WCP Players - Heat 3

Here's the players set to start in Heat 3 of the WCP. This could be described as 'The Heat of Death' as it features two Team PokerStars players, highly rated Team England Captain, 'Andy1343', and one of the best player's Team Israel can field, in Boaz Lavie.

Team Ireland - Paul Redmon

Paul is Team Ireland's second TLB qualifier, and according to his team mates, 'He's a very funny guy, and a great live tournament player.' Paul has a picture of his son Ben at the table as he plays, and he'd really like me to post the pic on this blog. If I had a scanner handy mid tournament I'd oblige. I'll see what I can do for tomorrow...

Team Canada - Isabelle Mercier

Team PokerStars player, Isabelle 'No Mercy' Mercier needs little introduction. She's played for PokerStars for two years now, and has proved she's not just a pretty face at the poker tables. See the photo in the Heat 2 Update for proof of this.

Isabelle Mercier enjoying the freeroll on Monday night

Team Brazil - Hugo de Carvalho

Unlike many of our FPP qualifiers Team Brazil's Hugo has a lot of live experience. 30 year old 'SouFlamengo' has an international background, he's lived for 5 years in the US, a sister in Madrid, and his Portuguese parents live in Switzerland! He has a 7 year old, and a newborn baby back home in Brazil. He has a great deal of live tourney experience and ranks as the number 1 player in his state. He tells me he's also made several online final tables this year,

Team USA - Tom McEvoy

Team PokerStars player Tom McEvoy needs little introduction. WSOP winner in 1983, he's written twelve poker books, and on top of all that he's an all round nice guy. Team USA were expecting Greg Raymer to play, but they tell me they're very happy to have Tom as a Team USA player.

Team Poland - Jacek Ladny

Jacek is an investor in the stock exchange, he unusually claims to have more experience in live casino play than in online games. He seems confident about his chances in tonights game, but points out that, "Without luck you can't win anything."

Team Israel - Boaz Lavie

Boaz won 7 out of 8 of Team Israel's games in the heads up heats of WCP. This tough tournament competitor also has a lot of experience of big tournaments, having qualified for 5 European Poker Tour events through PokerStars satellites. This 31 year old professional writer from Ramat Gan in Israel, is hoping to have something to write home about after tonights game...

Team Iceland - Thorkell Thordarson

Iceland's 22 year old FPP qualifier from Reyjevik has only been playing 10 months, but hopes to learn a lot at the WCP about this 'fascinating game'.

Team England - Andrew Booker

England Team Captain, 'Andy134' is described by team mate Rob, as being 'On the verge of genius'. They also describe him as their 'Secret weapon'. Andy says it must be a good secret, he doesn't know what it is himself. If he gets heads up with Tom McEvoy he won't be daunted, he's already beaten him online in a TLB winners game. He told me earlier, "I have a better arse than Isabelle". I'm not sure whether that will be an asset in tonight's tournament. Team England are currently 'bottom' of the WCP team standings, Tony Holden said, 'We're looking for a captain's innings from Andrew tonight'.

Brad Willis
@BradWillis in World Cup of Poker