WCP Heat 3 - Live Updates

3.36pm Heat 3 is about to begin again, the heat played to 3 levels on Wednesday, the 6 remaining players return today to continue the game. Scroll to bottom of post for the latest news from the tournament.

Wednesday June 21st:

10.05pm - Heat 3 of the WCP begins, playing 3 levels tonight then resuming tomorrow afternoon.

Heat 3 of the WCP

10.31pm - We have an all-in already in these early stages of heat 3. Team Ireland's Paul Redmon re-raised Tom McEvoy on a flop of K 8 x, 2 clubs. Tom held AK, Paul had 87 of clubs, a pair and a flush draw. No help for Paul on the turn and river left him very shortstacked. Tom won a big pot.

10.52pm - Short of chips Team Ireland's Paul Redmon goes all in. He's called by Isabelle Mercier who holds A8. Paul has KJ, and Isabelle hits 2 pair on the flop. Team Ireland's player is out early in 8th place.

Paul Redmon of Team Ireland the 8th place finisher

12.07am - Chip Counts at the end of level 1:

USA - 9050
Iceland - 8150
Canada - 6470
Poland - 6330
England - 4630
Israel - 2930
Brazil - 2440
8th Ireland

Blinds are now 100 200.

12.21am - We've lost another player. Short-stacked Team Israel player Boaz Lavie went all-in, he was called by Tom McEvoy. The Team USA player had JJ, Boaz had A9. The Jacks held up and the Israeli player finishes in 7th place.

Boaz Lavie of Team Israel finished in 7th place

12.35am - Isabelle is raising and re-raising a lot, it seems the players of Heat 3 are going to play more poker in these early stages. We've lost 2 already, in the previous two heats the play was much more cautious at this stage. It seems very different this game.

12.45am - Chip Counts as play finishes for today. The game will resume at 3.30pm Spanish time.

USA - 9880
Poland - 9430
Iceland - 7450
Canada - 6170
England - 3930
Brazil - 3140
7th Israel
8th Ireland

More from the WCP tomorrow. I wonder if I'll have time to find the beach..?

Thursday June 22nd:

3.40pm Team Brazil's Hugo de Carvalho pushes all-in in the first hand of the resumed tournament. Isabelle Mercier calls with AK, Hugo holds pocket 4s. An Ace on the flop is good news for the Team Canada player, Isabelle takes a 3000+ pot. But it's bad news for Brazil who finish 6th in this heat.

Hugo de Cavalho, 6th for Brazil

3.46pm Isabelle Mercier is raising nearly every hand, no different from yesterday. A spy watching the game in the TV van told me... Do players read this? Ok, can't say...

3.54pm The last couple of hands Isabelle has raised, been called, bet out when an ace hit and the other player's folded. This hand played a little differently. Isabelle raises to 600, she's called by Poland's Jacek. The flop is 5 2 Q rainbow, both players check. The turn is an Ace. Isabelle bets 800, Jacek considers, then calls. The river is another Queen. Jacek checks, Isabelle bets 1600. Jacek calls. Isabelle mucks without showing. Poland wins the hand.

4.12pm Jacek from Team Poland raise to 1000, Isabelle Mercier on the small blind calls. The flop is 8 10 J, 2 clubs. Isabelle bets 1000, the Polish player raises 2000. Isabelle considers for a moment, then she moves all-in. Team Poland's player thinks for a couple of minutes. Isabelle's chips are counted, it's 4260 for the Pole to call. Jacek announces, "Call". Isabelle turns over AJ, the Polish player JQ. They both have top pair, nothing changes on the turn and river. A big pot for Team Canada.

4.18pm The blinds raise to 200 400.

4.20pm Poland raise to 1500. Andrew from Team England has a little think, then goes all-in. It's 2700 more to Jacek from Poland. He calls. Andrew has 44, Jacek KQ. A flop of 6 4 2 is great news for Team England. Another 6 on the turn makes a full house. Great news for Team England who desperately need points today. And no, this English blogger wasn't really grinning. I have to be impartial.

4.27pm Poland double up. Jacek is shortstacked, his all-in bet is called by Iceland's Thorkell. Jacek has AQ suited. Thorkell AJ. The Polish player's better kicker earns him the chips when the board hits neither player.

4.34pm USA's Tom McEvoy raises to 1200. Andrew from England goes all-in - 4000 more to Tom. Tom folds, England wins the pot.

4.39pm Tom raises to 1300 this time. Isabelle thinks, looks at Tom quizzically and calls with a smile. She checks before the flop is dealt. The flop is A K 2. Tom checks as well. Isabelle impatiently checks the turn too, it's a 3. Tom checks as well. Isabelle laughs, "Why don't you bet?" She quickly bets the river, I didn't see the card. Not sure Isabelle did either... Tom shows 99 and folds. Isabelle seems to be having fun playing for Team Canada.

4.49pm As the TV crew try to fix something technical we get some chip counts:

Canada - 9800
USA - 7500
England - 5200
Poland - 4600
Iceland - 2800
6th Brazil
7th Israel
8th Ireland

5.05pm In the blinds Canada and England see a flop. 8 4 K and 2 spades. Isabelle bets 700, Andrew of Team England moves all-in. Isabelle folds.

5.06pm Isabelle raises to 1500, the shortstacked Icelandic player on the big blind moves all-in. Isabelle has A3, Thorkell has 78. The Iceland player hits a 7, he doubles up.

5.18pm Isabelle raises, and is re-raised by English Andrew. He's all-in for 7300. Isabelle thinks long and hard, then calls. She has 66. Andrew has A9. Team England cheer when they see the flop of K 9 8 - a pair for Andrew. Turn and river a 8 and King. England win a significant pot. A few people mutter about Isabelle's call with such a low pair...

Andrew Booker of Team England

5.20pm Tom McEvoy with not many chips left goes all-in with AQ, Iceland calls with 55. A Queen on the turn and Team USA's Dave just told me, "I liked seeing that Queen."

5.36pm Players return after a short break, blinds go up to 400 800. Here's some chip counts:

England - 18,500
USA - 11,400
Canada - 3,900
Poland - 3,900
Iceland - 2300
6th Brazil
7th Israel
8th Ireland

5.41pm Isabelle moves all-in. Everybody folds.

5.42pm Isabelle moves all-in. Everybody folds. (Yes, I did mean to repeat myself.)

5.44pm Iceland all-in, Isabelle also goes all-in. Everyone else folds. 56 of diamonds for Iceland. A 10 of spades for Isabelle. Isabelle hits a flush and the Icelandic player is out.

Team Iceland's Thorkell Thordarson, who goes out in 5th place.

5.51pm Poland's Jacek goes all-in. He's called by Tom McEvoy on the big blind. Poland have A3, Tom has KT. The flop if K 4 6, the Pole thinks he's out... The turn a 5, the river a 2. A straight for Jacek, and he sits back down again.

5.58pm The Team PokerStars players go up against each other in an exciting hand in the blinds. Isabelle and Tom see a flop of Q 3 J. Tom McEvoy goes all-in, Isabelle thinks hard, she can't seem to decide what to do. It's 4,700 to her. She eventually calls, but didn't want to see Tom's cards - he has Q T. She has K J. The turn is a King, and Isabelle has two pair. Tom McEvoy is unlucky, and out in 4th place.

Tom McEvvoy finishes in 4th place.

6.09pm Poland raise to 4000, Andy the English player goes all-in. Jacek is pot comitted, he has to call really. He has 10 9 of diamonds, Andrew has A7 of spades. A flush on the turn for the Team England player ends the tournament for Jacek. It's likely to be an interesting heads up between Isabelle Mercier and Andrew Booker.

Team Poland's Jacek Ladny. He is Heat 3's 3rd place finisher.

6.17pm Blinds go up to 600 1200. Chipcounts are:

England 28,700
Canada 11,300

6.19pm Isabelle raises, Andy goes all-in. Isabelle quickly calls. Isabelle has AJ, Andrew has 99. It looks like Isabelle is out of the tournament, but an Ace on the river saves her. She is now chip leader with 22,600.

Isabelle Mercier for Team Canada

6.26pm England's Captain 'Andy134' raises again and takes the blinds. It's turned into a cagey heads up match between two confident, experienced players. It seems that Tony Holden's wish for Andy to play a, 'Captain's Innings' may be about to come true. Andy commented that he had, 'a better arse than Isabelle' earlier. It's hard to judge from here. And I'm not sure that would help either of them with the poker in any case...

6.30pm A raise from Isabelle called by Andrew. Some betting on the river, I missed the board I'm afraid, but Isabelle took a large pot holding AJ.

6.34pm No raise preflop, the players see a flop of 10 9 4. Isabelle checks, Andy goes all-in for 8,400. Isabelle calls, she looks confident with top pair, and 7 10. But Andrew has 9 4 and two pair. He's looking to double up... But another 10 on the river and he's out. Isabelle Mercier wins Heat 3 of the WCP for Team Canada.

Brad Willis
@BradWillis in World Cup of Poker