WCP Heat 4 - Live Updates

7.06pm Heat 4 of the WCP begins.

The players of Heat 4

7.44pm A quiet first blind level, with not much play, then just as we go up to 70 140 we lose our first player. A raise preflop is called by Team USA's Michael Elbert. The flop is A 10 3, a bet by Team Brazil is re-raised by the USA player. I didn't see all the action but it seems Michael was bluffing, and went all-in with 10 8. He ran into the Brazilian's AK. Team USA finish 8th in Heat 4.

Michael Elbero of the USA - out in 8th place

8.05pm Chip count time:

Brazil 9,150
Canada 7,900
Iceland 5,390
Ireland 5,210
Poland 4,850
England 4,660
Israel 2,840
8th USA

8.22pm Dawn from Ireland just won a 2,800 pot from Team Brazil. Some wary betting on a Jack high board. On showdown Ireland had 10s and Brazil 9s.

8.38pm Team Poland only have 1250 chips. An all-in bet from Marcin Meindardi, but no one calls.

8.40pm A dinner break now. Play resumes in an hour.

9.40pm Play resumes after the break.

Chip counts:

Ireland 10,110
Brazil 8,950
Canada 7,100
Iceland 5,790
England 4,560
Israel 2,140
Poland 1,350
8th USA

9.46pm An all-in already...Israel all in with AA, called by Ireland with JJ. The aces hold up and Aliza doubles up.

9.56pm Poland's Marcin goes all-in for 1200 on the button. Iceland in the small blind goes all-in also. England in the big blind folds. Marcin has 8 4. Halldor has A Q. A 4 on the flop means Poland get a much needed double up.

10.01pm Team Poland's player goes all-in twice more, winning the blinds each time. He's now up to about 4000 chips.

10.19pm Blinds are now 200 400. There's been no significant hands for quite a bit. Something interesting usually happens when I leave the table and sit down at the computer...

10.23pm No, that didn't work. I'd better head back.

10.28pm Brazil's Jose Arenstein raises to 800. Dawn from Ireland re-raises to 1600. The Brazilian calls. The flop is 2 5 K, two hearts. Jose checks. Dawn bets 3000. Jose folds.

10.31pm Iceland's all-in bet is called by the Team Brazil player. Halldor has 44, the Brazilian KQ of clubs. The Team Brazil player hits a flush draw on the flop, but nothing more. Team Iceland double up.

10.34pm Halldo seems to like 44. He goes all-in again with this hand, he's called by Poland's Marcin who has 88. Halldo probably doesn't like 44 any more. He lost. A much needed double up for Poland.

10.44pm Aliza of Israel raises to 1200, she's called by Canada's Trevor. The flop is K T 7. Canada bets 2000, Aliza calls all-in. She has KJ. Trevor has TJ. Aliza doubles up.

10.47pm Iceland's Halldo goes all-in. He's called by Brazil's Jose Arenstein who shows AA. Halldo's KJ doesn't outdraw the aces. Halldo is our 7th place finisher.

Halldor Sverrisson of Iceland is 7th.

10.52pm Here's the latest chip counts:

Ireland 10,300
Brazil 7,900
Canada 7,400
Israel 6,400
Poland 5,800
England 2,200
7th Iceland
8th USA

10.59pm Team Canada's Trevor raises to 1800. John from Team England goes all-in. It folds round to the Canadian, it's just 1000 more to him. He calls. John has AQ, Trevor A9. The AQ wins and Team England win the chips.

11.13pm Jose Arenstein is making a few moves, showing bluffs. He's won pots from Team England and Team Israel in this way. The confident high stakes cash game player is playing well for Team Brazil.

11.23pm Team Poland are up and down in their seats, ever ready with their flag. Their player is all-in again. He has 3100 chips. Jose of Brazil calls. Marcin has QJ, Jose has 77. A Jack on the turn, a cheer from Team Poland and Marcin 'Pit Bull' Meinardi lives to fight another day.

11.32pm The players are on a break. Anthony Holden briefly hijacks PokerStars blog, to re-write my post from Heat 1. Of course he didn't call Kruel's KK all-in bet with his AK. The Brazilian player was lurking in the big blind with the monster hand. Sorry Tony! If you want to write any more hands...? Then I can get to the bar.

11.40pm Blinds up to 400 800 now. Here are the latest chip counts:

Ireland 13,600
Brazil 7,500
Poland 6,800
Canada 5,800
England 3,800
Israel 2,500
7th Iceland
8th USA

11.48pm Jose from Team Brazil raises to 2000. Israel's Aliza goes all-in. Just 500 more to the Brazilian who calls. Aliza has AK of diamonds, Jose has 77. A 7 on the flop to give Jose a set, but also two diamonds to give Aliza a flush draw. She hits the flush on the river and survives the all-in.

11.53pm England's John is all-in with A6, called by Team Brazil's player with AK. A 6 on the flop and Team England are still in the tournament.

11.55pm Brazil's Jose is out. I missed the betting details, but his 99 tangled with Dawn's KJ. The Irish player hit a flush and Team Brazil finish 6th.

Team Brazil's Jose Arenstein finished 6th

12.17am Blinds are now 600 1200, you'd expect there to be some action. There are just raises and folds so far. John, the Maths teacher from Hull lost chips when he raised to 2400, was re-raised by Dawn and folded. Team mate Andy shouted, "Show!" But neither Dawn nor John obliged.

12.24am Aliza from Israel goes all in on the button. She's called by Canada in the small blind. He has AQ, Aliza has QT. The flop of K J A gives Aliza a straight. The turn's a Q to give Trevor two pair, but the river's a 4. Aliza stays in the tournament.

12.28am Another all-in survived. This time the shortstacked Canadian player is in with AJ. Dawn on the big blind calls with J4. The Canadian doubles up, but still has very few chips.

12.34am Well just a few hands to report... English John calls Team Canada's all-in bet with AQ. The Canadian hits a set with his 10 10 leaving John with next to no chips. He goes all-in blind next hand and finds AA. He wins, but is all-in again next hand. He's ahead again with A8, but Trevor from Canada hits a flush, and sends the England player out in 5th place. A few players gather and consider points. It's likely England now need a 1st or 2nd place in Heat 5 to reach the final. Tony tells me the England Team are leaving to get drunk, then remarks, "I'm drunk already."

John Loftus of Team England is 5th

12.44am Chips:

Ireland 13,800
Israel 11,800
Poland 8,400
Canada 6,000

Blinds are 800 1600

12.55am Israel takes the chiplead. Aliza re-raises Dawn's 3200 bet. Dawn folds.

12.57am I missed the details, but hear the crowd and see Canada is all-in with AK vs Aliza's AJ. Team's Israel and Canada shout for the cards they want, there's a King on the flop, a straight draw for Aliza... The AK holds up and Canada win the chips.

1.03am Team Poland's Marcin goes all in with AJ, Team Canada calls with KK. The KK wins it and the Polish player is out 4th. Poland are still in good shape to make the final. A lot of teams will be hoping for Dawn's Ireland to take top points in this Heat, Ireland on 9 points really need a win to stand any chance at all of a top 4 finish.

Marcin Meindardi is in 4th place for Poland

1.12am Players are on a break.

As it stands now these are the team's points. To be decided this heat are the points awarded to the 3 remaining teams, Israel, Ireland and Canada. These teams will recieve 1st - 15 points, 2nd - 12 points or 3rd - 9. Please bear this in mind when you look at the points at present, which are :

USA - 35
Poland - 32
Brazil - 23
Israel - 23 (+ Heat 4 points, to be determined)
Canada - 21 (+ Heat 4 points, to be determined)
England - 21
Iceland - 16
Ireland - 9 (+ Heat 4 points, to be determined)

In the event of a tie on points highest finishing positions will be used to determine placings.

The top 4 teams reach the final, there's still some hope for all teams in tomorrow's final game.

1.24am Chip positions are:

Canada - 21,300
Ireland - 10,600
Israel - 8,200

Blinds are now 1000 2000.

1.33am Aliza getting low on chips went all in with A8, called by Team Canada with J9. The Ace high is enough to double Aliza up. It's all fairly even now, the Canadian chipleader but not by much.

1.39am Aliza raises and is re-raised by Trevor from Canada. She's put half her chips in, has to call really. She shows 10 8 of diamonds. The Canadian turns over AA. The Teams watching go crazy, Teddy Tuil shouts, "The best hand to crack aces!" Other members of Team Israel shout, "Straight!" The flop is 10 3 4. More screams for a "ten!" from Team Israel, keen to get top points in the heat. The turn is a 9, the river nothing useful for Aliza. Team Israel finish 3rd, they get 9 points for Heat 4.

Aliza of Team Israel

1.45am Bad news for Team Iceland, it's now mathematically impossible for them to finish in the top 4 and reach the final.

1.48am Chip counts:

Canada - 23,400
Ireland - 16,600

1.53am Blinds are now a hefty 1500 3000.

Our Heads up players -

Dawn Marshall of Team Ireland

Trevor Diks of Team Canada

2.01am We have a winner of Heat 4. Dawn goes all-in and is called by Trevor. Dawn turns over J9, the Canadian has AQ. The board doesn't help Team Ireland, they finish 2nd. Team Canada have had a great day, 2 wins in 2 heats. They're pretty much guaranteed a place in Saturday's final.

Christopher Comely who plays tomorrow for Team Canada said, "You mean going all-in blind the first hand isn't the best strategy?"

Brad Willis
@BradWillis in World Cup of Poker