WCP Heat 5 - Live Updates

4.12pm The final heat of the WCP begins. I'll bring you all the news as it happens. Blinds are 50 100 for 30 minutes, players start on 5000 chips.

The players of Heat 5

4.36pm The first team secure their place in the WCP final.... Ireland's Niall McNamara goes all in with top two pair on the flop, Queens and 9s, but there are three spades there too. Brynjar from Team Iceland holds a flush and calls. The Irish player is out in 8th place. This result also guarantees that Canada are assured of a top 4 finish. Ireland finish on 22 points and won't be in the final.

Niall McNamara of Team Ireland, first out in Heat 5

4.38pm Isabelle Mercier's happily asking what time the final starts tomorrow. Her captain must have told her she's picked to play...

4.43pm Team England's Derek is all-in with AK vs Team Brazil's AT. The board is J Q 5 4 T. A straight on the river for the English player, a double up for this player who knows he has to gamble a little to finish top 2 in this game.

4.49pm Team England very shortstacked now, having lost a pot to Team Iceland. Derek looks to be on around 2000 chips.

4.58pm No significant movements of chips. The Team Canada player, with nothing now to play for, seems to be having fun. He bluffs a big pot and shows 2 3os.

5.08pm Derek from Team England goes all-in with a flush draw and overcards on a raggy flop. He holds KJ of clubs. He's called by Team Iceland's player who holds 99. Derek hits a Jack on the river to stay in the game. Looks like he has about 6000 chips now...

5.12pm This is a fun game. The Icelandic and Canadian players have nothing to play for and are bossing the table. Team England know that only a win will do. The tactics in this game are intriguing... Hope to have chip counts for you in a minute.

Here's your chip counts:

Iceland - 13,050
Poland - 7,620
England - 4,750
Brazil - 4,560
USA - 3,980
Canada - 3,060
Israel - 2,980
8th Ireland

5.33pm Derek from Team England is all-in with QK, top pair on a King high flop. He's called by Team Canada's Christopher, who has T 4, and a heart flush draw. The turn gives the Canadian the flush. Team England hand over 2,360 chips to the Canadians. Derek's still in it, but needs a double up soon.

5.37pm Ireal's Martin Segal goes all in for 2040 chips. He's called by Poland's Philip Help. Philip has AQ. Martin has AA. Nothing special on the board, but Martin's smiling at a double up.

5.44pm England are all-in again. Derek has 99 this time. The Icelandic player with a big pile of chips calls with 34os. The flop is 5 6 8 - giving the Icelandic player an open ended straight draw. Team England look concerned... But survive, and Derek gets his double up.

Derek 'Purr of Aces' Morris - Team England

6.08pm Players are back from a break. Here are their chip counts:

Iceland - 10,120
Canada - 7,120
England - 6,460
Israel - 4,480
Brazil - 4,160
Poland - 4,080
USA - 3,280
8th Ireland

6.32pm It's all gone a bit quiet here. The only loudness I can report is our tournament director's matching lime green tie and handkerchief. The watching fans content themselves with rearranging their team flags over the hoardings. As Team England's Derek raises and takes the blinds he motions for his team mates to cheer. They oblige with a, "Come on England!". Let's hope there's a few cheers of genuine excitement soon.

7.01pm USA's Christopher goes all-in for 1600. He's called by Derek of Team England, and also Philip Helm of Poland. The flop is 6 J A. Derek and Philip check. The turn another Ace. Derek and Philip check again. On the river another Jack. The player's check again. The all-in US player shows A3, a full house. Derek shows KK. The USA takes the pot.

7.11pm Iceland's Brynjar bets, Brazil raise all-in, to 5,400. It's 4,000 to the Iceland player to call. He does so - with T 7 os. Brazil holds K Q of clubs. A Queen on the turn and Team Brazil shout, "Thank you Iceland!" as they celebrate the double up.

7.16pm Martin from Israel goes all in with his last 1,500 chips. He's called by the Canada and England players. The board is K 5 2 T 6. The other players check it down. Martin shows AK. The Canadian player turns over 5 6, for two pair. Israel are out in 7th place. Teddy Tuil, wandering around looking upset says, "What a river."

Martin Segal of Team Israel out in 7th place

I believe Israel can still qualify, but they're relying on Brazil to go out soon...

7.21pm Teacher John from England stops by my table, "Write this quote. England's looking low but we're still confident in the man. he's doing the business."

7.25pm Derek goes all-in on the small blind with just a few chips left. He's called by the Polish player in the big blind. The Pole has 2 6. Derek likes the look of that, he has Q6. The flop 4 5 K. The turn a 10. The river a 3. An unlikely straight wins the pot for Poland. Team England (and this English Blogger) very disappointed.

7.34pm Iceland's Brynjar is out of the tournament. He goes all in and is called by Poland's Philip with 99. Brynjar has 65 and hits nothing, he's out. Just 4 teams left now.

Brynjar Valdimmarsson of Team Iceland

7.40pm Here's what these recent eliminations mean. Team's Canada, USA, and Poland are through to the WCP final. The last place will go to either Brazil or Israel. Brazil need to finish 1st or 2nd in this game. Israel are hoping they don't.

7.46pm Team USA's Phil goes all in with A9, he's called by Team Poland's Philip with AJ. The better hand wins and Team USA are out in 4th place. They're in the final tomorrow regardless.

Phil Myers of Team USA

7.53pm Players are on a dinner break, the only player of the 3 remaining with anything more than pride to play for is Raul Oliveira of Team Brazil. He must finish 1st or 2nd to overtake Team Israel and win a place in tomorrow's final.

Raul Oliveira of Team Brazil

8.00pm Chip counts are :

Canada - 21,000
Brazil - 9,800
Poland - 9,200

9.00pm Back after the break. Here's how the points are as it stands, 3 teams have points still to be decided in this heat. Canada and Poland are still playing, but know they have enough points to reach the final. 1st place awards 15 points, 2nd is 12 points, 3rd is 9. So Brazil need 1st or 2nd to put out Israel out of the top 4 places.

Canada 36 (still playing)
USA 42
Israel 34
Poland 32 (still playing)
Brazil 23 (still playing)
England 24
Ireland 22
Iceland 21

9.14pm Team Brazil are very nervous. Raul must not go out first of the three remaining players if they hope to reach the final, but he's gone all-in in 2 of the last 3 hands. His opponents folded both times. Canada and Poland lead in chips and Brazil's last all in was for just 6,400 chips. Team Brazil's player is determined to fight, and not be blinded away.

9.21pm Philip from Poland calls on the small blind. Brazil's Raul goes all-in - yet again. This time Philip calls. The Polish player has A 8. Raul has A T, his team mates hope for a double-up... The cards are 4 5 Q A 3. Brazil win the pot, and stay in the game. Team Israel don't look happy.

Philip Hilm of Team Poland

9.33pm On the button Canada raise to 2,200. Raul from Brazil looks at his cards and announces all-in, about 6,000 more. The Canadian calls and shows AJ. The Brazilian is trailing with A9. Team Brazil and Team Israel watch anxiously as the cards are dealt. Q 10 2 6 6. Brazil are out in 3rd place, and out of the World Cup of Poker.

The Israel team are shouting and laughing, they're in the final.

9.41pm Team Canada win Heat 5 of the World Cup of Poker, making it 3 wins out of the 5 heats. On a 10 high flop Poland bet, Canada raised, Poland went all-in. Philip of Poland had 10 8, Christopher called with 10 9. Canada's better kicker played and it won them this heat. I'll bring you the final team standings soon. Canada, USA, Poland and Israel will be the 4 teams in tomorrow's final.

Christopher Comely of Team Canada, the winner of Heat 5

Brad Willis
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