 3,200

The blinds up to 300 600 for the next 30 minutes.

7.33pm Three players see a flop, the players of Ireland, Israel and Iceland. All the I's... The flop is 8 5 4 rainbow. Ireland checks. Teddy Tuil of Israel nonchalently bets out, as he has been doing all night long, pretty much whatever the flop. The Icelandic player thinks long and hard. He announces, 'all-in.' Teddy, perhaps not too surprisingly folds. Team Iceland takes dowm a 7200 chip pot.

7.42pm A battle in the blinds. Poland's Andrzej Skawinski and Team Ireland's Noel Pearce see a flop of 9 7 2, with two hearts. The Polish player bets 600, the Irish player calls. The turn is a 6 of hearts. Andrzej checks. Noel bets 1200. Team Poland's player now moves all-in. Noel folds. This win gives Andrzej around 10,000 chips.

Noel Pearce of Team Ireland.

7.51pm Noel Pearce of Team Ireland goes all-in from the small blind. "Sugar" Teddy of Israel calls with AQ. And Ace on the turn sends the Irish player out in 6th place.

7.52pm Next hand the shortstacked USA player goes all-in. He's called by Team Iceland's Birgir in the big blind. Dave Smith of the USA has AK, Birgir holds K5. Nothing for either player on the board, so Team USA double up. Still shortstacked, Dave will hope to double up soon.

Dave Smith of Team USA, doubles up but still shortstacked.

8.01pm In the last hand before the break there's a raise from the Icelandic player. Mike Croft of Team Canada goes all-in for 3200. It's 2000 more to the Iceland player, who has a big pile of chips. Team Iceland's Birgir calls and shows A5. The Canadian looks happy to see this, he has AJ. When all the cards are dealt the Canadian player takes the chips. He needed that.

8.10pm Latest chip counts:

Poland - 10,500
Iceland - 10,100
Canada - 6,900
USA - 6,400
Israel - 6,100
6th Ireland
7th Brazil
8th England

Blinds 400 800. As I type this Teddy Tuil goes all-in, everyone folds. Those blinds are worth having now. Expect plenty more all-ins.

8.22pm Mike Croft of Canada goes all-in for 5300 chips. He's called by Birgir from Iceland who shows 9 9. The Canadian has K 10. The nines hold up and Team Canada lose their player. Just 4 left.

Mike Croft the Canadian player goes out in 5th place.

8.27pm Teddy Tuil doubles up, calling the Polish player's all-in bet with A 9. The Poland player has 3 3 but the Israeli hits a 9.

8.32pm A big hand for Dave the doctor from Team USA. Iceland's Birger raises to 2,000, Dave re-raises 4400 more. It's Iceland's AK vs the USA's QQ. The Queens win the hand, and a big pile of chips for the USA player.

8.37pm Iceland's Birgir all-in with J 10. He's called by Teddy with AK. He's happy to see a flop of 9 10 Queen. Iceland's pair puts him ahead, and he thinks he's staying in the tournament. But a Jack on the river gives "Sugar" Teddy a sweet straight, and Birgir finishes in 4th place.

Birgir of Team Iceland, now out in 4th place.

8.45pm With 3 players left, there's now a dinner break. Chips are as follows:

Israel - 25,600
USA - 10,400
Poland - 4,000
4th Iceland
5th Canada
6th Ireland
7th Brazil
8th England

Blinds will go to 600 1200, expect a feast of all-in action after our Barcelona buffet break.

9.55pm Heat 2 resumes after the break, and Poland's Andrzej Skawinski goes all-in first hand. He's called by Teddy Tuil with A8. Poland's player trails with K 7. Andrzej doesn't hit, and is our 3rd place finisher. He'll win Team Poland a respectable 9 points.

Andrzej Skawinski the Polish player who finished 3rd in Heat 2.

It's now heads up between Team Israel's Teddy Tuil our cheap leader, against the relatively inexperienced Team USA player.

10.05pm A big hand for Team USA, a flurry of betting on a Q 5 x flop, with 2 clubs, sees Teddy all-in. Dave calls the reraise. Teddy is ahead with two pair, Queens and 5s. Dave has just a club flush draw, he needs another club to stay in the tournament - and hits this on the turn. Teddy can still win the hand with another Queen or 5, but it's a 3 on the river and the USA player doubles up.

10.15pm No more all-ins for a while, Teddy and Dave are playing cautiously, seeing flops. I'd say Teddy is edging ahead further, betting a lot of flops and forcing the USA player to fold, perhaps his experience is showing here. He's using his chip lead well.

10.23pm It seems to be an intriguing heads up match... If only we could see those guy's cards. Teddy is by far the more aggressive player, but perhaps Dave has realised this. A few perfunctory bets by the Israeli on uninteresting boards have been re-raised by Dave. He's taken the chip lead.

10.27pm. Dave raises preflop, and is re-raised all in by Teddy. Dave calls and shows A9. Team Israel's player has pocket 6's. Another 6 on the flop means Teddy stays in the game.

10.32pm Teddy loses most of his chips when his all-in with KJ is called by the USA player's AK.

10.36pm Teddy Tuil has just few chips now, both players see a flop of 7 8 6. Dave checks, Teddy goes all-in. Dave calls. Teddy has 7 5 - a pair 7s. Dave has 8 J - a pair of 8s. Teddy needs a 7 or a 5 to stay in the tournament... It doesn't happen. Team USA celebrate as winners of Heat 2 of the WCP.

The next Heat of the WCP will begin in just a few minutes. I'll bring you player profiles, as well as the team standings after 2 heats of play as soon as possible.

Well done to Team USA, with a 1st and 2nd place finish in the first two games of the WCP.

Brad Willis
@BradWillis in World Cup of Poker